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Here comes Kurt Angle, what does he have to say?

Angle - "Now a lot of people say that I don't deserve this title, and that I'm not a true champion, well thats just wrong, and I'll prove it by taking on anyone here tonight."

Commissioner - "Now hang on there Kurt, some feds may just give out title shots, but not here, how about we go to my office and decided on a match for you."

Commissioner- "Ok, Kurt I'm gonna pick a name from the roster list in this hat."

Commissioner - "and its going to be.... Gangrel."

Kurt - "Wooo, I'll proove I'm the true champion, and that is true."

So its Kurt Angle vs Gangrel next, but first up its the battle of the radicals for the U.S title No.1 contenders spot. Here's the Lethal Latino.

Chris Benoit.

and Perry Saturn.

Saturn and Benoit face off.