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Raven covers, 1...2...3.

Raven gets the win and he'll be going to Wrestle-arama

Christian - "So hows it doing doc?."

Doctor - "Well its gonna take a while longer for the fracture to heal, you've also re-agrivated your old knee injuries".

Christian - "Yeah they were pretty bashed up from my matches with Vader."

Doctor - "Yeah, its a good thing you've been wearing your knee braces or it would be much worse."

Edge - "Wanna go get sodas dude?".

Christian - "Dude, lets get coffee, sodas are so unoriginal."

Edge - "Yeah, that was sooo last year."

Christian - "Have you seen my Vogue cover yet bro?"

Now its time for our main event, and its going to be for the U.S title, here comes the contender, Saturn.

and the champ, Scott Steiner.

Steiners too busy showing off his title, and Saturn attacks him from behind.