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Serene Insanity, a Paradox In Myself

Welcome to the twisted brain of an illusion...

as you can probly tell, i am no good at coming up with witty little names for myself or for my webpages, the ones i've had so far have been...less than finished...i sure as hell hope this one turns out better. thelast page i built got deleted, so i'm starting again, from the beginning, again...ack this will take awhile...oh well, i'll work hard, i've got nothing better to do.

so, to start, heere's a list of things i promise to put up, not really in any order, but the shorter ones will happen first, i can say that. *laughs manicly* hey, its the only way to laugh, or thebest anyway, even when theres no reason for it to be maniac...anyway, i promise:>>>
stats, pictures, poems, tangents, lyrics of undiscovered singiers/songwriter, lyrics of discovered songwritiers/singers, mp3s, a dictionary of made up stuff, opinions, pictures of myself/friends (providing i get access to a scanner,or a digital camera), and probably a bunch of other stuff, as i come to it.

My Diary
My Stats
A Survey My Friend Did On Me
An Essay, written by Me, on What Art Means
A Report on Lightning, by Me
A Sheet of Lightning Facts, by Yours Truly
a Report on Thunder by Me (this page is used for a lot of homework)