-Kristin Jackson-

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Originaly a biology major at Rugters University from 2000-2001, i quickly decided that it wasn't for me and that i was an artist. After three semesters i transfered out and transfered into my local college to pursue and practice my ability. I have been fine arts/photography major at Camden County College since 2002.

In spring 2003 the image of Tina laying in feathers (front page image) was accepted into my student art show, there were about 200 entries and only about 45 made it in the actual show.

Cameras i shoot with:


Nikon F, Nikon Nikkormat

Medium Format both 6x4.5 and 6x7

Mamiya RB67 proS, Mamiya 645 proTL, Mamiya 645E

Any of these photographs are for sale and are a limited edition of 25 prints, each print will be signed, numbered, and dated-printed on archival quality fiber based paper in either 8x10 or 11x14.

e-mail me for sales, questions, or comments at kristin@exposedinpink.tk

above image copyright of Lisa Elmaleh

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