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Thunder and Lightning

Pay attention when you hear thunder, it warns of lightning, which can seriously harm you. Thunderstorms happen everywhere, and lightning happens at every thunderstorm. The lightning can strike people and buildings, and it is very dangerous.

Compared to hurricanes and winter storms, thunderstorms affect small areas. Typically only 15 miles in diameters and lasting approximately 30 minutes. Howver, there are a lot of them. Nearly 1800 are happening at any given time, simoltaneously. ad thats a lot of thunderstorms! Despitetheir size, the storms the lightning from them kills more people year than tornadoes. The heavy rain from thunderstorms can cause strong winds, hail, and sometimes tornadoes.

It is possible to guess how far away a storm is by counting the number of seconds between the lightning flash and the thunderclap. Count the seconds and then divide by three, to get the number of miles away the storm is, approximately of course. You will see the lightning before you hear the thunder because light travels faster than sound.

Thunderstorms are most likely to occur in the spring and summer during the late afternoon and evening because the conditions are very well suited for thunderstorms at these times.
elements are:
Moisture )to form clouds and rain)
Unstable Air (relatively warm air that can rise rapidly)
Lift (front, sea breezes and mountains are capable of lifting air to help with thunderstorms)