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The Ollie
Basicly, all the ollie calls for is popping up the board. To do this, It will take hard work, and you will not get it immediately. If you fall down on your first try, get back up, and try again. Don't get discouraged. If you master the ollie, all the other tricks will become much easier.(partly because almost all the tricks begin with the ollie!) Ok, here pay attention extremely carefully, and with entensive attention!
The first step do doing an ollie is getting your feet into the right position. The ollie position calls for you back foot to be at the tail of the board, and the ball of your front foot in the center. Once you are in this position, bend your knees. The more they are bent, the more pop you have, and the hgher you can go. (Note: Speed is also a factor. To get bigger air, you should move faster. For begginers, I suggest that you do not move at all. It will still work, only you won't go as high. BEND YOUR KNEES!) When you've got the pop down, and your knees are bent to capacity, find your center of gravity on the board. It's the place where you feel most stable. Keep in mind to re-check your stance. Here's the trickey part. When you are ready, push the back of the tail to the ground. Then, pop up the boad by straighting your legs. Don't wait to long or you are going to fall. With your front foot, roll your it up to the front of the board. Do not let your toes slip off the board. You should be in mid-air at this point. Now, apply pressure to the front of the board. Come down to the ground. Bend your knees again to lessen the impact.
Go ahead and try it. As you will notice, it's easier to say than do. All I can say is that it takes a lot of practice. Don't give up! Keep trying everyday. Soon you will get it. Untill then, check out some of my other instruction pages. Good Luck!!!!