Icky Yucky Stuff

The Yucks! The Blahs! And The Gross!

1--> My sister who feels the need to destroy everything I own

2--> Evil bois that choose to ignore you and then decide to talk to you again when they are bored

3--> The "Staple my hand to my foredhead" goths that walk around Shampoo

4--> Finding out you got hired somewhere because they thought you were cute not for your ability

5--> Not being able to tell people how you feel

6--> Computer Viruses

7--> Working all the time and not knowing where all your money is going

8--> When you buy a shirt, wear it once and then it disapears into oblivian

9--> Having a father that lets you express yourself to a point, but when the espressing becomes body art it is out of the question