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My Poems



When I think about you i feel nothing but happiness

You've given me a reason to live

Unshackled my sole and freed my mind

You have brought me back to a world I have hated for so many years and showed it to me through a new light

You have given me a new impression on life

And don't you find it allitle odd how no matter what we do we always end up together

Ashley I Love You

And no matter what happens i will never forget you

love Ryan

A Demon loves an Angel

For I am dark and grey

She is all shades of white

I am blinded by her beauty

I feel happy around her and am in pain when not

When i look nto her eyes i see eternal happiness

She gives this demon the strength to move on

For I have fallen Deeply in love with this beartiful goddess

And can only pray she loves me

To close to Death

I whent to her house and everything was grate. Little did i know that nights unimaginable fate. Two Minutes before i left as she lie on the couch I Kneel on the floor clutching her hand. She whispers in my ear and tells me what she did. It stunned me for a second and i tried to hold my emotions in. She threw up clutching her stomach. As i cried my way home I new what i had to do. My mom calls her house only to find out she is on her way to the emergency room. A pain i have never expericed before overwhelmes me and took my body. I whanted to die. As i threw up banging my head on walls whanting to cut myself and losing my mind in the process. I didn't sleep that night instead prayed for her to be alright. I talked to her the next day only for a painful ten Minutes. I missed her so much. I couldn't eat sleep or even fuction i was in a rut. I found out how much i love her that night. I Still have not recovered i probley never will. I wish she understood the pain i whent through that night. I'll never touch a pill for as long as i live allitle pain is worth it. I love her so much and alway's will for i will never forget that night i never will.

No Name

You plug in.

Heads nod.

Lighters ingnite.

Feel the love.


When I

When I look into your eyes my life seems to pass me by.

When I hold you Everything is safe in this world.

When I kiss you it feels like time stops for eternity.

When I am alone everything feels so wrong.

When my parents say I can't see you, I feel like crying.

When i am not with you it seems like a storm that never ends.

When I am with you I feel like I am on cloud 9, beacuse I love you

By. Ashley Lynn Hoffman


Great gloomy mirror tell her face

She will outblind them all

That heavenly bodies would fall from grace

To possess such a lustrous pall


By. Dani Filth -oral Pleasures-

King of darkness

People equal SHIT

Shit epual's PEOPLE

I hate society

I hate conflict

Left completly alone

Left upon my dark and gloomy throne

Killed in my castle

Killed in my home

I will stalk my demons

I will kill my devils

Left alone in a dark yet simple world

Left alone upon my throne

Plains of the Unforgiven

I close my eyes and i walk through burning fields of a thousand tortured soles

I look at the bloody grass then into the pentagram above the clouds

See myself

Its a trick these thoughts plauge my mind like a virus killing off my emotions

I'll live my life rather than take it

What if that is what awaits me burning in the field of emptiness

By. Ryan Hobson


Devil in fast pursuite

As I run I feel powerful blackmagic enter my soul

I fly into the sky now i can't die

The devil will pay for the pain and agony i have endured.

By. Ryan Hobson

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