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The 360 Kickflip
Let's see. The kickflip. It just so happens to be one of my favorite moves. You don't need a half pipe, or rail. Just good solid pavement. the 'flip' part in a kickflip is used in many other tricks as you can tell. They all involve the flipping motion the board does. It's a little hard to explain, but I'll try my best. Like always, begin with the ollie. For the kickflip, though, ollie with your back foot on the tip of the tail for maxamim pop. With your back foot, pop the board down and out for best results. Use your front foot to guide your board in a kickflip motion. Let your board rotate between your feet, but don't keep your feet too far apart or you will bail on your landing. Remeber to keep your feet in line with your shoulders. Catch the board after landing. Don't let it over rotate or your feet will land on the trucks! Bend your knees upoun impact and ride away. I know you, probaly don't get it right now, and that's ok. Just go outside and keep practicing. You can fill in what I failed to elaborate yourself. Until then, happy flipping!