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Hi, Welcome to RWA Impact, and this is our last show before Wrestle-arama, our biggest PPV of the year.

Here comes the Commissioner and the lovely Lita.

Commissioner - "As I told Kurt Angle on last weeks show, we need to find a No.1 contender, and tonight we going to have a four way match to decide who its going to be."

Commissioner - "And in other business, I've noticed that Justin Credible seems to think he can do what ever he wants, well not in my fed! So tonight he'll be facing Gangrel."

Commissioner - "And I'll see you all next week for Wrestle-arama!!"

Well sounds like an exiting show coming up, but first its Eddie 'The Lethal Latino'.

and he's going to be facing the British Bulldog, he's making his RWA debut, and his return to professional wrestling.

Eddie's right in the Bulldogs face, I know Eddies mad that he doesn't hava match for Wrestle-arama.

Oh, Eddie slaps the Bulldog.

Davey Boy didn't like that and shoves Eddie to the ground.