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Life imitates Life.

You saw it here first!  These are all real websites about real people. Some you even know.  It's long, but well worth your time.

fuller2.jpg (5537 bytes)    Ron the diver?

Ron the artist

Ron the wrestler

Ron the “con”  (scroll down a little)

Ron R.I.P. (scroll down)

Ron the realtor

lynneframe2.jpg (7809 bytes)    Lynn the Lobbyist?  (scroll)

Lynn the Diver (hmm, didn’t Ron dive too?)

cnich.jpg (15304 bytes)    Chuck the scientist,1406,KNS_394_750823,00.html


Chuck the artist


Chuck the artist, part 2

Deacon Chuck


Chuck the arson?


Chuck the football hero?  (scroll down a bit)


Captain Chuck


Chuck the lawyer?


Chuck the flutist?

pk.jpg (16375 bytes) Pat the Dream Maker

Pat – An Accident Waiting to Happen

Pat the Secretary (scroll down)

Pat the Musician

Pat the Beautician (scroll way, way down - trust me, you'll want to)

316.JPG (16499 bytes)    Brown the Artist?

Brown the Engineer?  (scroll down)

Brown the LSM (whatever that is)

kh.jpg (22089 bytes) Huff the Producer

Huff the Sportsman (R.I.P.)

Huff the Kiwanis Prez (look for it)

Reverend Huff

Huff loves them goats (check the 3rd paragraph)

And pot pies too!

Huff the racer (oops – this is the real deal; scroll down)

ts.jpg (20088 bytes) Tim the Professor (scroll WAY down)

Tim the Pig Hunter

Tim the Camper (scroll down)

309.jpg (20936 bytes)    Rich the Bureaucrat (near the bottom of the page)

Rich the Bureaucrat, Part Two (paragraph 11)

Rich the Bureaucrat, Part Three (paragraph 12)

ry.jpg (18740 bytes)    Poor Little Ryan

Creative Ryan

coop.jpg (8665 bytes)    Looking for a home? See Russ.

285.jpg (7773 bytes)    Barb Cooper?

1.jpg (16748 bytes)    Inspector Dave?,%20ou%3DInternet,%20ou%3DFood%20Safety%20and%20Inspection%20Service,%20ou%3DDepartment%20of%20Agriculture,%20o%3DU.S.%20Government,%20c%3DUS

Chief Dave?

Brave Dave?

Gardener Dave (very bottom)

Officer Dave (read the article, you’ll see)

13.jpg (17057 bytes)    Cheryl – looking good!

Preach it,3909,832,00.asp

Cheryl the Axe Murderer?  (Scroll down – it’s worth it!)

raz.jpg (14420 bytes) Sing it Jim!

Shoot it, Jim!  (With a photo!)

Novak R.I.P.

Yeah, we’re all proud Tom.

chuck.jpg (7648 bytes) Never look back, Chuck.

  314.jpg (20974 bytes)  Your Host, Gene

Trial Pending? Who'd have thought it.

hutch.jpg (9437 bytes)    This is just Bill's Day Job!

He is good with a drill.


Fred, that’s not fair!

Principal Giddings?  Jeez.

We aren’t surprised . . . (scroll down)