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From: Ron Jones []

Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2002 4:41 AM

To: Ross Jones


Sonia is in still in a coma, in critical but stable and comfortable condition as she has been since the instant of the car crash at 6:45am last Thursday morning. It is 4:00 am Sunday January 13, 2002.


I am staying at the Hospitality House which is right next to Spectrum Health Hospital in Grand Rapids. It

is a wonderful facility and has every amenity including a computer with e-mail. I have set up an account at Yahoo  and can e-mail you with updates. You are in a group of people which literally spans the world of Sonia's friends. I will e-mail you all regularly with updates  and ask that you pass them on to everyone that is in your section of the world that wants to know her current condition.


I may not call you on the phone for a while because I still tend to break down when I am speaking to to

someone I know. With strangers of course the "stiff British upper lip" still rigidly applies.


We will notify everyone that they can call 616-664-3403   to hear a recording of Sonia's condition which will be update as things progress. We are working on a web page to accomplish the same thing and will notify everyone when this comes on-line.


I will e-mail, write or contact all of our other friends and relatives and give them all your e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc. and let them select which of you to call if they need some personal contact.


Ross will be handling all aspects of the business for at least the short term. Right now I handle things on

a need-to-do basis. Tel: 877-230-2085, e-mail as above.


Only a very few people have the direct line phone number to our room hear at the Hospitality House  and

no one that calls in to the operator will be put through as we grab sleep whenever possible and this can be at any hour of the day or night. Any of you can reach me on my cell phone at 616-664-3401 if you feel

the need to call and talk to me - there is no intent to cut off close friends any family like yourself. If

the phone is on I will answer it, if not it goes to voice mail and I will answer you as soon as I can if

you ask me to. Sometimes we all need to just say a few words, even if it is to a machine!


We are booked in hear for the first batch of 19 days. It will probably be much longer than that before she

wakes up as the brain damage is extensive.


We have a family team and a plan. Our credo is Hope for the Best and Plan for the Worst. We'll take

anything in between and cope with that too. If you believe in the power of prayer, a miracle will

definitely be acceptable.


Updates to you will be fairly frequent for a while as I have a special responsibility in the form of 450

children aged 12 to 14 and 70 teachers and staff at Parchment Middle School that all want constant

information. The children want to send cards that will make her room look like the owls delivering Harry

Potter's invitation to Hogwarts School, which Sonia would love as she loved all the Harry Potter books. We

are currently reading her  the continuation of the Lord of the Rings. We don't know if she can hear us

but if she can she is dying to know what happens after the end of the first movie.


No gifts, cards or flowers should be sent at this time as she in a the Intensive Care Unit. There is nothing

anyone can do for yet, not even me. Statistics are against us but a few people with even greater brain

damage have made full recoveries - we'll take as much as we can get and cope with whatever comes.


Sorry if this is a bit disjointed but I was not born to work night shift.


Any questions e-mail me back here or call me.






Recorded voice message at 616-664-3403

Web page address to follow.

Web page address to follow shortly.



To: Paula Smeed

Subject: Mrs. Huntington-Jones


To all the students, teachers  and staff at Parchment Middle School.


To me Mrs. Huntington-Jones has always been Sonia, yes she does have a first name just like you. She has a second name too, Gail.


Sonia Gail Huntington and I were both born in Britain a long time ago. She was born in England and I was

born in Wales. We are related by marriage and her mother was from Pontypool where I was born. Her mother was in Pontypool visiting her family when she met my mother in the street. They were pushing us in our baby carriages and both our mothers vow that we reached across and held hands while our mothers talked.


The next time I met her we were nine years old and we hated each other; after all she was a girl and I was a

boy. We next met accidentally when we were sixteen. Her family had moved back to Pontypool during the

years I had not seen her. It was strangely love at first sight  and we have been together for since  for a seemingly short thirty-seven years. When we married we joined not only our lives forever but our names and we both became the world's first Huntington-Jones.


We came to this country in 1967 with three suitcases, a five month old baby, $54 and a love for each other.

We have lived here ever since and love it; the people, the country, everything about it. She especially loves

you and you are a major part of her life.


As you all know she crashed her car on her way to see you on Thursday morning, I will not say work because she feels hers is more than a job, and she is now in hospital in Grand Rapids. I know that she was doing what she always does in the mornings, singing along with the car radio and drinking her beloved fourth cup of tea from her to-go cup. She lost concentration for a brief instant, skidded on icy road and hit a tree which did not move. From the moment of the crash she went into a coma, which is a very deep sleep. She did not felt any pain, nor will she ever feel any pain because the doctors and nurses will make sure of it. She will sleep for many weeks while her brain works to heal itself; nobody can do anything to help her, not the doctors, not you, not even me. The only thing that can help her is her brain which is constantly working to heal itself. The only thing you can do for her and her family is to pray for her in whatever way you feel most comfortable doing that. She looks just like the last time you saw her, except she is sleeping. In my eyes she is still sixteen and as beautiful as ever, just like she is when she's asleep in her own bed.


While she sleeps the doctors will be mending the parts of her body that were broken so that if or when she

wakes up she will not have to suffer any pain from operations. Also while she sleeps we talk to her and

read to her about Frodo Baggins' exploits which occur after the end of the movie. She read the book and saw the movie. She loves Harry Potter and The Trilogy of the rings. She and I went to schools that looked like and were set up with "Houses" just like Hogwarts. Back then she went a girls school and I went to a boys school and we were all Muggles so there was no magic, except for the magic of love. We do not know if she can hear us, because even normally she is very sound sleeper, but we are covering all the bases in case she can hear us, besides, we like the book to.


I promise to keep you informed about her progress as things develop and hope that you will think of her at

least once every day until her sleep comes to an end.


Thank You,

Ron Huntington-Jones

Sunday morning, January 13, 2002