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Rank One

Cloud of Night
Coils of the Serpent
Fast Track
Natural Camouflage
Sense Magic
Sense Medicine

Rank Two

Flight of the Raven
Sense the Tunneler's Passage
Spirit of the Bird
Spirit of the Fish
Uktena's Freezing Stare
Umbral Compass

Rank Three

Ancestral Recall
Call Flame Spirit
Flame of the Sun Dance
Sing Down the Rain
Strength of the Guardian
Umbral Sight
Walk Unseen

Rank Four

Bare the Heart
Call Elemental
Call Forth the Wyld
Call the Four Brothers
Curse of Corruption
Fist of the Winds
Hand of the Earth Lords
Pointing the Bone
Sideways Attack
Spirit's Horse

Rank Five

Eyes of the Thunderbird
Fabric of the Mind
Fetish Doll
Manifest the Vision