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Saturn drives Credible right through the table.

Saturns got his revenge for last week.

Moments later: Credible - "Hey, did you see what just happened to me?"

Commissioner - "Um, er, no, I was er..... busy."

Credible - "Well what the hell are you going to do about it, I want a shot at Saturns title at the PPV, I'm going to...."

Saturn - "Shut up."

Commissioner - "Hey Perry, mind the... *crash*... table."

Saturn - "I don't give a damn about your table, and I don't give a damn about Justin Credible, but I'll beat the crap out of him at Wrestle-arama, so make the damn match punk!"

Commissioner - "Hey, come back, you can't talk to me like that, hey, damn it. Well its gonna be a ladder match, punk."

Wow, Saturn vs Credible in a ladder match for the US title, that should be great. But now its time to decide the No.1 contender. Heres the first of the four men, Chris Benoit

Here's Albert.