Secrets of the Shadows

In the vast darkness, a black shadow stirs, stepping into the rim of the dim light and speaking with a voice that echoes of the ages. I am the guardian of the stories held within these haunted halls These tales are not for the faint of heart or closed minded. Their fabric is that of darkness, sometimes sprinkled with dust borrowed from faeries. They are tales of love, passion, danger, adventure, and excitement, woven of the different fabrics of life gathered around the world. *figure recedes back into the shadows* *a black, fanged winged cat comes forth, sits down, cleans herself, speaks* what my partner was trying to say is the fics of gw and other anime contain mature, adult material that many would find offensive. This is an open-minded site, which means yaoi and yuri abounds here. (That's mxm and fxf relationships for all you rocket scientists out there). if this bothers you, go away. if you are stupid enough to ignore this and enter anyway, i assume no responsibility for your actions. if you flame me, it will only encourage me to write even stronger taboo material( and provide a tasty treat for my demon- oops!! that's me!! i'm the demon!!) Fellow creatures of darkness, if you are open minded, the enter the caves of despair *cat enters long tunnel, and turns around* oops!! almost forgot: DISCLAIMER!!! GUNDAM WING AND THE OTHER ANIMES FEATURED HERE ARE NOT MINE!!! THEY BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS!!! AS MUCH AS I WISH IT WAS ME, IT IS NOT!! I'M MAKING NO MONEY (KEINE GELD) FOR THIS. I'M DOING THIS FOR THE LOVE OF THE SHOW AND FUN ONLY. SO PLZ DON'T SUE ME, I ONLY HAVE A CRACKED CRYSTAL BALL, RUSTED CAULDRON, BROKEN BROOMSTICK. THE ONLY FORTUNE I HAVE IS THAT OF DEAD, CHEWED UP AND ROTTING MOUSE CARCASSES...ER SUPPER LEFOVERS *coughs*