I envy your demise I hope it's all you dreamed it would be one bullet in this gun not sure if it's for you or me

Name- Lindsi White (Ava Ophelia)
Age- 18
Birthdate- Sept. 12 1984
Location- Toronto, Canada
Hair- Black with brown streaks
Eyes- Bright green
Height- 5'3
Weight- 103lbs
Nicknames- Livu, Akasha, Lestat, Lin-Lin, Rebel, Tha Jon Davis Hor, Tha Brat Princess, Isis, Lindsikins, Miss Ann Thrope, Mrs. Jack Tha Ripper, Eudoxia, Ava
Status- Taken, my boyfriend, Ron
Favorite bands- KoRn, Orgy, Incubus, A Perfect Circle, System of a down, Nirvana, Tool, Tori Amos
Favourite movies- Dazed and confused, Stand by me, Interview with the vampire, American history x, Queen of the damned, From hell, Wasted, Donnie Darko, Run Lola Run
Favourite Actors/Actresses- Edward Furlong, Angelina Jolie, Robin Tunney, Claire Danes, Kate Hudson, Kirsten Dunst
Favourite song- Fiction by Orgy
Favorite colors- Black and purple
Hobbies- Drinking, partying, clubs, concerts, moshing, dancing, singing, drugs, writing, being with friends, being with boyfriend
Personality- Understanding, bitch, depressed, funny, nice
Favorite alcohol- Absolut vodka, Lemon boomerang, Margaritas
Favorite drug- XTC
Piercings- 1 ear ring in my right ear, 2 in my left ear, Nose, (used to have eyebrow)
Job- 241 Pizza
Tattoos- Comming soon
Pets- Moseby (cat), Samantha (dog), Meret (hamster), Kauket (hamster)
Background- Irish
Career plans- Egyptologist, Forensic anthropologist, Playmate
Things I say too much- Shutup!, What!, Someones gonna die

fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck me I will never make it better I will never make it better it will always hurt you fucking asshole