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S U P E R M O D E L 2 0 0 1 . C O M

Current Agencies:

Industry Model Management -SF
BeauBonneau Casting - SF
























Name: Krista R. DeWeese    Nickname: Gia

Age Range: 18-24   Birthdate: November 9th ; Scorpio
Residence: Bay Area of San Francisco, California
E-mail Address: Click here to e-mail Krista
Occupation: Web Designer/Graphic Design

Height: 5'9   Weight: 135   
Shoe Size:10-11   Dress Size: 7-8
Hair Color: Currently bright red   Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Length: Short, almost shoulder length
Nationalities: French/Irish/German/Scottish/Dutch
Tattoos & Piercings: No tattoos, ears pierced once in each ear.

- Modeling
Title : Matrix Presentation Model
Role : Hair show presentation, modeled new hair style at the West Coast Hair Show in San Jose , California
Company: Matrix

- F
ilm Work
Title : The Bachelor   Role: One of the gothic/punk brides
Director: Gary Sinyor

- Commercial
Title : Tech TV Promo shoot   Role: Extra in a "concert crowd" Company: Tech TV 650 Townsend St San Francisco, CA 94103

Title : Fremont Community Center   Role : Extra
Company: Bay Cable Advertising

Title : " The Rock Stop" Local skate shop commercial
Role :
Modeling clothing
Company: Bay Cable Advertising

- Theater
Play Title: The Outsiders
Role: Understudy of "Cherry", Nurse and Greaser
Location: Newark Memorial High School

- Training
Type : Acting Essentials- stage and film training, improv
Facility : Ohlone College    Instructor : Steven Harrington

Type : Acting for the Camera- slating, commercials, improv
Facility : Ohlone College    Instructor : Tom Blank

Type : Beginning Acting- Character Study, scripts
Facility :
Ohlone College    Instructor : Tom Blank

Type : Beginning Acting - theatre plays, cold readings
Facility : Newark Memorial High School
Instructor : Steven Harrington

Type : Beginning Acting- Diction, Scripts, memorization
Facility : Newark Jr. High School
Instructor : Sandra Cashmark

Type: Jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop- 12 years training
Facility : Newark Community Center
Instructor : Betty Gentry - Karen Baker


Type : Runway Fashion Shows
Facility : Modeling Academy Glenda Jerue , Fremont Hub Instructor: Glenda Jerue

Type : Choir, folk songs
Facility : Newark Jr. High School    
Instructor : Graham Bell

Other Experience
I have modeled for artists doing bronze sculpture, photograhy, and ceramics at Ohlone College.

I have certification in the following areas: Pubic speaking; Ohlone College . Sports Medicine Certificate ; Newark Memorial High School. Web Graphics; Ohlone College.

Special Skills : Swimming, weight lifting, bike riding, riding scooters, skating on rollerskates, typing, computer graphics, web page development, cosmetology, receptionist, drawing, speaking, creating poetry and art, video games, eating Japanese food, cartwheels and flips. Dialect: Long Island, English, Australian, Southern.