This is my Profiles section. I will have some stuff about myself and my friends here...


Name: Karene
Nick Name: Rinoa, Carina, Kareny
Alias include: Rinoa Queen of festyness (and in l337) Rosette/Rosey, Carla :P
Favourite Colour: Colbalt Blue
Favourite Clothes: Hipster flare white-wash jeans and any other random black clothing
Favourite TV show: PIZZA, John Saffran presentations, Life support, cheeze tv ^_^ (all the anime), Everybody Loves Raymond, Buffy
Favourite PS game: (RPG) Final Fantasy (all of them) crash bandicoot is kewl :P and I Play pokemon :P
Favourite Food: Pizza and lasange(homemade), Lamb stew, Pasta (all of them)^_~ Biscuits
Favourite Movies/ Actors: Grease/John Travolta, James Marsters, The wizard of Oz is a classic!! Legally Blonde was funny..The Matrix Trilogy
Favourite songs/ single artist/ band:Linkin Park (Crawling, Breaking the Habit, Papercut), DJ Lhasa (Gulia), Manson's ok for a copycat ;)(Tainted Love)
Favourite music styles:Rock, metal, rap, RnB, Urban, Pop, classic (JUST ABOUT ALL OF THEM BUT JAZZ AND SOME HOUSE)
Favourite Animals: Orcas, Dolphins, Horses, Eagles.
Eye Colour: Blue/ green rings
Hair Colour: Brownish/ Blonde streaks (They USED TO BE red streaks)
Nationality: Italian
Star Sign: Cancer
And I love Bad Blonde Boys outright :D Rufus Shinra, Marik Ishtar, Chester Bennington, Seifer Almasy, James Marsters..ok Reno isn't blonde but I love him :P

Favourite Quote: I have A LOT of favourite quotes, atleast one from most of the FF series... eh hehe…well…here we go...
"Confident bastard aren’t you?"
- Kain FF4
"Great! Who’s idea was it anyhow to steal a @#*&$% pirate ship!?!?"
"Yours you old phsyco!"
- Galuf and Bartz FF5
"You see, there are more girls here than grains of sand out there. I can’t keep track of ‘em all!"
- Edgar Roni Figaro FF6
"Then… welcome to my Barbecue!! Uwa hahaha!"
- Kefka FF6
"Was that a bad person? I ...I’m scared"
- Terra FF6
"You out of your +&$^$# mind!? That's my most cherished possession. I can't let you take it."
"Shut up! Sit your arse down in that chair and drink your goddamn TEA!"
- Cid from FF7
"If you knew that, then don’t bother us! Lookin’ at you is makin’ me sober."
- Reno FF7
"I dreamt I was a moron"
"I'm not having anyone talk about me in the past tense!"
- Squall FF8
"To be forgotten is worse than death...."
- Freya FF9
And surprise, surprise…an non FF quote from one of my _charming_ friends…[but I couldn’t be bothered asking him for copyright] >.< Blah :P
"If arseholes could fly, this place would be an airport" –Jok

OH UH OH UH! says:
"I love being Italian it’s ok to be fat, you can be as cheap as you want and your people invented everything good" - Josh

(Been updated cuz it just wasnt me anymore)

ME Chibi... >.< saaaaad....
Another me I drew for my Yahoo profile as Rosey... Am I getting any better??
This is me
Losty.. heh Tarynn :)

Azazel/Azezel is Jok's new Daemon... wat a mad one ^.~
Favourite Colour: GREEN,BLACK
Favourite Clothes: GOTH STYLZ
Favourite TV show: SPIN(11"O"CLOK,MON)
Favourite PS2 game: V8 SUPERCARS
Favourite Food: NE THING GREEK
Favourite Movies/ Actors: ANGELINA JOLIE<*I LUV HER*>
Favourite songs/ single artist/ band: MARILYN MANSON
Favourite music styles: HEAVY METAL,DEATH METAL
Favourite Animals: CAT'S AND SNAKES
Eye Colour: BLUE
Hair Colour: BROWN
Nationality: GREEK "MALAKA"
Star Sign:"THE PIOSONEUS ONE U NO WITH THE STINGY SHIT AND THE VENOM STUFF" ...(eh u mean Scorpio? Yes, Jok, yes...)

Name: Tarynn
Nick Name: Griv, Naki, Vari, Angel (the list goes on... O.o)
Favourite Colour: Smoke Grey
Favourite Clothes: Wifebeaters, Cargo pants
Favourite TV show: Rurouni Kenshin, Neon Genisis: Evangelion, Trigun, .hack
Favourite PS2/playstation game: .hack// series; Guilty Gear series
Favourite Food: Pizza, pasta
Favourite Movies/ Actors: Wild Wild West, LotR, Head of State/ Will Smith, Chris Rock
Favourite songs/ single artist/ band: Faint, Forgotten - Linkin Park, Want, Down with the Sickness - Disturbed/Disturbed, Linkin Park, Theory of a Deadman
Favourite music styles: Rock, Heavy Rock, Metal, Thrash metal
Favourite Animals: Wolves, Dogs, Cats, Panthers
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde, with light brown above
Nationality: Canadian
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Favourite Quote: There are two big things in the world. Boredom, with which I am faced with everday, and love, something which I dispise, yet can't help myself to it. Damn... my life is so twisted..
~ Me

Called to you so clearly but you don’t want to hear me; Told you everything loud and clear; But nobody’s listening
~ Nobody's Listening - Linkin Park

Your kind is just the type that should use me; But your mind wont seem to let you have; The opportunity to abuse me; Your mind wont even let you feel
~ Want – Disturbed

Justice is not the only right in this world...
- KluYa, FF4

People are ignorant. They'll feel better as long as someone is punished.
- Rufus

Nick name: Heero Yui
Favourite Colour: <.<(P!nK)>.>
Favourite Clothes: <.<(AzN StYleZ)>.>
Favourite TV show: everybody luvs raymond and them stuff
Favourite PS2 game: <.<(Gran Turismo 3, Concept)>.>
Favourite Food: jApAnEsE f00ds - any
Favourite Movies/ Actors: tHey All suck
Favourite songs/ single artist/ band: PPK - Ressurection , Heart of Asia , Rainstar -breakdown, most of the jap songs lol ^^
Favourite music styles: tEchnO/dAncE
Favourite Animals:
Eye Colour: bLacK
Hair Colour: BlaCk
Nationality: Ch!nEsE
Star Sign: i think virgo , cuz im born september 7th, 1987 ^^i dunno lol
Favourite Quote: "I love you babee kangaroo"

Look here : )

Nick Name: joey takizawa, shorty, lil shiet
Favourite Colour: blue and silver-->bluver
Favourite Clothes: um...baggy pants...loose sleeve? chinky/jap style
Favourite TV show: the simpsonz~!! ^^
Favourite PS2 game: FINAL FANTASY X!!!
Favourite Food: jap jap and chinky foOdz...n italian foOdz
Favourite Movies/ Actors: HIDEAKI TAKIZAWA~!!--->SOS~
Favourite songs/ single artist/ band: my sassy girl ~ i believe
Favourite music styles: chinky/jap pop/hiphop~ R&B...aliddle dance
Favourite Animals: waBBitz~!!
Eye Colour: brown
Hair Colour: golden brown wif regrowths...haha
Nationality: chiNKy
Star Sign: virgo
Favourite Quote: *2 young 4 love*

Nick Name: azn playa, <3unny <3oy
Favourite Colour: blue
Favourite Clothes:Preffers naked
Favourite TV show:none
Favourite PS2 game: GT3
Favourite Food: Pizza
Favourite Movies/ Actors: Blade 2
Favourite songs/ single artist/ band:none
Favourite music styles:RnB
Favourite Animals: Tiger
Eye Colour:dark brown
Hair Colour: black
Nationality: Vietnamese
Star Sign: da fish Pisces
Favourite Quote: never judge a book by its cover

Michael and Eric [KNHS BRUDAS]

Nick name: Mick, Moo Cow, Michelle
Favourite Colour: Purple
Favourite Clothes: Baggy jeans
Favourite TV show: Everybody Loves Raymond
Favourite PS2 game: Grand Turismo 3
Favourite Food: Chumpurado
Favourite Movies/ Actors: None
Favourite songs/ single artist/ band: Reckless and Abandoned (Blink 182)/ Eminem/ Blink 182
Favourite music styles: Punk/ RnB/ Rap [’specially Eminem]
Favourite Animals: IN PROGRESS (its taking him a while to think about it)
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black [Spiked fringe like the Sydney Harbour Bridge]
Nationality: Filo
Star Sign: Libra
Favourite Quote: none at the moment

Nick Name: Eddie, Eduardo, Ed, Satan, da devil
Favourite Colour: red, and only red, like da devil really hehehehehe
Favourite Clothes: ones from juice clothin, nike and champion
Favourite TV show: rove live , neon genesis evangeleon
Favourite PS2 game: N/A
Favourite Food: food dat taste good, duh
Favourite Movies/ Actors: comedy, like meet da parents
Favourite songs/ single artist/ band: well, i listen to 2DAY FM, pink's like a pill, A1 caught in da middle, eminem's without me, etc, on 2day fm u should listen 2 da HOT 30 on 7PM
Favourite music styles: all of dem
Favourite Animals: i hate dogs, i like ???????//, i don't hav ne
Eye Colour: hazel, duh
Hair Colour: blak, all azn's hav blak hair, naturally duh
Nationality: chinese AZN
Star Sign:taurus, or dragon in chinese zodiac
Favourite Quote: if i was god, i knew
dat's treason
u don't say

eddie has spoken, over & out

David L
Nick Name: Lam da ladies man
Favourite Colour: Red or Blue
Favourite Clothes:micro fiba
Favourite TV show: Anything
Favourite PS2 game: FFX
Favourite Food: Pizza
Favourite Movies/ Actors: porn...hehe...hentai..hehe...anything
Favourite songs/ single artist/ band: none
Favourite music styles: Rap/rnb/dance/techno...anything
Favourite Animals: dolphin…hehe
Eye Colour:brown
Hair Colour: black
Nationality: Cantonese
Star Sign: Aquarius
Favourite Quote: N/A

last update 19/9/02 (TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!!!)

Maria T
Nick Name: Mia, Moonface, Geek, Ria, Rials, Smart ass
Favourite Colour: Yellow, Pink, Purple, Aqua
Favourite Clothes: Jeans + T-shirts...and I have a fetish for stilletos ;)
Favourite TV show: Gilmore Girls!! Will and Grace, The Simpsons..etc..etc
Favourite PS2 game: Crash Bandicoot (I'm such dork! :P)
Favourite Food: McDonalds, Chinese Food, Chicken and Potatoes, Pasta & Pizza
Favourite Movies/ Actors: Lauren Graham, Milo Ventimiglia, Sean Hayes, Chad Michael Murray, Alexis Bledel...and so many more!! Fav movie would have to be Scream...saaaaaaaaaaad...
Favourite songs/ single artist/ band: Nsync!!! Justin timberlake, Ja Rule, Usher, Aaliyah, Madonna, Wacko Jacko, Tamia, No Doubt, just to name a few...
Favourite music styles: R&B, Pop, Rock, Disco...narrows it down aye? I listen to everything :D
Favourite Animals: Dogs, Dolphins
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Nationality: Cypriot :D
Star Sign: Pisces
Favourite Quote: Tooooo hard. These are just a couple-- "She who laughs last last" and "Oy with the poodles already". Don't even ask.

Last Update: 17/12/02