Miss Ann Thrope


Don't be afraid of fear.
I was born on Wednesday, the 12th September 1984 and I am 18 years old. I am Virgo, sometimes you can tell. I have the understanding of a virgo, I get along with almost anyone. I am an earth sign and I can peace inside my mind, though I have not always been able to do this. But what is not Virgo about me is my temper, it's short and it spins out of control too easily

Music is my life. It can play my emotions better than any ex boyfriend I've ever had. I cannot go a day without music. I have my sad songs, my hate songs, my crazy songs my love songs and every other song. I love the sound of a guitar and a violin. I play both. Though I'm still deeply learning guitar. Music is beautiful. But it needs talent, which is why I hate shitty pop music where it's based on sex appeak instead of actual good talented music. Doesn't matter, that music wont mean shit in a month, when it becomes "un-cool".

I love going to concerts, I love moshing and I love seeing local shows. They, to me, are such a great atmosphere. Live music.... what could be better?

My highschool life has been hell. when it comes to the academic part. I went to ECI until grade 11 when I dropped out. I than wnet EYC, a retard school, than back to ECI in grade 12, dropped out again, and now I go to SEE, yet another highschool. The school is brilliant. too bad they give out too much work and I fall behind alot. Too some people I've met in highschool, you've touched my life, I've met some of my best friends there and I love all who cared. To other fucking cunts I've met in highschool, the ones that wished to make my life a living hell, it doesn't matter now, because I'm real, and your not.

As of now, I've grown a fond love of Tic Tacs and lately I seem to be addicted to them. They just make your breath so minty and cool.

My addictions: ciggarettes, coffee, pain, music and few other little things. I used to be addicted to alcohol. It made me insane. Mentally it put me in a bad state. I kicked that dependence, all by myself. I still love to drink, but I don't need to. For the most part, I quit drugs, if you were to see how my ex-boyfriend had been with drugs, you'd understand why I hardly ingage in this activity anymore. I love XTC and it's a once and a while thing. now and than I smoke a joint. whats it to you? I know who I am, I"m careful and mature.
I don't put myself in bad positions

I am an ex-dancer. frm age 4 till age 13 I was a dancer. I was in shape and toned. I also did gymnastics around the same time. Since I dropped out of both, I've become out of shape and it depresses me. I really want to start working out. Who knows when this will begin

My friends are everything to me. They were in fact, my family. We refered to ourselves as 'the group' I don't see much of them anymore. I've honestly become sucha loner this year and I miss them immensley, but it is out of my power. I've grown apart from many of them. Never shall I forget all that we've been through though

I sometimes hear voices in my head. sometimes I get so used to them I don't even acknowlege much of them other times they scare the hell out of me. I sing to myself alot, usually in the voice of a little girl, which will scare who ever is around me, or at least arouse some weird looks. I see things out of the corner of my eyes, these scare me more than the strange sounds I hear. I can hear what others are talking about, regardless if they are whispering. and I know when it is me who is getting talked about. I hate it. I also constantly hear a phone ringing. which is rather annoying, and it never goes away. This is why I sometimes dont answer the phone

I have a slight and minor case of a personality disorder. want to know? multi-personalities. They are fun. I used to be worse, now this can be classified as severe mood swings. At one point in my life I would yell at myself outloud as if I were another person.

I used to cut myself. when seemingly the only thing to do. I hardly ever do this now, yet I would say I am still recovering from this. It's taken quite a few years.

I used to be full of hate. I didn't love anyone or anything. I could be nice when I wanted to, but I was usually cruel, especially to the ones who cared about me the most. I guess I was never taught love, I was afraid and didn't know how to. I'm different now, and I guess that is because I'm also recovering from my depression. I am slowly learning how to care, and what I would say, at a very fast rate. I realize now, that there is so much more in life, I am beginning to recognize beauty

I've gotten into the bad habit of pushing things out of my head, making myself forget certain incidents. This is not good, cause, if for some reason I want to remember, I can't, it's all blurry. God I wish I could stop hiding from the pain

I write, if you were to read some of the things I have written you'd probably lock me away. I write poems sometimes, and i write songs as well. I sing, I personally like singing like kurt cobain. I love him. I play the violin, and I am still slowly learning how to play guitar. I really suck at it.

death intrests me, the after life is unknown. I have a love and passion for ancient egypt, and I went to egypt in March 2001. I love ancient history and travelling. Hopefully I can make this a life career. I might actually begin to like life then.

I've fucked up alot, but I'm trying to do good now. I hope to succeed. I'm beginning to like myself, and I no longer want to mistreat myself.

I have a boyfriend. His name is Ron and I love him. We've been dating since Nov. 17 2001. and he has become my soul mate. He has helped me in so many ways over come all those fears I have listed above. He has alot of patience for me. He has been an amazing new aspect in my life. We are going to be together forever and travel the world together as king and queen. ha ha, maybe, you never know