Get of Fenris

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Rank One

Razor Claws
Resist Pain
Safe Haven

Rank Two

Cry of the Killer
Halt the Coward's Flight
Sense Guilt
Snarl of the Predator
Troll Skin
Wearing the Bears Shirt

Rank Three

Call of the Early Frost
Mark of the Enemy
Might of Thor
Rage of Fenris
Venom Blood

Rank Four

Berserker's Song
Hero's Stand
Roar of Vengeance
Scream of Gaia

Rank Five

Endurance of Heimdall
Fenris' Bite
Honorable Death
Horde of Valhalla
Strength of the Einherjar

Rank Six

Call Great Fenris

Ragabash (Rotagar)

Rank Three

Loki's Touch