40ish men . . . Well, in some cases, I gather these individuals enjoy looking at young, beautiful girls on special occasions. Maybe their brain cells assume, "Ooohh, this young chick thinks I'm HOT, intelligent, and sexy . . . in addition to being pretty well off - - a house, a car, you name it."

Then, there are those charming 40ish men who really know how to sweep a young beauty off her feet. In Kitty's mind, " Aahhh, he's good enough to fuck . . . But then again, he's toying with you. " Namely those sons of bitches who portray themselves as SINGLE, when in fact they're divorced and possibly seeing other women. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT SHIT ? ?

As Kitty candidly states, " I could give a rats ass about some middle-aged man . . . they're sneaky bastards if you ask me, especially if they're married. On the other hand, I don't mind making ONE feel young and lively once more. Mainly that KIDDISH CRUSH comparable to kids on a playground. The way I look at it, if a middle-aged man is going to FLIRT and think with his penis - predominantly start the action first, he better finish the fire he started for christ's sake ! ! Unfortunately, I've ran into a couple of SORE LOSERS. I figure their dicks are small or they can't screw worth shit in bed. Who knows ? Otherwise, they're gay.

Another illustration, there are those who possibly have evil wives who torture their husbands as playing the role of the BITCH. In this scenario, I believe that the BITCH isn't giving her hubby enough spice in the sack. Go figure ! Why the hell do you think her mate is masturbating over some hot mid- 20ish babe ?

If a man let's it get to his HEAD ( ego ), then I've totally lost interest in playing innocent games or acting silly with him. Taking the FUN out of " IT " bites ! ! Hell, you only live once.

Kitty's reply is for educational purposes only. It should not be viewed as a substitute for professional advice. (LOL)

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