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Am I cute? yes
Am I sweet? yes
Am I crazy? you have a hidden freakishness that I'm lucky enough to see
Am I loveable? yes!
Am I funny? yes, especially when you laugh at everything i say, because that makes me feel good about myself as much as it amuses me
Am I annoying? hm, i used to think you were until i got to know you, which was just a minor setback in the great relationship we have now! in fact, i hadn't even thought about you being annoying til i got this email
Am I physco? nope
Am I a good person? yes
~~~~~~~~~Would You...~~~~~~~~~
Ever go out with me?
If you already have would you
Kiss me ((Really))? well, on the cheek or the hand or forehead, or nose (i wonder if it would tip up if i did?)
Hug me? totally
Spend time alone with me? i hope i get to do more of it
Miss me if i was gone? i always miss you (you and lydia...and various others in your britian world)
Listen to my problems? yes
Hug me if I cried? yes, but i couldn't be sure if it was just your eyes watering...
------How well do you know me?------
Whens my birthday? june 24th (please tell me im right?)
How old am I? 14
Do I have siblings? ((Age and
name)) garett (you know, the one who likes me, lol) (i think he's 11? or 12?)
>>Who is my best friend? i have no best friends, only the ones who are closer to me than others. you are one of the closest ones, probably the closest of late (can you believe i almost wrote the CLOSET of late?)
>>Who am I crushing on/dating? your answer about me liking preppy chinese guys is TOTALLY on the ball, though i don't like matteo, ne more... (tho, jutht, jutht gimme a call, okay)
>>Favorite color? balck or deep blue
>>Lucky number? 13
>>worst habbit? your liking of crepes, j/k i know i shouldn't do that ne more, sometimes it just slips, and i don't mean to hurt should have said my habit was over-analysing things, luckily im a fast thinker, neways back to you...the way you sometimes ditch me on the bus,although that doesn't matter as much as i make it seem like it does, and how i think you don't tell me things about your mother (because you think i don't care, or something) anymore
>>Biggest flaw? the way we never hang out at lunch? i dunno, you're pretty much all good, i'd say you're all good
>>What is my worst subject? gym?
>>Best subject? math and art
>>Favorite sport? swimming
>>Favorite Tv Show? does rocky count as a tv show? far as i know, you don't watch much tv.
>>Favorite song? the rolling stones, damn i forget, or sweet transvestite
>>Favorite music group? the stones
>>Favorite past time? watching rocky in the theatre, drawing
>>^^^^^^^Who Am I?^^^^^^^
>>What Tv Star do I most remind you
of? thanks for your answer! frankie? i dunno, i just want to please you (like frankie!)
>>What song would you give to me? sweet transvestite, or planet schmanet janet (wise up janet weiss) i love that song!
>>What famous person do I most
resemble? maybe hm......gwyneth paltrow, if she was freakier, but you kind of talk like her i guess...
>>((((((((((((((If you
>>Give me a new name it would be....frank n furter? maybe somthine!
>>Hook me up with someone it would
be.... ..unfortunately, chris. although i say i hate him, i know you guys going out would make you happy. so i wouldn't mind, seriously for a moment oh yes and now that you told me i don't wanna know who you'd set me up with I WANNA KNOW! TELL ME! (more, tell me more, like does he have a.........?(name?)
>>Do one thing with me it would
be.... we'd go shopping with unlimited money for rocky clothing (you'd get the BEST corsette ever. black with rhinestones, and mine would probably show a nipples or two, with some foshnets and creepy tighty undies like they wear. with those red poofy things) then we'd dress up and watch rocky in the theatre and know all the lines! it would be the most fun! and all the sexy guys would be there, and frank would jump out of the screen and ask you to marry him, wait, that's going too far (sex with a corpse?) haha, the end
>>Drop me one peice of advice it
would be...i still hate chris but i don't mind if you hang with him, just so long as i still know that i matter to you a lot (that's the only thing i cared about in the first place, was you voicing that you loved me! lol)! then you could hang with him as much as you want, but don't get depressed cause, although it's natural and i can deal, you are such a different person when depressed, although i do love your rendition of ring around the roses.....pocket full of posies...*L*
>>!!!!!!!Just A Few
>>What do you love about me? your smile
>>What do you hate about me? nothing, really
>>What is best quality? you have such a pretty face!
>>What is my worst quality? that you won't talk with me about sex, lol
>>If you could change one thing about
me it would be...... nothing, i think you're worth the world, and i'd rather have you with your faults than without them, if they're gone you're not you anymore
>>What is your honest opinions about
me?? ((Looks personality

>> you're the greatest! such a good friend and person to have around! a good thrift shopper too! i have lots of luck whenever we go to value village together-we should do that more often!