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***disclaimer; You know the drill...

I'm trying to put the fan art into tables but I don't know which is better, sort by date or catagory? I have pics from 2001-2003 all years have FF pics and original art, 02 and 03 have beyblades.

So should it be:

In catagories by date ... ... ...
FF7 FF8 FFMisc BB Original
Tifa 30/3/03 Rinoa 30/3/03 Yuna 30/3/03 Ray 30/3/03 Carla 30/3/03
Tifa 24/2/02 Rinoa 24/2/02 Yuna 24/2/02 Ray 24/2/02 Carla 24/2/02
Cloud 1/4/01 Squall 1/4/01 Yuna 1/4/01 Kai 1/4/01 Rosette 1/4/01

By date in catagories ...
2001 2002 2003
Original Original Original
FFMisc FFMisc FFMisc

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Ginger SnapsNEW

Although, here are the new pokťmon and other pictures I did:

(Art Anubis 12)
(art Pegasus 12)

SQ sprite

Ivory Sprites

SQ & MMK <3

Houndoom 6/8/02
Umbreon and Espeon 25/4/03
Vulpixy 4/2/04
Team 'Doom 18/9/04
Silver Vulpix (The Lonely One) 8/11/04
(gengar n relicanth)
(gengar n jynx)
(espy skitty)
(pyaulra 15)
(dragonair milotic)

Ivory n ebony

(sketch walk)
(sketch 2 hug

Sorry, this may come as a shock to some people (HAHAHA) but.. I don't really have time to organise this all anymore.. I was halfway through it and.. then ... well I got hit by year 11 :P so .. I put back the mess I had :P oh it never really left.. I just covered it up ^^;

Rinoa -To Dido's White Flag

Heh heh ... insider joke ^_~

A NEW PIC!! Niiiice... (nice deep hidden meanings my friends...)

This is me..
with little explanations to help... well maybe...the top words are {my room} and it is... walls X_X
ARCANA (Kelly's comic)

It's an Insider joke...*evil laugh*

Carla and Cranky Kai, this is cute :)

Ray and Kai also cute :D

*mwahahahah* This is an evil insider joke as well, but you'll get it.... *dreamy sigh* Ray loves meeee... ;D

Story... what story? There's a story? o.O;

A pic I've done to send to cheez tv, they want variety, I deliver ^~

Goth Chick Leonhart

Julian and Spirit Stallion of the Cimmaron[re visitied]
(VERY controversial)

Zell (Julian) and Spirit, a tragic end
this is a MST version of events, is this the end of Julian (Zell) and Spirit's relationship??? Who IS Eagle Dude?!

Unicorn and Black Cat

Unicorn in the mist

Angst Unicorn in snow

Angst Girl in snow[ok so there technically is no snow, there WAS meant to be snow... i just never got around to it ^^; ] (do you see a pattern here? with the angst?)

Vulpixy Colour

Mix and match FF7 and 8 (my 1st Ultimecia)

Winged Tripled-toned Cat
I like this one :)

One of my main Darkheart Characters to be...

I thought I put this one up earlier well anyways...Would you?

Ray from BEYBLADE! (gayblade)
To be honest I really thought this was one of the lamest shows on tv after pokemon... but then... I woke up again with the obsession... this is the day when you find my kryptonite, I get an obsession with random bishonen....for no apparent reason other than waking up the next morning after one of them staring in a dream that I actually remember when I wake.
So now I watch it cuz of Ray, and possibly Kai... but mostly cuz of Ray.
Man I wanna be Mariah now.... lucky bitch... she was another of my previous fave characters too...
mmmm Ray...*drool* Ray's cool...
Beyblade lacks a good story arc, so it's pretty lame still... but Ray is what is holding it together... ^.~
Personally I think Tyson is a queer... also Max... Kenny kinda likes Emily from what I've seen so I won't go there, except for the goggles... freaky...

Oh yeah BTW I drew this and then I watercoloured it and then I scanned it and tried to cover up my horrible job with Corel but the hair's a bit wonky cuz my arm hurt and I had to do it freehand, no layers or magic wands *cries* and the jacket is still lame watercolour where the water ate my ink...I never got around to fixing that part I was so tired (still am, same day :) ) Though I also left the eyes and eyebrows and the ying/yang original water colour... so just look at them ;)

HEY!!! A Kai picture!! How'd this get here?? ^____^
OMG my arm was shaking the whole time I was trying to sketch it, ink it and colour it AGGGHH not to mention the constant interruptions I had T.T
It doesn't even look like Kai anymore *cries* it did used too..... I swear
Uh yeah, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone
:P there, I said it...

FF7 Gallery

**Disclaimer; This gallery contains pictures of Tifa

Tifa (my friends want her boobs bigger though...but they're guys anyway so, like who cares what they say?)

Tifa Lockheart (this one wasn't gonna be put up but I decided "What the hell?")

Tifa Angel (no one duz Tifa with wings 4 sum reason? Well I havenít seen any)

Cloud Strife (I couldn't fit all of it on the scanner though)

last updated 12/4/02.....moved here 9/12/02

FF8 Gallery

**Disclaimer; Some pictures may contain intentional sexual refrences... if you're offended...get a life.

The FF8 Poem


Angel Rinoa Sleeps



Rinoa stuck in Vines

Rinoa Heartilly

Rinoa's Heart

Squall and Rinoa

last updated 12/4/02... moved here 9/12/02