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If I Hadn't Copped a Plea

I could still be teachin' freshmen and practicing my lecherin'
I'd bounce them on my knee.
Lately I've been wishin' that I'd fought that little bitch - 
If I hadn't copped a plea.

I'd lead cheers at the pep rallys, and find some new dark alleys,
I'd find a different teen.
Get myself a new car and recoup my room from Rostar,
If I hadn't copped a plea.

Oh damn that legal aid, that forced me to admit.
I could still be doin' all my nasty shit.
And then I'd lie, and never quit.

I'd unravel every riddle for any little kid'l
Who earned herself a "C".
I might still be playing, Mister Fuller would be raving
If I hadn't copped a plea.