Message from Lindsi

December 11 2002

Not a whole lot that I've done. Fixed up the front page a bit. I think it looks more classy now. Updated a few minor personal things. Other than that, I've kinda fukced off on this page. I'm sorry, during the hoildays, hopefully I'll be updating more!

Ive also made up a new alias in which I will sometimes go by, and that is (dun dun dun) Ava Ophelia. You've might have noticed I've already changed a few things to this name. It is still me, and I will not always go by this. But a little while ago I got retarded emails from some fuck, So I thought it would be better if I split up my history on the net a little bit by going by two different names. For my own protection thank you very much

Nov. 23 2002

I haven't really gotten around to upgrading the links I took down, but I promise I'll try and get them back up and running.

I have a chat line running now. I'll be signed in if I am online, so take a look for me. Soon I will have a time frame of when I'll be around but my schedule is to fucked up at the moment. So just check it out. My screenname is MissAnnThrope. In case there is another MissAnnThrope, just ask if it's the webmisstress.

Please join my mailing list. I'll be sending out a few newsletters of interesting shit. you got nothing to lose because I won't be annoying and send one out too often. It'll keep you entertained : P you can find the form under my link, "interact"

Oct. 24 2002
Okay, a little warning out to you. Some little fuck cunt has been stealing my pictures and passing them off as herself/himself/whatever. Quit pretending to be me and when I catch you, you're dead.

I don't know if it's the same person, but someone else has been stealing my writing and posting it on other sites and shit like that. If this continues I'm going to take it all down because that shit is personal to me.

Everything found on this site is copyrighted and belongs to me unless other wise stated. If you wish to use anything found here, I ask to be given full credit and if you were to contact me via email or such it would be appreciated. Other than that, I have no problem with the use of anything, as long as my requests (above) are followed.

If you find something on this site that belongs to you and I have not given you credit for it. please contact me (to do so, Click Here )