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Garou Information

Copyright White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Copyright White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Werewolves-Many believe that there are no such thing as "werewolves", but others do and they are ridiculed for their believes. People think they know all the stories about werewolves, but they are so very mistaken. As you will learn, there is very much more than the rampaging moon beasts. Now some people believe these creatures to be powerful. But they have no idea of what they can truely do. Others believe these mystical creatures to be limited, and seemingly not as powerful as other monsters of the night. Now those are the ones that have never seen a true werewolf in action, or maybe they just don;t remember. So here is your crash course in their world, but remember none live long as a "Protector of Gaia."

Myths-People believe that werewolves only come out on full moons, but that is the first mistake someone can make. They only become more powerful during the full moon (Ahroun Moon). They are affected by silver, now this is very true, but it does take some amount of silver to stop them, unless you cut them with it somewhere that is leathal. You can become a werewolf through a bite, that is completely hogwash. To become a werewolf (Garou), is a very special and mystical thing, and one sigular bite from one of these creatures will not make into one of them. Also that werewolves can't control their ability to shift, now that is the last mistake a foe of a werewolf will learn. These creatures do have massive control over thier form shifting. Their forms also range from more than just a man, wolf, and "werewolf."

Facts-Werewolves can "shift" whenever they wish, but "Ahrouns" are more destructive on full moons, and full moons are like holy days for werewolves, they worship "Luna," goddess of the moon, on those nights. Silver does affect these monsters, but to a degree, they can stop these killing machines in their tracks, sometimes. It just matters on the Garou, and if they have a gift that affects there allergy to silver. You do not become a werewolf through their bite; most likely you would die before the "Garou" leaves. But you can only become a Garou through birth, either one of your parents was a Garou, or a Kinfolk (family of the werewolves). Only 1 in 10 children from a Garou will be a "pure breed," able to shift. Garou have 5 forms, Homid (human), Glabro (75% human, 25% wolf, your basic Hollywood werewolf), Crinos (the war form, 50% human, 50% wolf, usually about 7-10 feet in height), Hispo (dire wolf form, a large wolf), and Lupus (the wolf form). Now Garou can automatically shift to their "breed form" (what they were born as). Shifting to their "War Form" (Crinos) makes humans go into Delirium (they are usually scared stiff, run away, or go insane). Shifting Crinos is much easier, when it is the phase of the moon that they were born under, is in the night air. There are 5 phases of the moon that the Garou recognize, Ragabash, Theurge, Philodox, Galliard, and Ahroun. Each one also determines where that Garou will stand in their society. Ragabash-New Moon, they are the tricksters, the pranksters. Thuerge-Cresent Moon, they are the soothe sayers, the shamans, and the holy ones. Philodox-Half Moon, they are the judges of their society. Galliard- Gibbous Moon, they are the singers, the ones that keep records. Ahroun-Full Moon, they are the warriors, the ones that kill. A pack of Garou are made up of 1 of each phase of the moon, that way the "pack" is more universal. The Garou society is a very long, and complex one, I suggest you read "Werewolf: The Apocalypse" by White-Wolf Game Studios, or contact "Storm Eater", and he will help you with all your questions about the Garou society.
There are many Tribes in Garou society:


Black Furies
The Black Furies are a very fierce Tribe, just like the Get of Fenris. But the Black Furies and the Get of Fenris are constantly fighting each other. The Black Furies are mostly an all female Tribe. They will kill male children born, but they will usually allow a male Metis Garou baby to live. So if you meet a male Black Fury, 9 out of 10 it is a Metis. The Black Furies and the Get of Fenris are always fighting because the Black Furies are a female oriented Tribe, whereas the Get of Fenris are a male dominant Tribe, but female Get can rise to power. But that is a hard thing to do, but it is possible.

Bone Gnawers
The Bone Gnawers are the most disliked Tribe in all of the Garou society. They are the lowest on the mighty Totem-pole of Tribes. But they are still nothing to scoff at. They may not be liked, but they are one of the most closely knit Tribe, they have almost all of their Kinfolk accounted for as well. They are mostly an all Homid Tribe, but they have some lupus. In their lupus form, they resemble very mangy dogs.
From-Bums and homeless in large cities.

Children of Gaia
The Children of Gaia are a peaceful Tribe, but they are still Garou warriors. They have no direct ancestors, but are a combination of all the other Tribes, they accept Garou from a variety of Tribes into their Tribe (this has made them the largest Tribe in all of the Garou Nation). Their peaceful ways are not liked by the Get of Fenris, but are cherished by the Stargazers. But the Children of Gaia have a lot of sway in the Garou Council.
From-All over the world.

The Fianna are the so-called drunks of the Garou Nation. They are from Ireland, the British Isles, and Scotland. They are very large (both in size and spirits), even for Garou. Their Lupus form is larger than the other Garou's Lupus form, it is the size of the other Garou's Hispo form (Dire Wolf). This makes them a very hard Tribe to best, but they have their weaknesses, mostly alcohol. They are the tribe the gave the Garou tongue a living breathing soul (made most of the words, though the other tribes did help too).
From- Ireland, Scotland

Get of Fenris
The Get of Fenris are the "warriors" of the Garou Nation. More so than the other Garou, and if you doubt it, confront a Get and tell him so. An Ahroun usually heads the Fenris packs; the Tribe does not like the Ragabash Fenris. The Get of Fenris are very angry Garou, they Frenzy more often than any other Tribe. They are proud of their lineage, they are of a Viking heritage. The Get of Fenris are the chooses children of the mighty Incarna known as Fenris the Great Wolf.
From- Norway, Austria, and Germany

Glass Walkers
The Glass Walkers are another not liked Tribe, but are very powerful. They are pretty much the opposite of the Red Talons; whereas ALL of them are of Homid decent. They are looked at as the Tribe that has adopted the Weaver, whereas the Red Talons have adopted the Wyld. The Glass Walkers are on of the youngest Tribes to be organized, they believe that Humans have the ability to do things that the Garou and other changing breeds cannot accomplish, and that is the ability to "name" things. The Glass Walkers are very elegant, and very well dressed, and usually very rich as well.
From-High-class families in major cities.

Red Talons
The Red Talons are an ALL lupus tribe, except for the occasional Metis (which usually doesn't live long, most of the time). They hate humans with a passion, and believe that they are the reason for the upcoming apocalypse (which sounds right, coming from the Garou tribe that seems to belong to the Wyld). The Tribes mentality is that, the Impergium should be started up again, so that they can halt the Weavers advance into their territory. They will NEVER assume there humanoid forms-such as Homid, Glabro, and Crinos (they may assume Crinos in war times, but not usually).
From-All over the world, but wolf packs is there Kin.

Shadow Lords
The Shadow Lords are the ones that keep many secrets. They want to overthrow the Silver Fangs, and rule the Garou. That is what they believe is their right, but the Fangs have many ties with other Tribes (such as the Get of Fenris, Fianna, and the Red Talons). But they are seen as very corrupt, for they make deals with the Wyrm, well so most other Garou think. The Shadow Lords are the best ones to fight against the Vampires, for they have dealt with them for so long, that they have learned many of their most hidden secrets. But at a very high cost, mostly their souls.
From- Transylvania

Silent Striders
The Silent Striders are a wandering Tribe. Most Garou believe that they are not an organized Tribe, but they are very mistaken. The Striders have their own way of keeping in touch, which makes them a little more organized than their enemies may think they are. The Silent Striders help keep the other Tribes, all over the world, knowledgeable of the world around them. They travel form Caern to Caern, and bring news to the Sept. Which serves to keep Garou on their toes. Most Tribes accept the Silent Striders into their Caerns with open arms, knowing that when a Strider shows up, that they will get news and some new tale of heroes from around the world.
From- All over the world, mostly loners

Silver Fangs
The Silver Fangs are the rulers of the other Tribes. They have taken it upon themselves to rule, and govern the other Garou. This does not make them the most favorable Tribe, but they have proven in great times of need that they are strong enough to rule. They have been plagued, like Britain has, with inbreeding. This is most unfortunate, considering that some of their most honorable bloodlines are now corrupted with insane Garou, but some believe that they will over come (but only time will tell).

The Stargazers are a very unique Tribe, and thats putting it mildly. They are of Hindu decent, and they don't sway to far from their traditions. They believe in reincarnation, which is a very common belief among Hindus. They have made up a form of martial arts, that is made specifically for the shifting abilities of the Garou. It is Kalindo, it is a martial arts that deals with the shape shifting ability of Garou (and possible other shape shifters). Kalindo has its own gifts, designed by Stargazers, to help with Kalindo. The Gifts make the force, speed, maneuverability, etc. much easier, so the Garou may properly use it to their fullest.
From- India

The Uktena are from the "Pure Lands," the Americas. They are of Native American decent, and are the Eldest of the other Tribes in the Pure Lands. They are looked at, by the European Garou, as Wyrm-Tainted. And that is just because they are so powerful in the spirit would, and other Garou do not understand. The Uktena are so powerful, that they can bind mighty Banes to the ground, but this ability has been weakened by the European Garous takeover of their Caerns. The Uktena worship Uktena, for whom they receive their Tribes name. Uktena is a mighty serpent, which grants his followers the ability to speak to the spirits, more so than any other Tribe.
From-Native Americans

Wendigo are the Youngest of the Pure Land Garou. But they are not the weakest, they are more powerful in physical prowess than the Uktena are, but there ability to speak to the spirits is nothing to scoff at. They worship the mighty Wendigo, for whom they get their name from, and Wendigo is a mighty beast, which lives in the frozen north. And the Wendigo HATES ALL European Garou.
From- Native America

Dead-Well most believe so:

The Bunyip were a Garou Tribe, that separated form the other Tribes during the time of the Impergium. They went into the Umbra to search for a new home, they found the continent of Australia, and claimed it as their own. When the European Garou came to Australia, they were shocked to find the Bunyip there. The Bunyip breaded with the aborigines and the thylacines (dingo). A mighty Ahroun by the name of Wyrmbaiter killed off all the Bunyips, he believed that they killed his sister. But after he and his great war party killed the last Bunyip, a Black Spiral Dancer told him that his pack killed Wyrmbaiter's sister, and kept the Bunyip from attending a Great Moot, in which they could have cleared their name. Wyrmbaiter threw himself into a great cave, and was never heard from again. The loss of the Bunyip was a great blow for Gaia, and the Bunyip's Totem will not even speak with the other Garou.

The Croatan where the Middle Brother of the Pure Lands. They were the most well balanced of the Three Brother Tribes in the Americas. When the European Garou came to the Pure Lands, they where the ones that welcomed them with open arms. Because of that, they lost most of their Caerns to them. When Eater-of-Souls came forth, they where the ones that fought it the hardest. They sacrificed themselves to Eater-of-Souls, to save the world from "him." But their sacrifice was in vein, and they died for no reason. That is the key reason why the Wendigo do not like the Uktena, for they believe that the Uktena did nothing to stop the Croatans sacrifice. But Wendigos still like the Uktena over any other Garou Tribe.

White Howlers
The White Howlers where the original "owners" of the British Isles. But after years and years of invaders, they succumbed to the powers of the Wyrm, and most Garou believe that the Tribe known as the "White Howlers" died, and the Black Spiral Dancers in their place. But what not very many Garou know is that when a Black Spiral Dancer is born, he/she is actually a White Howler, but the Black Spiral Dancers keep a very close eye on ALL of their kinfolk. Not one White Howler has escaped their destination to the Dance of the Black Spiral. Where they will be witness to the True face of the Wyrm, where they will be turned into a true Black Spiral Dancer, or they will go insane and dive into the lake to kill the Wyrm, but the Wyrm would just eat them.
From-Trailer Parks, and the worthless ones in society.


The Ragabash are the Garou that are born undernieth a "new moon". They are the tricksters of the Garou Society, and they do their job quiet well. They are usually the losest member in a pack, but never count out a resourceful Ragabash. They seem to be able to find their ways out of some most parcullar. The Ragabash always bring smiles to the sept, especally when spirits are low.

Theurges are born undernieth a "cresent moon". They are the shamans of the pack, the ones that speak with spirits. Now it is true that all Garou can talk to spirits. But the theurges have a much better aptitude for it. Usually Garou go to theurges to get insight and wisdom, for they always have a spirit wishpering something into their ear, and they usually always know whats going on. Now that is true, so long as the theurge does not anger the spirits.

Philodox are the Garou born undernieth a "half moon". The philodox are the Garou that keep order and justice. They are the ones that judge other Garou for their crimes, and they are the enforcers of such things like the Liteny. Now the philodox aren't organized like the "police" are, but they have their own form of justice. They keep the traditions, that have to deal with society, involved with their, and other, packs.

The galliard are the song keepers of the Garou Nation. They remember, write, and tell the stories of heros long past, and of deeds done. They are the most entertainment at moots, and they can weave people words very well. They are also one of the most "party" type Garou. The reasons should be pretty ovious, seeing as they love to sing, dance, etc.

The Garou born undernieth a "full moon" are known as Ahroun. The stories about killer werewolves that come out on a full moon most likely originated with Garou of this phase. For on a full moon, Ahrouns have such a low frenzy roll, which means that a Garou who is an ahroun will most likely go into a frenzy. Now that is not a garentee, but don't go pissing off ahrouns on full moons, you'll live longer. Ahrouns usually lead a pack, but that is mostly in Red Talon and Get of Fenris packs, but don't thinks that a ahroun will not challege the leader in time of peace. Because they most likely will, unless the pack members are like family, which most packs are.

For a more indepth look at "Auspice" Click "Here"

"Click here for YOUR Auspice"


Nickname: Ape
You were raised a human by human parents, who may or may not have known about the wolf in the family fold. The Changing blood may have been passed to your generations after the seed was sown. In any case, your true nature was a mystery until puberty, and maybe for some time after that. Nightmares, odd daydreams and wild urges plagued you. Then, one night, odd visions appeared to usher you into your new life. Perhaps you were kidnapped and taken to the tribe, or maybe you ran away and were tracked down by your Garou relations. Now your old life is gone, and you must start anew. Though you may well remain in contact with your old family, they are unaware of your nature unless you choose the Kinfolk Background. Trying to explain the truth might get you locked up, so it's best not to try.
Homids have many advantages: they are familiar with human society, can begin the game with any Ability and tend to be better at abstract thought and reasoning. Their connection to Gaia's primal essence is thin, however, as evidenced by their low initial Gnosis, and their senses are fairly dull by werewolf standards. They depend far more on sight and hearing than on overall perception. Opposable thumbs aside, the natural homid form is generally weaker than that of either lupus or metis. Homids may, however, handle silver without a Gnosis penalty in their native form. Unfortunately, many metis and most lupus resent homids because of their greater numbers and devastions that their human cousins inflict on Gaia.
Initial Gnosis: 1
Beginnign Gifts: Persuasion, Smell of Man

Nickname: Feral
Born and raised as a wolf, you puzzle over the antics of the humans and wonder why they refuse to fit into Gaia's order. You probably made a high place for yourself in your pack before discovering your real nature. Then the great wolves came. They took you away to reveal their mysteries to you, and showed you why you never quite fit in.
Your first meeting with humanity was probably violent, and you may very well carry a grudge for some past wrong. Human speech is difficult for you, and human manners are beyond your comprehension. Human devices still make you edgy, and you tend to stand out in a human crowd. In the wild, though, you are master, and can run circles around most homids. The advantages of your breed include a deep primal connection to Gaia, extraordinary senses, and a strong natural form. Your primary disadvantage is an unfamiliarity with humankind. Because of this, beginning players may not start the game with certain Abilities. You often see things in very simple terms and tend to react instinctually rather than out of reason or logic.
Initial Gnosis: 5
Beginning Gifts: Heightened Senses, Leap of the Kangaroo
Restricted Abilities: The following Abilities are unavailable to beginning lupus characters. They can, however, acquire them with "freebie" points or through experience, although in the latter case the character will have to undergo training, perhaps providing some amusing roleplay situations. ("Watch out for that truck! No - the clutch, not the brake!")
Skills: Drive, Etiquette, Firearms
Knowledge: Computer, Law, Linguistics, Medicine, Politics, Science

Nickname: Mule (among others)
Your parents disobeyed the first tenet of the Litany, and you pay the price. Your body bears the stamp of Gaia's disapproval. Ostracized by most Garou, you have nevertheless been raised among them. Though familiar with the ins and outs of werewolf society, you know more about the dark side of the Garou than anybody ought to know.
Many Gaoru see the metis as a symbol of the Mothers' sick state. When the world was pure, they say, metis were few and far between, and usually died young (one way or another). Now your breed grows in number while the "pure" Garou dwindle, and the elders have to deal with you, whether they like it or not. Your suffering has shaped you; many metis are proud in spirit and tough in body. Some are noble, compassionate, understanding, while others inflict their pent-up Rage on anyone they can.
The assets of the metis are self-evident; your natural form is the powerful Crinos, and your knowledge of Garou society is profound. Many elders feel responsible for you and will often teach you whatever you need to know. Trained from birth, most metis master both abstract thought and raw instinct. Metis characters may arrange their abilities any way they like, and they need not worry about initial confusion suffered by newly changed homids and lupus. (Some metis, however, are raised by Kinfolk, given to them by Garou too ashamed to acknowledge their offspring. These unfortunates quickly learn to hide their natural form, but learn little of Garou society.)
The disadvantages of this breed are also obvious; in addition to your pariah status, your body is twisted and deformed in some way. Some possible disabilities. Additionally, all metis are sterile. These deformities are more than just physical hindrances; the Garou see them as outward reflections of Gaia's anger. The fact that many Black Spiral Dancers are metis (and suffer no stigma because of it) just reinforces this idea. The path of the metis is a long, hard road.
Initial Gnosis: 3
Beginning Gifts: Create Element, Sense Wyrm
Deformity: The metis character must choose at least one deformity during creation. Some possibilities:
Hunchback: Your back in bent; the difficulties of all Dexterity and Social rolls are increased by one.
Malformed Limbs: One or two limbs are gnarled or withered. Add two to the difficulties of all Dexterity rolls, and reduce movement speed by half in Lupus and Hispo forms (and possibly the other forms as well, if the character's legs are malformed).
Oversized Limbs: Your limbs are dispassionate to the rest of your body. Perhaps you have gorilla arms or kangaroo legs. Your balance is off kilter, and you look "odd" to others. The difficulties of all Dexterity and Social rolls are increased by one.
Madness: Your curse has unhinged your mind, and you suffer from hallucinations, manic-depression paranoia, a split personality, or worse. Under stress, you must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 5) or succumb to madness. This can be fun for the Storyteller and hell on the pack.
Hairless: Your body is mangy, patchy, or totally nonexistent. You take extra damage from cold and suffer from constant sniffles. In homid form, you look odd. In wolf form, you look downright vile. Dice Pools for Social rolls are reduced by one unless you are trying to intimidate someone. You may not take the "Pure Breed" Background.
Human Face: You retain your human face in wolf and near-wolf forms; your senses remain at the human level, and you look disgusting. Most Garou who do not know you will be horrified and might assume that you're a fomor or Black Spiral Dancer.
No Claws: You have no claws or teeth and cannot inflict aggravated damage.
Cleft Lip: A split in your upper palate malforms the front of your mouth. This cleft gives you a slight speech impediment and detracts from your appearance. For some Garou, this isn't much of a problem. For Galliards, however, it may be a major handicap. Add two tot he difficulties of Social rolls involving performance (especially singing) or seduction.
Musk:Your body secretes a heavy pheromone; it may take the form of a predator's scent, overpowering sweat, or an ever-present stink of fear. The difficulties of all Social rolls are increased by one when the character deals with humans, or by two when he confronts animals or Gaoru. Depending on the nature of the scent, the character may be considered dangerous or cowardly, even if he is neither
Malformed Tail: Your tail is stubby, overlong, or nonexistent. Though this deformity isn't obvious in Homid form, it induces chronic lower-back problems and a marred sense of balance. Add one to the difficulties of Social rolls when in wolf or near-wolf forms among Garou, and add one Dexterity-based difficulties.

This information is brought to you from the pages of "Werewolf: The Apocalypse Second Edition" (pg. #85-87) Copied word for word, seeing as they describe the "Breeds" so much better than I.


Now Garou are fierce killing machines, and there is no doubt about that. But sometimes even they need help. They have created many different forms of weapons to help them in their battles against the Wyrm. These weapons are called "Fetish." Fetishes are weapons that can be used again and again, they also have weapons known as "Talens." Talens are weapons, or potions, that are used once, but have powerful effects. Here is a brief list of the most common Fetish and Talens that Garou have.


Fang Dagger

Level 3, Gnosis 6
This dagger is carved from the tooth of some great beast. After the character has made a successful melee attack, he/she can activate the dagger. If successful, the damage inflicted is doubled as the fang "bites" deeper into the wound. The damage is aggravated.
To create a Fang Dagger, one of the following spirit types must be bound into the tooth: War, Pain, Death, or Snake spirit.

Level 4, Gnosis 6
A klaive is a ritual dagger of the Garou. Klaives are rare weapons, for they are made of silver, and their manufacture and use are deadly to Garou. a klaive is about as big as a Bowie knife. A Garou who carries a klaive loses one point from his/her effective Gnosis rating. A War-spirit is usually bound into the klaive, allowing the weapon to inflict aggravated damage upon non-Garou foes. Without the spirit, a klaive does not inflict aggravated damage. However, a Garou does not need to attune a klaive that has no spirit.
Pulling a klaive on another Garou is considered a grave action, for a klaive duel is most often a duel to the death. Nonetheless, klaive duels among Garou are becoming increasingly common as the winds dwindle and tribal friction grows.
The difficulty to attack with a klaive is 6, and it inflicts Strength +2 damage. Because it is a silver weapon, Garou may not soak this damage.

Grand Klaive
Level 5, Gnosis 7
There are the legendary klaives of heroes. They are as big as swords (or bigger) and, like their smaller counterparts, are made of silver. A Garou who carries a Grand Klaive loses two points from his/her effective Gnosis rating. A War-spirit is usually bound into the Grand Klaive, allowing it to inflict aggravated damage upon non-Garou foes. Without the spirit, a Grand Klaive does not inflict aggravated damage. However, a Garou does not need to attune a Grand Klaive that has no spirit in it.
Grand Klaives are very rare and are often handed down by Garou lineages, especially among the Silver Fangs, Fianna and Shadow Lords. Besides the usual War-spirit, another spirit is sometimes bound into the Grand Klaive--for example, a Gnosis-spirit, or even an Ancestor-spirit. Because these weapons are so honored and legendary, the secondary spirit usually does not mind sharing the fetis. The difficulty to attack with a Grand Klaive is 7, and it inflicts Strength +4 damage. Because it is a silver weapon, Garou may not soak this damage.


Bane Arrow
Gnosis 4
These obsidian-headed arrows able to seek out and home in on Banes, whether or not they are visible. These arrows automatically hit and inflict three dice of aggravated damage. Furthermore, the bite of a Bane arrow is so painful that no Bane can resist howling in agony.
To create a Bane arrow, one of the following spirit types must be bound into the arrow: War, Air or Pain

Gaia's Breath
Gnosis 5
Gaia's Breath is a small dried gourd marked with symbols of praise to Gaia. When crushed and spilled over an open wound, the powdered gourd heal up to four Health Levels, even if the damage is Aggravated.
To create a Gaia's Breath talen, a spirit of Healing must be bound within the gourd.

Wyrm Scale
Gnosis 8
This sigil is imbued with a limited resistance against the power of the Wyrm. Servants of the Wyrm will, when the sigil is activated, revert to their true forms. however, this action alerts the Wyrm to the existence of the sigil, and the sigil will thereupon be consumed in a blaze of flames.
To create a Wyrm Scale, a Wyrm spirit must be bound into the sigil.

If you have any other questions about Garou, their society, how they work, or just little things to help you make a well rounded character, just contact "StormEater".
This page is always under construction, so be looking for more Tribe information, Fetish, Talens, etc.

All information on this page was obtained through White-Wolf publications, and are not real. Information on "Fetish" and "Talens" are copied right from the pages for White-Wolf publication books.

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