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The Boardslide

Once you have conqured the skill of ollieng, now it's time to take it up a notch and move on to bigger and better tricks. The boardslide looks much cooler than the ollie, and is still a very simple trick. Note that the following instructions are for hand rails only. It probaly won'twork on steps or anything else. Only rails. Got it? Good. You might want to pick a small and less elevated rail. Then move up as your skill grows. Now move on to the instructions!

Before you approch the hand rail. Make sure, you are going at moderate speed. Don't go slow. If you do, the board will flip and you'll end up doing a face-plant instead. So faster is better! Remember how I said that the ollie is used in almost every trick? Well here's the part. Ollie up to the rail. Make sure you get your front truck over the rail. You should be sliding down the rail at this point. Be commited: Don't Bail! Bailing on rails is not good. Plus you'll never get any better jumping off in the middle of a grind. So DO NOT BAIL! Now, to keep at a good, consistant speed, you should actually lean forward a little and shift your weight. When you get near the end of the rail, get ready to pop (OLLIE) off. When you do so, Turn your body and board back into skating position. Bend your knees upoun impact. Remember to stay centered. Now you can just ride away.
It may seem a little complicated at first, but I gareentee that you will get the hang of it soon. Just keep up the practicing, and soon you'll be sliding in no time. Happy Boarding!