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Welcome to RWA Impact, here comes the Commissioner, and Christian, he looks pretty hurt after Hogans attack last week.

Christian - "Hogan, last week you tried to hurt me, you tried to get out of your match at Wrestle-arama, and damn it, perhaps you tried to end my carear. Well guess what, you failed!"

Christian - "See the pain didn't hurt, and you didn't end my carear, and you sure as hell didn't get out of your match at Wrestle-arama, now get your ass out here!".

Christian - "So Hogan, you've still got a match at Wrestle-arama, but my doctors told me not to wrestle, so luckly for you it's not gonna be against me."

Christian - "So I was thinking, who's good enough to represent me. I needed some one good, I needed some great, I needed the best there is, but not just the best there is, but the best there was and.....

Christian - "....THE BEST THERE EVER WILL BE!!".

Commissioner - "and Hogan, if you loose you'll never work in this fed again."

Thats right guys, I'm going to be returning to the ring for Wrestle-arama, but lets get on with tonights show.