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Things You Might Not Have Known...

"Giant Flying Purple Monkeys"

By: Mike Rotch

A new monkey species has been discovered in South Central America. The new monkey species seems to be the supreme race on this planet. These monkeys are called "Giant Flying Purple Monkey." Beware of them, for they will destroy us all!!!

Now this new species of arangitange seems to have the ability to molest and ravage the helpless heads of their victims, and there does not seem to be a way to stop them from controlling the world. They seem to be only foot (air) soilders for some horrid evil that walks the streets of New York. Their unconditional leaders is some outcast type female, whos name can not be disclosed in this confidential file. Though she seems to like to eat worms. Now I must make this quick, for the Giant Flying Purple Monkeys have located the lab. They seem to be able to follow us anywhere, so this may be mylast scientific document that I will ever write. So farewell my fellow human beings, and may "you" find a way to stop these horrid sadistic monkeys!!

Now I am just typing because I am burnt out and tired ass all monkey poop. So do not mind my rambling typing, because I probably don't know what it means anyways. so I uhm...ya and stuff hehehe, I like to type when I am tired. It feels pretty cool on my fingure tips as I type. La la la la la I smoke mad crack and I like to do drugs. I smoke, I snort, and I roll my monkey balls off.
  1. Whats up?
  2. Nothing much.
  3. Yourself?
  4. Good.
  5. Thats good to hear.
  6. Goodbye.
  • Uhm...
  • Ah....
  • Oh....
  • Ack!!!

( Hope you liked it Vampy ::smiles:: )

days 'til we're all smoked out!!

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So now I think I am a Elf named Bob, I am the Head Lithian Cleric Mage, the Last Golden Child to ever be born. I will never die, but you will.

"I smoke mad Crack."

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