Taylor Wane

think what you will about this shit
But it's all copyrighted, so for all you
unoriginal bastards and hoes out there
No stealing. Other than that. Please enjoy
Luv: Lindsi White


Quiet little girl
your sugar daddy's gone
tough luck little girl
you're alone in this world

So what do you suppose you do
tired little girl
little girl with the pretty curls
Little girl with the violence in her eyes

You're not the girl, you are the bitch
stupid whore, selfish little witch
why do you do this to yourself?
Why do you do this to yourself?

why don't you suck (you suck)
why don't you suck (kill him)
why don't you suck (lost hope)
why don't you suck on this
*end chorus*

Crazy little girl
you can't afford those things
poor poor little girl
you'll just break those pretty things

little girl, don't be sucha tease
you are nothing in the world
you've tempted the devil now
the devil wants your disease

Aspire mon amour (breathe in my love)

Je suis revenu la droite où j'ai commencé à courir
dans la forêt, le chemin sale mes mains qui saignant je
veux sentir votre amour à l'intérieur sans je suis
vide et pourrait aussi est mort parce que vous êtes ma vie
m'embrasse m'embrasse il est temps venir à
l'intérieur a couru a couru, ralentit quand nous rencontrons
pensons d'il 1, 2, 3 respirent, respire, respire
maintenant l'endroit votre amour sur moicomme le très petit
temps avec vous l'éternité sans vous chante avec moi
célèbre maintenant le sommeil m'est fourni avec
pour dormir

translated. P.S sounds and makes better sense in French

I'm back right where I started
running in the forest,
the pathway dirty
my hands bleeding
i want to feel your love inside
without i am empty
and might as well be dead
because you are my life
kiss me
kiss me
it's time to come inside
run run, slow down when we meet
think about it
1, 2, 3
breathe, breathe, breathe
now place your love on me
forever seems like very little time
with you
eternity without you
sing with me now
celebrate the sleep
come with me to sleep

Something unknown

I'm going to go away for a while
do you think you will miss me?
I'm going to find a friend who went away
a while ago
I think they're in the hills
They're closer to the sky
I'm going away now
I'm joining them in the clouds

When I was younger
I walked in others footsteps
The rain has washed these away
and I don't know where I'm walking to
But I hope you follow me

When this day has passed
and dusk is over my head
I'll light a torch to see my way
Let the fireflys be my guiding light
Because I wanted to disapear
Levitating your morals which change
Day to day


These eyes are not your own
can't follow, you'll just get lost
don't pretend to see out of them
I'm not your map
not part of the master plan

I'd rather have lost memory
than broken sight
you'll never lose my patience
wrap it around tighter
and I might forget how to breathe

Just relaxing my veins
they were being pulled to tight
close your eyes and smile
snapping the cord wont help
guess I'll float to the clouds

Shh, can't you hear the silence
if it's too loud i'll make it stop
in this calming state of mind
forget about the traffic on the highway
blink blink blink


So small and everythings so big
cut and bleeding
I just want to be held
lost and broken
toy guns and plastic feelings
carved to make me love you
yet smashed to make you hate me
pretty boys and selfish girls
choking on the bones of lonliness
and tearing at the flesh of pain
I want you more than you despise me
another layer of the woman is known
and the man is knifed to death
and we are in hell
and we are in hell


fuck and fuck and fuck
fuck I wish I knew where
the fuck we were
okay so heres the whole story
one day we were brought to this place
and we were told to live
build houses and raise families
and I thought, shit man
that seems like alot
how am I supposed to pull that all together
so I was given teachers
to teach me and make it easier
for me to survive
but i think they just complicated it all
cause there beliefs aren't exactly what I think
so whatever
and fuck and fuck and fuck
here we go again
maybe this person would make it easier
but no, I'm not the person to make
it simple
I want my 4 walls and cable t.v
I wanna see others worse than me
so I can smile and say
"hey I aint that bad"

*Truth Mirror*

Your tears are not what keep you here
it's not the voices of others
you don't want to live
But you have nothing to die for
whats one more day to fight
Not growing anymore
it's one more scar for the night
You look inside your truth mirror
Hope you might like what you see
When all your answers are just questions
confusing your belief of yourself
Frusturating as it seems
This might be the day you die
The last time you see the ones you love
so break the horrid truth mirror
shatter it's poisoned glass
Take your insides and wear them out
for if the world already hates you
fuck it, and raise your voice and shout
Kill your enimies, slice them with the glass
Cause when the peices lie on the floor
it's finally up to you to judge
still wanna die?
I'd rather drown then be cut

*Forgive Me*

Please forgive me father sir
for I have sinned so bad
yesterday I took your daughter
and turned her inside out

Please forgive me mother ma'am
for I have been so selfish
yesterday I took your pills
and now I'm throwing up

Please forgive me little child
for I have been real mean
yesterday I took your dollie
and then broke her in two

Please forgive me blonde woman
for I have been so rude
yesterday when you were calling him
I was being screwed

Please forgive me loving family
for I have been real naughty
yesterday I took your son
and ripped out his lung

Please forgive me dearest friend
for I have been so cruel
yesterday I took your girlfriend
and hung her upside down

Please forgive me caring god
for I have been untrue
yesterday I burned your bible
Now all I have is you

*I Can't Love You*

Cut off my lips so I can't kiss you
cut off my hands so I can't feel you
cut out my eyes so I can't see you
Cut off my ears so I can't hear you
cut off my legs so I can't walk beside you
cut off my tounge so I can't talk to you
cut out my heart so I can't love you

*A Walk In The Night*

Fall night, listening to the wind blow
heart pacing as though walking a million steps a minute
her deserted path is darkened
as the leaves beging to swirl

And she hears it all dying around her
the bare trees let out their miserable scream
"stop walking turn back" they call to her,
their tormented laughter
Their branches like a thousand hands
grabbing at her arms
her young face and victim eyes
jump around the furious forest

The shadow watches her
her aura full of fear
moves from behind her
so new and clean
It wants to see her beating heart

The wind carries it's breath to her
she shivers from it's hateful emptiness
if she could quicken her pace she would
but the dust from the trail
attacks her thin and helpless legs
it comes up from behind her
and grabs her pale and pulsing neck
a scream escapes her lips
it cuts her stomach open
and reaches a hand inside
Disconnects her living organs
it scratches her bleeding womb
it grabs her pulsing heart
and squeezes out it's blood
a hole the size of it's finger
allows the red to drip
it unlocks her rib cage
pulling one rib at a time
crunching the fragile bones
impaling the dying heart with broken bone
She is dead, but her soul can't leave
with razor nails, pretending to be knives
it slashes her weakened neck
less blood flying because she bleeds from
her neck and chest
it ripped out her throat
and turned her head backwards
Her body crumples to the ground
a soul is left to scream
and the cool wind blows at
her ripped and soaking clothes

*Losing it*

I held you in my arms before
and I tasted you on my lips
I want to feel you beside me again
Grow wings, jump off and soar

The stars twinkle on the darkned sky
I want to pick you up and go to the clouds
I'll never let you go again
Take off with me and fly

I don't know whats come over me
My world stops when your not breathing
right here next to me
My senses are so fucked up
and I'm falling back down again
When I've lost you
When we're losing each other
And this happens everytime
I know I'm now losing it.
(end chorus)

If I were to look through a mirror
Can I see you looking back at me
and then I would step through to your side

I want to sketch your face on paper
and steal the colors around me
and paint them on your face
I close my eyes cause they sting
and put my bleeding arm next to yours
and watch the blood drop into the ocean
Jump in and drown with me


I want to feel you here next to me
I might as well be frozen
covered with snow and frost
Come with me and melt me
How I never want to be lost.


*Hate Without A Reason*

Bury me below
Raining hard, Hear the wind blow
I dance by myself tonight
You're like a rose
Pretty on the outside
But your thorns hurt
Give myself a reason
hide my hurt fed tears
My anger begins to fade
Give in to my darkest fears

I believed in you
A knife stuck in my back
You didn't see me through
I lay here tonight
Memories flood my mind
You should have pushed
instead you ran
Should you look harder?
and see what you might find.

How can you know me, When you don't even know yourself?


Night comes and I feel embraced
I'll bring you inside tonight
No longer breathing
I'm taken away
Searching for your rose
Stealing the petals from mine
Becomming one with you
Taking me without my mind


You make me hurt
I feel wanted
You make me dirty
Things are happening and I don't care
You make me shallow
Swallow you up
and pretend you know me
You make it alright
While destroying my power
Smother the fire
Thats what we make

*end chorus*

You call it pretty
and I feel dumb
Cleaning my mind
With your lies
Too knowing and self-absorbed
Steal me from my cradle
Breathe your words too me
Poison me with your sickness
and hide behind your weakness
Feed it to me, Beat it into me



And you said it would never change
We thought we knew everything
and still we were so stupid
You wonder about the future
while her mother lies dying
His sorrows pass for money
and my tears were our hope
Covering your face with pain
Trying not to be apart of the world
Yet managing to be the only thing real in it
Time meant nothing to us
couldn't wait for the hands to move
Wanting now to turn them back
Echoed laughs fade into soft tears
Holding hands behind the hard wall
Walls getting sharper
Didn't know how I could survive without you
Didn't know you could breathe without me
Didn't know she stares into the sky
Didn't know he pulled the trigger
We cry together tonight
You want what you once had
We come together again
She wants a second chance
We pull it all together
And he wants a shoulder to cry on

*feeling alone. taken away with the wind.
Bury me with the mistakes,
carry me with the fools,
Take away my life*


I lay down
My knees feel weak
The water around my ankles
Sting the cuts I bleed

I've fucked up so bad
They all say glad to meet you
Slow down the time
Wont this day just fade
Put your faith and hate in me
Won't you wash the slate clean


You've been taken away from me
You said It doesn't mean a thing
you've hidden the grains of sand
Bury my body in dirt
I'll choke and make this day go away
You say I'll see you tomorrow
But today hasn't ended
Tomorrow I'll turn on the light
Today is too dark to see
Tell me tomorrow is comming
Can't carry take this much longer
I'll be there tomorrow

*End Chorus*

Paintings fly at me
Take care of yourself and I care
If only you'd walked where I have today
Suffering the needs and wants of yesterday
What difference will one day make
Do I need to be saved
And when tomorrow is comming
Will I be awake to greet it?


Thumping in my head won't go away
Remember the the things we used to throw
I wrap my jacket around me tighter
I walk under the street lights
Taste the rain water on lips
Sting the blood I let drip my face
Twist my ankles, I clecnh my fists
Did you hear me when I screamed so loud
I think I cut myself when you pulled me back
I think I have walked down this street before

Look at the shadows as they jump out at me
Oh please don't follow me
I didn't mean to let that comment slip
I saw that pain gaze over your eyes
PLease don't let you hear me
I'm sitting on this sidewalk alone
I have no where left to go
Why didn't I read the sign. It said "dead end"
The Vampires crowd up behind me
Apologies fly from your mouth
I watch them crowd the air around me
My tears aren't salty, but bitter
It's just the time of night
Spirits all around me
No one will take me home

They hide from me
Tear off my clothes watch them crumple to the ground
Here my voice strengthen, Here it growing louder
Lift me up. The spirits,
Take me home
Spirits carry me home tonight

© copyright Lindsi White