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Kurt - "Whats my match at Wrestle-arama going to be, everyones talking about Hogan vs Hart, when my match is gonna be the best!"

Commissioner - "Ok Kurt, next week we'll have No.1 contenders match."

Kurt - "Wooo, Kurt Angle at Wrestle-arama, it doesn't get much better than that."

Commissioner - "What the hell was he wearing?"

Next up we're going to see whos going to be the No.1 contender for the hardcore title, and will face Rhyno at Wrestle-arama, will it be Raven?

Or Tazz?

Tazz pummels Raven with hard fists.

and then suplexs him.

He whips him into the ropes and floors him with a clothesline.

Tazz goes to the outside and starts to get some hardware out.

But he wasn't watching Raven who dives over the ropes.