More Friends

So what put me back


I love my Amanda, she is so cute... She is a new friend that i met at the (note: I say this sarcasticly) oh so wonderful Rutgers campus. Well we sucked in bio together, but we can kick any guy in pimpwar! Just try us...

My Little Matthew

This is my only straight guy friend... i think (j/k Matt!) ... Well he is my buddy and even tho we only met last year, we seemed to have grown very close.... But i love him because we can talk on the phone for hours (10 dollars worth.. ehhem) and never run out of a thing to complain about or discuss, and we even do a few math problems in between...

My Little Matthew

This is Meghan with some hockey dude (PJ Stock) at the Flyers Wives Fight For Lives event. She is a crazy little flyers fan.. see look she is in her Gag-Knee jersey..oops I mean Gagne.... Well she was better at bio than i was... So blah!