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Introduction to the Garden...

""- - - She wanted out ... out of the cold, away from the loneliness,
- - - -Far away from the everyday events that left her feeling empty.
- - Of course, she'd never find that blasted white rabbit anywhere,
- Nor was she quite tiny enough to squeeze down the bunny hole.
- - No, she'd simply have to rely on something else for an escape..
- - - -Her own imagination.""

Welcome to the newly revamped " Honest Illusions Inc.". This site has
been created as an outlet for myself, to display my artwork, and to ramble
on as I please (I do a lot of that). Please feel free to browse the different
sections, and send in any questions or comments you might have. Please
be openminded, polite, and don't break anything. =p

Note: All art, poetry, stories and Characters contained within the purty website are
copywrited to A. Holmes. Please do not take and display any of it elsewhere
without permission (except the banners on the "Links" page. Duh. They're not mine. =p)
Web graphics (buttons and banners) are also created by and (c) ME for MY usage alone.
Do NOT take anything and display them without permission.