When my life became whole

It all started when my sister Jen got married. Thats when I met Jon... August.9th, 2002 <

p> my boyz: Jon (he's my boy), Jason (he's t's boy)and Justin (he's sarah's boy)

Jen and Jeff August 10th, 2002

Me and Bradley

August. 9, 2002 The first day Jon and I met.. sigh. Jon and I.

Jon and I

Jon and I madly in love...

April 2003 Me and Sarah... she is THE funnest person ever! Love ya lady!

UH... Jon and I at Bourbon Lake (we call it Elsmore Lake cause its IN Elsmore). Don't ask what we are up too... heehee.

Tereasa and I in the back of Jon's truck

Jeff and my beautiful sister and best friend, Jen... they are up at Bourbon Lake getting ready for fishing.

Jon fast asleep near his pet pickle... hahaha.

My baby's baby.. MY TRUCK!

Me and Tereasa at the Elsmore waterfall. We got a little wet... heehee.

Jon yelling at someone.

Jon drinking his NEW favorite drink: SPRITE (or sometimes its Sierra Mist, which is DARN good too!)

Tereasa and Jason

T & J, Jon and I, on a fish feeder. heehee. We sure are the WILD bunch!

T & J, me and Brad in October at Jeff's birthday @ his parents house.

UH JON?? Is that YOU? heehee!!

JONNY BOY?? heehee! Walk a little closer!! heehee

Strike as always! This is when we went bowling in Iola

Jeff and his catfish that he had to throw back.. heehee!

Sarah and Justin as soon as they pulled up to see us at Elsmore.

LOOK! Its the garbage we left here from last year!! HAHA! Jeff, Jeff, Jeff...

Kathy's Feet: Sarah's Feet

Jon's house

Jon's truck 1998 Ford ranger I believe. Correct me if i'm wrong.

Jason and Tereasa. This is when they lived on Malcolm

J fooling around at John Deere

Downtown Iola on Madison

Our campout at Elsmore with Brad on the left there

Russell Stover Candies Iola. This is where Jon works.

This is me at home not too happy cause i'm here and not in Kansas, where i'm supposed to be.

This is my niece Kailee... she's sooo cute.

My grad picture. Seventeen years old

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