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As I took a skate session at the "Indoor Skatepark" in Cape Cod, I got some crucial insight to dropping in from Mad Easy Kid. I don't know his name, so I'm just calling him that because he described dropping in as "mad easy" anyway, he was really good, so I decided to let him show me dropping in from a vert skater's point of veiw. I've been mostly showing you street tricks, so here I go. Shall we?

Ok, obviously, you need to grab your board. Put the tail on the coping (the rail on the top of the halfpipe/quarterpipe) and position your right leg...well, which ever leg you put on the tail...[I can only ride goofy]...and put your front foot right above the screws of your front truck. Bot that? Ok, good. Perfect stance. Next, You want to push down REALLY hard with your front foot and lean forward. Bend your knees, dammit! The leaning forward is so important, I can't even begin to tell you unless you take a course in physics.

"You've gotta lean forward on your board. The worst that could happen is that you're going to manual down" ~Mad Easy

Anyway, You want to make it down in one piece. You aren't going to make it on your first attempt, so brace yourelf for a pretty nasty bail. I suck at vert. Not that bad, but I do just the same. I really don't give a shit what you do when you finally do make it down. You might want to keep a first aid nearby if you are a total beginnner because trust me, you are going to have some really big bruises. I got one on my knee, I twisted my ankle, I basically killed myself and all that good shit. KNEEPADS!

The Drop In