In Nomine Superiors

Here you will find Superiors for In Nomine, by Steve Jackson Games .

Angel of Persistence
(Remnant? Outcast?)

Once, when Baal was an angel, he had a companion, and though not as old, the companion was just as note worthy.
This companion of Baal was a servitor of blandine, and he was a cherub.
Word of his deeds when the great war began were known and taught to the young angels when hell was new formed, a cherub would stand, in the tower of blandine, at her balcony, side by side with her, each mourning their loss.

Once in a while, he would venture out from the tower, to the fledging mankind and work side by side with mercurians of stone, teaching the humans how to last just a little bit longer, to just hang in there and have hope.
By doing this he brought blandine and David a little bit closer.

Many ages passed and he finally lost hope, his word was too much for him, but when he went outcast, and soon was a remnant, he managed to keep some of his memories.

His memories are warped however, he remembers Baal as a child hood friend, and he remembers blandine and David, and all the others from memories in college.

He never knew it, but his word was keeping him alive.
His word has some how been calling out to the symphony, calling out like an injured animal, attracting the attention of what ever celestials can hear it.

Once, when he was an angel, perhaps these were his attunements.

Seraphim: may roll a resonance check twice and choose which result they wish to use.
Cherubim: may spend 5 minutes concentrating and not have to make a resonance check to locate their attuned.
Elohim: may reroll any one dice per scene (or 10 minutes) when they are in debate with some one and are trying to make them see the point they are making.
Kyriotate: when a host is reduced to 0 body hits, they may add from their own mind hits to keep them going.
Malakim: Instael had no malakim, he saw them as quitters, the ones who gave up in anger and thus not worthy of his time.
Mercurian: (same as seraph)
Ofanim may with an ethereal forces roll cause all humans in range (forces diameter in meters), to suddenly perk up and be wide awake.
This will last for (angels total forces) in minute’s xCD (of Eth forces roll), whereupon the humans will feel the same as before the attunement began its effect.

With a successful corporeal forces roll, the angel gains CD x CD extra hits for either body, mind or soul.
These extra hits however will only last for CDx3 minutes.
This is usable only once per day.

Perseverance shall show the way
For each 5 minutes of calm concentration, the TN for the next one roll they make is modified by +1.

Fools rush in
With a successful contested willpower roll, the angel can make its enemy rush in to attack (or what ever) and have a negative modifier equal to the angel’s celestial forces to the first rounds actions.

If any angel in the service of Instael gives up hope, or encourages others to give up hope, they will earn a note of dissonance.
Instael used to punish his dissonant servitors very hard, to teach them a lesson.

AA opinions
(There are no opinions from Instael’s point of view)

-gentle sigh- He knows of pain, how long he waited for his brother in arms to return, how long he stood there, as his brother took all that was his acclaim.
He was a good soul, but he fell foul to his own doubts and has punished himself hardest of all of his servitors.

I never knew him; he has been gone for such a time as that I was young when he was leaving his heart here.

-rumbles- Long is the pain, Long is his torment. Deep are the wounds he caused me.

I had never judged him, I had never found him wanting, only hoping.
He was not in the wrong, if he was then I would have been certain to have mentioned it to him had he ever erred

-sips the jolt- well, a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. You want those fries?

In times of need, when mankind needed just an inch more strength of mind to stay awake, he would be there for them.
And from that lack of sleep ideas would come forth and mankind would discover what was right for that moment in time.

He was guilty for mankind upraising itself, he and many more, man is an animal, and that is my dominion, but when backed in to a corner even the most timid of animals will turn and bite with an ongoing fury.

We had had come to blows before, when I was near to giving up, and in my time of need, through him I found strength.

I never knew him, but from what I heard, Uriel and he had come many a times to cross swords, though it was rarely spoken of.

Oh he has no secrets, he knows them all, after a fashion at least.
I have somewhere the details of his arguments with various of the other angels.

We dealt little together, never any reason for us to do so.

We had some good times, fond memories and great tales to tell he and I, but those days are gone, he is AWOL, and that is not good.
I hope his self-punishment ends soon; I truly do, because soldiers need some hope or reserves to draw from time to time, and mine are sorely pressed.

Choir-kin of mine, oh how I saw him from afar, his heart cast else where, his love so brotherly as to not see aught else, his word and mine, and blandine and David, a potent quartet indeed.
Gone are those days.

We all hope for destiny, perhaps he still does hold on tight for his, a little too tight it would have seemed, but fate and destiny shall be found in their own way by those who seek them out, but only providing they are seeking and not hiding.

My lord Michael and I feel the same on this matter.

There are no comments from the DP’s, as far as they are concerned he is dead, or not even worth a mention.
Baal, when asked, will kill whom so ever mentions Instael’s name.

Well, it was a bit of a give away when Janus fell.
Yup you heard, he fell.
He pushed the system too hard and the system pushed back, causing him to trip and fall, face first to the feet of valefore.

The TV set blinked a couple of times; the man in the apartment banged it.
“Bloody atmospherics” he muttered.
“Hurricane Bob continues to scourge the eastern seaboard, the national guard has been put on full alert as looters continue to perform smash and grab raids on shops and abandoned homes as the residents flee the coast, more news as we receive it”

“Rerek, Tiamat, Vritra, These are your names.” The deep smooth voice of Lucifer spoke from behind valefore.
He clapped twice and a pain stung through the thing on the floor, the once archangel, and now demon prince.
No, not a pain, but a sudden clarity.
Valefore helped the creature up from its place on the floor.
“Welcome home my brother. Welcome to the beginning of the end of heaven”

Rerek (Tiamat/Vritra)
Demon Prince of Chaos

It is dissonant for servants of Chaos to remain in the same locality for more than three days with out destroying the status quo.

“Heh, so there I was, in that cruddy apartment, the neighbours were a couple of days ago all nice and happy, well they was till I started giving the wife some sexual attention whilst hubby dearest was out at work. Ah the noise as they argued was a balm to my soul. I knew that in half a dozen tenements in the block there was the same thing happening in a whole bunch of the flats.” Hezia, Impudite of Chaos.

Choir Attunements
(All are restricted to that band only, unless Rerek hands them out as a reward)

Liars of Chaos add their celestial forces to any fast-talk rolls they make.
(Much like seraph of wind)

Stalkers of Chaos add their corporeal forces to any sneak or stealth skill rolls they make.
(This makes them excellent assassins as they can literally walk about unseen)

Destroyers of Chaos damage is doubled when the use their resonance on –people in power-. This includes police, doctors, nurses, politicians and the armed forces. Oddly enough this does not seem to work against angels.
(Which backs up Rereks views that heaven is no longer the power figure it once was and that it is weak and now is the time for it to fall.)

Punishers of Chaos can detect the psychoses (discords) of any one they gaze at for a small length of time (contested willpower roll).
Once they know what afflicts the person they can enhance it by spending essence equal to the discords level.
(This will raise it by one level for hours equal to the punisher’s celestial forces.)

Tempters of Chaos are able to lower the level of the geas hook they have on someone providing they can get that person to bring a group of friends with him when the favour is called in.
(They are the promulgators of riots.)

Takers of Chaos gain a level 2 role as a Local Hero who believes the people should have more of a say in matters.
(They work hand in hand with the Lilim who are able to gather large crowds of geased people and their friends. With the aid of balseraph spokesmen whole crowds of passive and gentle people have been roused to acts of violence and demonstration against the –status quo-)

Corrupters of Chaos can go days in a host with out having it perform a bad act providing they are able to convince one of the host’s closest friends to perform the act instead. (Contested willpower roll.)
If the person refuses to do the act (or resists the willpower roll) then the shedite must find a new host as they are ejected from the current hosts body by the strength of will and faith of their friend.

Servitor Attunements

It Wasn’t Me/He Did It
With a fast talk check (with a negative modifier of 3), the demon can convince any one speaking to him that he is innocent of an accused crime.
With an expenditure of 3 essence the demon can also convince people that some one else is guilty of the accused crime.

(As per the standard In Nomine main rulebook rules for Janus/Valefore)


Knight of the Spiral

With a contested willpower roll the demon may for CD minutes force some one to totally forget who they are and suffer from amnesia.

Captain of Mobs
With a willpower roll the demon can attract CD people to him, they will be devoted to him and his cause for 10 (+ charisma) minutes X ethereal forces.

Baron of the Kaleidoscope
With an expenditure of 5 essence the demon will appear in a crowd in a number of guises equal to his ethereal forces.
This is remarkably like the superior ability of having multiple incarnations on the planes of existence.
Once more than (corporeal forces) damage is done to one of these guises it will vanish as if it never existed.
Once all but the last guise has been destroyed the demon will appear in his standard vessel in the place of the last guise.

Basic Rites
-Incite a crowd to riot.
-Get away with a crime.

Chance of Invocation

Invocation Modifiers
+1 a peaceful protest, a deck of cards well shuffled
+2 20 or more people who follow an anti governmental cause.
+3 an asylum
+4 a group of Factions, Hardcore, Theft, Chaos (and Madness) demons.
+5 a violent riot with more than 150 people taking part.
+6 a storm with 60 mile per hour winds wrecking a political building.


Abbalam, Furfur, Malphas, Valefore, Lilith
Andrealphus, Haagenti, Belial, Kobal,
Baal, Beleth, Kronos, Nybbas, Saminga, Vapula

Archangel of the Arcane

{{this angelic npc came out because a player wished to play an angelic 'occultist' but found none of the standard superiors sutable to her tastes. i hope you enjoy her, i've not seen any other angel for this word or any words that are similar. all appoloigies if it has been done before. perhaps some one could do a demon counter part based on her, with the word of 'occultism' or similar.}}

Choir Attunements
Seraphim: Gain an additional +1 bonus to the check digit of all songs of Projection.
Cherubim: Gain an additional +1 bonus to the check digit of all songs of Attraction.
Ofanim: Gain an additional -1 bonus to the check digit for Disturbance only, for all songs of motion.
Elohim: Gain an additional +1 bonus to the check digit of all songs of Harmony.
Malakim: Gain an additional +2 bonus to the check digit of the Corporeal song of Entropy.
Kyriotates: Gains an additional level (at cha gen) to all songs of Form, however the song of possesion can not be initially taken at cha gen.
Mercurians: Gain an additional +1 bonus to the check digits of the Corporeal songs of Charm, Attraction and Tongues.

Servitor Attunements
Cantrips: The angel spends a point of essence between 6am and 9am, once that is done they gain any one song at level one. They gain the song only in one sphere (corporeal/celestial/etherial). The effects last for 24 hours only.
High Magic: By spending extra time to sing a song the target number is modified.
1 extra round: +1 bonus
3 extra rounds: +2 bonus
1 extra minute: +3 bonus
5 extra minutes: +4 bonus
30 minutes: +5 bonus

Vassal of the Acolyte: The angel gains a unique insight to the structure of the Symphony, they can locate any Disturbances,Tethers and Artifacts by spending 5 Minutes in a meditational trance and then passing a test with their celestial forces +1 as the target number. A sucess determines the degree of power and general direction. A failure causes them Soul hits equal to the check digit.
Friend of the Magi: By this stage an angel has total mastery of their own disturbance in the Symphony. The charecter causes less disturbance for any manifestations of 'divine' ability. The charecters Celestial Forces are subtracted from any disturbance that they generate.
Master of the Wards: This distinction enables an angel to ward an area from any malevolent behavior. The area affected is equal to the angels corporeal forces in meters in diameter. No offensive action can be taken against those inside the warded area. Also, no Demon or Soldier of Hell may approach the warded area unless they pass a contested will power test aginst the invoker of the ward. The warding effect is negated once anyone inside take an offensive action. To use the ability the charecter must pass a Willpower test. Failure indicates that the ward was not invoked properly and they may not attempt it again for hours equal to the check digit of the failure.

Allied: Yves, Eli, Novalis and Blandine. Associated: David.
Hostile: Dominic, Laurance.

Basic Rites
Spending at least 2 hours pouring over old texts of 'arcane' nature. (This includes pamphlets on new age mysticism to listening to tales of the indian elders/shamens).
Resting/sleeping in a Holy Tether for at least 8 hours.

Chance of Invocation
Base chance: 3
+1 a Talisman of power level 1-3
+1 on a Layline
+2 in a sacred site (churches do not count for this)
+2 4 hours in medtative trance in a hand drawn circle
+2 within an hour of spending at least $100 on newage/mystical books or items
+3 a Talisman of power level 4-6
+3 in a Tether linked to Yves library or Novalis's Garden

History of Barsabel
Ever since mankind has had idols to worship they have also practiced the arcane ways, from the american indian shamens to the druids in england to the spiritualists who conjour the dead to give messages from the beyond to living relatives.
One angel who noticed the increasing trend in magic over relegion worked for Yves. Barsabel studied for many centuries the ways that the humans perfomed their own 'songs' and reweaved the symphony to acheive effects that were more than natural. She took her findings to Yves who told her that he knew such would come about one day and mentioned that Eli may have a hand in its doing.
Barsabel went to Eli, asked why the humans are able to sing the symphony, albeit weakly, and acheive the results they do. Eli smiled and said that the humans are a part of the symphony and they are merely finding themselves and expressing what they find.
Barsabel spent many years on earth learning from each culture as it achieved the ability to sing in the symphony, then after many centuries she went to Yves and told him yet more of what she had discovered. Yves asked if she would like to be a guiding hand to those on earth who study the arts arcane. not realising that Yves was offering her a word for her duties and discoveries, Barsabel asked to think on it for a while, so that she may better understand the humans and the symphony. After many years she accepted and only after another few centuries was she gifted with the word 'Magic'.
Many centuries passed, and she found that through relegion she could reach the truly enlightened ones who would write of the 'supernatural'. Still more time passed and she found that her word was waning, she asked Eli and Novalis, with whom she had become fast friends with to petition Yves to change the word she was given. This caused uproar in heaven, Dominic was all for striping Barsabel of her forces because magic was taking many people away from GOD, Uriel was also against the change, for he was against the concept of magic for similar reasons as Dominic. The argument waged back and forth for a long time but eventually Barsabel was given a new word that was to have related to her original word. She chose the word 'Arcane' because to her magic was not the best of words, many dark deeds were done in the name of magic, but arcane she reasoned meant long studying and it also meant that many of the 'forgotten gods' would survive, but all prayers offered up to the false gods would go via her to the GOD above, thus bringing religion and the arcane closer.
By this time modern society as we know it had gone through its sociological upheavals, including the Inquisition, the Knights Templar and into the near modern refuge of books of philisophy and the resurgence of occultism and spiritualism and the arcane.
Barsabel spent much time with Novalis and Eli in the Marches, helping Blandine fill peoples dreams with strange fantasy worlds populated with many strange peoples and full of mythical creatues and magical places. Also by this time Uriel had ascended and Laurance had taken his place, Laurance has as much disdain for Barsabel as did his former superior did. With each fantasy filled dream that was dreamt and each book written she gained a large amount of power and now considered as a power in her own right to equal many of the younger Archangels.
Barsabel still enjoys a great deal of power, she knows that science is slowly replacing peoples need for fantasy, but at each persons heart lies the dreams of being able to fly in the form of a bird, or to run with the wolves or to see with magical x-ray vision and she thinks that science will only compliment her word. Each person wants a super fast computer to play the latest game where the player is the hero of a land filled with many strange creatures and many magical powers.

On earth Barsabel likes to appear as a young woman in her early twenties, wearing flowing dresses often in red and purple, with many necklaces and a few new age items such as tarot cards, rune stones and other similar items. Her hair is always dark red in colour, her eyes are a hauntingly beautiful green, her skin is also pale, when ever she speaks it is with a slight Irish accent, she comments how she had ancestors in the celtic home lands. When she does appear she only causes 1 point of disturbance. She often takes the name of Barbara Sable, and the role of a new age author of some popularity.
Her other vessel is that of an old man with greying red hair and green eyes. he appears to be in his eighties but is a sprightly old chap who is happy to go to the local school and tell the little children about all the worlds of fantasy and the magical powers they have.
When he appears in this form he takes the name of Harris Bell.

The Beast

"I have only one commandment, love me above all others and with all yourheart and soul"

The Beast has emerged from the Lower Hells and let all of realitytremble tothe name of the
living destruction of all things pure and holy.
No one inHell can remember the Calabim servitor whom would have caused enough destruction and death of the spirit to become a new demon prince for Lucifer but nonetheless a third Prince now wears the crown of Legion and Beezlebub, ruling over a principality that may be the lower hells themselves.
The Beast appears to be a sharply handsome man in his early thirtieswearinga business suit that seems to be vaguely unsettling designed in waysthatare not apparent until you realize that each thread contains amicroscopicsoul bound to it of those who would not serve appearsextremelystylish from a distance or simply close up though.
Burned into his lefthand like a concentration camp marker is the number 666 which he takes no efforts to conceal but barely even acknowledges the presence of.
Rumorsof another more terrible form combining the worst of humanity's nightmares and perhaps the form of a ten headed dragon are as yet unheard of but those around Hell are as always, paranoid.
The Beast's emergence in Hell has caused quite a stir and he has attracted agreat deal of servitors whom he sorts through regurarely....simply put if you do not pass the tests that he demands of you....then you will be destroyed.
He is a generous Prince but he demands complete and undyingdevotion to him and all of his servitors that he creates and fledgeshold asort of religeous like awe for him that while they may plot and destroyeachother or even fellow demons, treachery against him seems unthinkable.
Surprisingly the Beast has attracted in an extremely short ammount oftime,a very large ammount of Hellsworn and is more likely to grant themsongs,sorcery, and rites than any other Prince.
It is said he has even appeared to certain mortals who have tried to summon him and he has granted themgreat power in exchange for a simple eternity of servitude.


It is dissonant for a servitor of the Beast to aid the cause of Heaven in any possible way and those who knowingly do so are summarily destroyed by the Beast.

Band Attunements

The Beast is more generous than most Princes in dealing out attunementstohis servitors given the high standards that he holds his followers too,Referees should bear in mind this when awarding players with gifts fromtheBeast as he expects fully to be repaid in loyalty and with the screamingdeath of light in the world....and regurarely.

Balseraphs of the Beast are granted a extremely disturbing ability tousetheir attunement on more than one person at a time.
For every force that the Balseraph posseses he may use his resonance on an additional subject,though he still has to overcome his will to convince him of the rightness of his cause.

Djinn of the Beast are allowed to love their attuned...specifically love them in such a way that they become mirror images of their Hellishmaster.
An attuned of a Djinn of the Beast can only be one at a time but he will serve the Djinn as an equivalent servant equal to his Celestial forces for as long as the attunement lasts unservingly.
This charm can affect any mortal and many mortals are horrofied by what they do under the "charm" of the Djinn.

Calabim of the Beast are blessed with the power to destroy beliefs and dearly held truths instead of merely destroy objects.
A calabim with asucessful resonance roll can attack a subjects willpower and if they inflict the ammount of damage equal to their willpower, their belief in the validityof a belief is destroyed.
It takes a great deal of time to destroy entire world views as many are built on a variety of factors but an Angel that believes God is dead is much more uncertain than an Angel who fights forother things.
Given enough time though, even the most pious and holy man will lose all faith.

Habbalah of the Beast always have their resonance twisted to the most destructive ammounts imaginable to a victem's soul.
A angry emotion mayinstead of exploding against a friend to cause him to kill may fester and nurse until he destroys the friend's every love, companion, and life.
A desire to seduce may become a desire to addict or rape.
Habbalah of the Beast are often extraordinarily patient demons for reinforcing the most horrid of corruptions...and view their Superior as not unlike God.

Lilim of Corruption know instantly the price of someone to willingly serve Hellish ends.
This actually relies on what the mortal concieves of what would willingly slide him into corruption and his main weakness so some mortals must be "softened" up a bit before the resonance gives a definative answer or sin to exploit.

Shedim of Corruption possess a most disturbing ability that they canpossess permanently the body of any mortal that has fufilled their Fate and "toss" the mortals soul out directly to Hell.
This may also be done toHellswornand harming the body causes no dissonance, making Shedim of the Beast especially feared.
The body once berift of a demon soul or human soul promptly dies upon exit.

Possesed of an uncanny charisma the Impudites who serve Corruption can charm and steal the essence from groups of people rather than mere single individuals.
For every force the Impudite posseses he can do his resonanceon one extra personage.

Servitor Attunements

Eyes of the Devil
A Servitor of the Beast can look into the soul of any being and tell at a glance exactly what his worst sin is and weakness.
A resonance roll similar to Angels is given with each sucess revealing more about the subject.
An alchohalic would instantly be revealed for what he is and that he once struck his wife in a drunken rage.
A angel of Michael might be revealed to have a passion for human females and a belief in his own infaliability....while even a murder seventy years old might be unearthed bythe Corruptor.

Corrupting Sight
For the cost of three essence a Servitor of the Beast can bind a subject for a day with the complete and utter selfishness of the Symphony with will rolls required to think anything beyond the attention to one's own needs and desires.
In effect the being becomes a sociopath as all demons innately are.
Corrupting Sight will not innately cause any human to serve thedarkness but like any drug once tasted; the freedom from consience, guilt, and other "weaknesses" is an addictive one.

DistinctionsKnight of Sin
A knight of sin can determine, at a glance, just how far along the path to Hell a person is and whether or not he is considering redemption seriously.

Captain of the Darkness
A Captain of the Darkness can remove with a touch a person's feelings of concience, remorse, and guilt for as long as they will it.

Baron of Armageddon
A demon who achieves Baronial rank in the forces of the Beast are gifted with the "Mark of the Beast" which gives them the power to compell all lesser demons or Hellsworn about them with a sucessful resisted resonance check.
Once control is established a Baron of Armageddon does not need to re-enforce it and in order to break free of the control, a subject can roll his willpower once per hour to try and overcome the other demons intial roll.
A 666 on this roll gaurentees that a demon will not break free of the Baron's control until Armageddon (or perhaps after it)...unless other higher forces arrive.

Above the rank of Baron, the Beast has the rank of Ten Kings who servehimand each who are gifted with great power, rites, wealth, and it is believed unique attunements suited to their type of combat.
The Beast is said to maintain a consort whom has command over the ten Kings but this is likely just revelations snipping.

The appearence of another Prince of Corruption has caused quite a stir in both Heaven and Hell and the reactions tend toward the extreme about what to be done with him.
Needless to say, most in Heaven want his head asap and the Pro-Armageddon Princes tend toward the positive...if a bit unsettled.

Allied: Baal, Kronos
Associated: Malphas, Asmodeus, Nybbas, Vapula, Lilith
Neutral: Andrephalus, Saminga, Fleurity, Fufur, Beleth, Belial, Haagenti
Hostile: Kobal, Valefor (Lilith is Hostile to him)
Enemy: Only the Host

Basic Rites:
* Slay or Corrupt an innocent
*Swear someone into the willing service of Hell (+2 essence)
* Advance the approaching cause of Armageddon in some way (slay anangel, arm a group of humans with technology they cannot comprehend, gain significant mortal power for Hell-ST's call as the rite is very perculiar)

Chance of Invocation: 5
+1 A prayer to him
+2 A unrepentant sin done by an angel or mortal
+3 A person losing his faith in God
+4 A person who willingly embraces Evil
+5 A person willingly embracing Hell or worship of him
+6 100 people gathered together in celebration of the Beast


Demon Princes

Hell upon the arrivel of the Demon Prince of Corruption has stepped up activity on Earth and a number of Princes have allowed the Demon Prince use of their tools with a extreme ammount of ease...perhaps in hopes of currying future favor or unwillingness to test his power.

Angels are having a difficult time trying to cope with the demonic out pouring of renewed vigor truth be told and the religeous like awe in the den of depression the Beast fosters is infectious like a disease.
A number of Princes however like Haagenti and Belial are unwilling to commit to the New Prince's New World Order as of yet because of memories of Legion or their own personal biases.
The Beast is aware of this though and it is possible that the Calabim Prince of Corruption is preparing to annhilate his foes first....a move that if it succeeds could vastly increase his power.

Alameon: Secrets are something he barters for...and barters for continually.
A good customer, I do not like his hunger for knowledge....he needs to learn to be content.

"I will know everything because I desire it.
You are a excellent prince of spies Alameon but realizes that ultimately you serve ME and that I will tear every last ill gotton thought from you if you keep things from me."

Anderphalus: Lust is corrupting and desire is a powerful tool but I do not like this handsome new Prince very Baal focused on his silly little war which would wipe out everything that I love?
No.....I'll have a talk with him in a bit and see if I can't...persuade him to my point of view.

"Lust is one of the more powerful words in Hell and while I cannot fault him for so infecting the human conciousness with the desire to debase what the Great Enemy intended for mankind... and enjoy it myself.
I must take note of the fact that he forgets to focus on the other areas of his power.... Lustfor Power. Lust for Riches.
Lust for sooo many things.
I do not like that he is so slacking off."

Asmodeus: I am wary of unleashing another Legion on the world.
The word of Corruption is one that I gladly was taking well into my own but I must suggest I am extremely pleased with the tight way he runs his servitors and thus far I can find not a single trace or hint of redemption or going renegade upon them...most likely because he has slain every one of them with the slightest impulse than this "messiah" myth his servitors seem to perpetuate.

"Asmodeus is the linchpin that keeps Hell from sliding off into the wallowing abysses of anarchy and chaos.
Such tools are useful for shattering the false nightmarish dream that the Great enemy has fostered for us but it is ultimately a stable perverse dream that I seek... the world of no consequences.... ah forgive me.
Aid him in his endeavors but I shall look after my own in the meantime.
I intend to play his game...and win it."

Baal: Beezlebud was the childe of Lucifer and the most intelligent of all Princes, Legion was the strongest of our princes and evil incarnate, The Beast is the summation of their best attributes given life.
His appearenceis foretold in Revelations and at last I know that Armageddon is almost upon us....yes my patience is rewarded at last!

"Baal is the summation of Michael to Lucifer's God.
A proud position heisto remain the hallmark of Armageddon and his followers aided whenever possible in purging the scourge of the Lord of Mediocrity from the face of the Earth.
Ultimately mankind needs only a push to realize that fighting for one another is unnatural...the true fighting is for oneself and because one chooses because it merely pleases...and only because it pleases."

Beleth: The Nightmare of the Apcolypse is something that fills many but forgive me if I do not believe that he is the one yet who will bring it.

"Keep torturing Beleth. You will find that eventually the entirety ofthe Earth will embrace your nightmares as bliss and then....I do not know what you will do."

Belial: There is NO DESTINY BUT MY OWN! I watched Legion die and I watched Beezlebub die as Rome burned....I don't think this guy is nearly as tough as those two.
If he tries to take my loyalty we'll see who burns.

"I can crush your resolve and then your body with a thought. You are irrelevant."

Fleurity: Corruption, now that's a halfway decent word.
Drugs are powerful tools when you want to corrupt someone.
They have their own uses aside from it truly but I wish he and my people could do some more business than we were, you know what I'm saying?

"Mankind must embrace the corruption of itself knowingly and willingly...not in a induced stupor.
They are useful tools of pleasure but he exceeds his word's reach.

"Fufur: Allright! The Anti-Christ! Now *THIS* IS HARDCORE!

"A mindless slavering lunatic...and he chooses to be. Let him have his fun."

Haagenti: Whaaaa? A Prince of Corruption? I just practically got done digesting what I took out of the last one! It's too big of a mouthful for any one demon and I say it stinks!
Still best not *burp* off Lucifer until the time I have to eat him.

"What a disgusting creature. A useful soldier and corruptor base too...but ultimately too stupid for lasting value. I'll squeeze what I can from him before crushing my brother Calabim like a bug."

Kobal: It's a joke that Baal and Asmodeus are the first Superiors to welcome our new boy back.
Like all Damien Thorne wannabees this boy believes he can start the Apoclypse all by himself... well Mesearch, Mariel, Legion, and Beezlebub thought the same and where are they now?
I'll watch and see what develops though until the joke comes to mind.

"Our Lord's court jester is witty indeed and blessed with a keen mind but has fallen again into the base malaise that seems to plague Hell.
He will learn to appreciate what he has or I fear we fill find someone to master the humor of the mad mind."

Kronos: He is Corruption and thus the gateway to my realm. His fate is truly awesome and even now fills the halls of my archives with it's malignancy.
Together we shall break the power of Destiny and at lastl ead the Symphony it's final even Lucifer might tremble at.

"Without fate there is no end to explore. It is the first sign our Lord is working to bring about the end of the Great Enemies design...and is suceeding."

Lilith: This *creature* is an abomination to everything Hell stands for.
The number of my servitors he has destroyed is legion and worse is the fact those he has not love him more than they do me and seek not to gain geas freedom but serve him more!
He openly courts me but I know he will turn this place into another of freedom.

"Freedom is a word more powerful than she comprehends, it is not the freedom of self but freedom from GOD she embodies.
The complete divorce of what is Holy, "Pure", and JUST from one's spirit.
I want her to realize this and court her servitors in the meantime but if she would just take up the mantle by my side, this would not be necessary."

Lucifer: His time has come.

"Our Lord and Master alone divined the truth that the Father and Great Enemy was mad.
Taking up the brave mantle of rebel and lord he has begun to set right the universe from the path of weakness, inferiority, suicide, and extinction that the Angelic Race...and eventually mortality was headed for.
With every soul corruped and every piece of strength severed from God, we draw further to the time when darkness shall devour the light....and at last we shall be one."

Malphas: A most wonderful ally in the enlightment of one's fellow man.
He divides Hell by creating a powerful front and changing the way we operate, he also knowingly turns mortals constantly against each other, and encourages those in his service to do more so.
He is not enlightened and likely never will be...sad...but useful until the time he no longer is.

"It is our way to weed the helplessly corrupt from the hopelessly benign. I take unto me those who are too hendonistic and debased to be of service...and we live together in the paradise of Evil.
Those who are benign though are lost and their forces must be stripped to nothingness.
Malphas promotes the competition needed for such weeding out to occur....someday all will rejoice in the glories of horror but until that time, he promotes my word."

Mammon: Can you hear that? That my friend is the sound of POWER.
Power that was once believed to be slipping from my grasp but now is growing because Corruption once again is spreading it's dark tendril coils through humanity's conciousness again.
He has yet to even acknowledge me yet but I intend to fully take advantage of this rise in evil as I used to with Beezlebub and make myself a king unto the Earth again. Yes!

"There is nothing to say about Mammon."

Nybbas: Lights, Camera, action! This guy has got it all! Photogenic,cordial, charismatic, and runs a tight bureau!
His guys constantly are auditioning for camera space on every issue from tooth decay to World Hunger and YOU NEVER know which way they're going to side...I love this guy!

"Education is a powerful tool and Nybbas is the great teacher among us.Those who do not take what they want, enjoy their lives, and ignore or eradicate the imperfect prosper in life.
Violence, Sex purely out of Satiation, Arrogance, and Selfishness are all things that are hall marks of my New Order. He makes them as pretty as they are in real life."

Saminga: Corruption is useless to the dead because we all die anyway. Justone more victem to Lucifer.

"A useless fool who needs to pointed at the purveyors of destruction but the idea of forcing to destroy the good instead of corrupt them sickens me...itis the ultimate failure that marks thousands as matyrs...emobodiments that they're are those who go to death with the lie on their lips."

Valefor: I steal alot of stuff from Hope to Grand Pianos but this guy... ehhhhe just doesn't seem that interested in my extracurrocular activities. Eh no accounting for taste in Hell anyways.

"If one is not strong enough to hold onto be it. However theft is a concept that is far away from fruitation and he wields it like a knife when it should be used as a club.... leaving maximum damage over a great area instead of a little here and a little annoys me."

Vapula: The Beast has expressed a great deal of interest in a number of my designs and his aid in getting them...and the measures used to achieve them, are distinctly refreshing from the usual claptrap and difficulty I recieve from the other Princes.
There is little else to him I find noteworthy otherthan he runs an impressively ordered group (of which some enforcement ideas I must copy).
Hmmm do you like having five appendages?

"Knowledge of the Symphony is a great tool and for the price of a few gadgets or weapons, any man can help bring about the Apcolypse or giveuphis soul. Heaven is ultimately too traditionalist and static tocontinue tokeep the pace with the heat of inspiration that come from the coldnessofextremes. Give Vapula roap and he will make Hell great."

Archangel Opinions

Heaven is aghast at the creation of another Demon Prince of Corruption as many had (foolishly) believed that with the destruction and devastation that Legion had caused, Lucifer had learned better.
Memories of the destruction of Raphael and older angel's memories of the hideous war fought between Uriel and Beezlebub for mankind's spirit are causing a terrible rift between those who want to destroy the New Prince now and those who desperately want to find another way.
Worse is that the sentiment for bringing about Apocolypse has grown so strong among some angels...even mighty Malakim are considering that the Beast should let be to his power to bring about final victory.

Blandine: The dreams of Armageddon, the corruption or destruction of all mankind, and the final victory of evil are dreams that have persisted throughout mankind's history.
This Beast is preying on all those fears andcausing them on Beleth's side of the Marches to grow stronger with each passing momment of his existence...he needs to be stopped before they forget what dreaming of good feels like.

"Pretty Blandine you've never stopped to consider that Beleth was never your lover, your confident, or your friend... she was addicted to your praise and clarity of purpose.
Unfortunately you built that on her rock, a rock that has found that very same clarity, and the tables have turned.
Join us and I will provide that purpose with dreams that mankind loves...ones you do not acknowledge yet as valid."

Christopher: How can one hesitate against the emergence of another Prince inthe mantle of the very embodiment of all that we fight against?!
Children lose their innocence and fall to Hell as adults because of Corruption.Destroy it! Destroy it now!

"How blind he is. Children are held on a lofty pedestal by this pathetic archangel yet I need barely cast my gaze to the earth to see selfishness,relentless torment, and yes...murder.
Children are not immune to corruption any more than adults and need not be taught to hate any more than any other adult.
When you realize this...weep."

David: My memory is long and my understanding of the nature of things is strong. Hell cannot exist...demons cannot exist...without Corruption and thus the appearence of another Prince is merely the sign that they're head needs to be chopped off and the skull crushed anew. I do not fear him.

"I pity you David for you are tied so willingly to the stagnation and carved pifitulness of the Great Enemy.
Your mighty father has left you weaker than you think, unable to question properly the beliefs that think make yous trong.... but Stone isn't the strongest of objects... Steel is stronger and other things created in the pits of fire.
Your unity is at the price of individuality and a single great evil can slay an entire legion of your mindless drones... the species will be better for it. I shall strikefirst...and need no more with you."

Dominic: The time of final judgement is nearing it's end and the Beast is merely a sign of it.
The price of previous engaugements with the Princes of Corruption were worthwhile and by his quest he has already sentenced himself to defeat.
Destroy his servitors I command you my servants and I say aid allwho plot to do the same to he himself.

"Dominic is the ultimate tragedy among the meek, pathetic, and weak. Dominic understands... Dominic KNOWS the truth of the new God but has deliberately surounded himself with the womb of falsehood and stupidity that the other angels do so unknowingly.
His black robe hides the faceunderneath...he is one of us. I will kill him for his treachery."

Eli: Creation is perfect and Good...hey I should know after all.. .however corrupting it makes all the garbage you see on TV, in the air, and in everybody around them.
I don't like it and it is cool if you get things back on track catch my drift man?

"Creation is incomplete and inherently flawed....f rom the ashes of the old we will construct a new and better universe.
A Symphony which has no placefor the inhibited way of Eli... .though he may soon comprehend if he sees thegrandiose nature of the Master's vision... I wouldn't bet my soul on it."

Gabrielle: Cruelty burns within his blackened heart that is an abyss of snuffling void.... causing all warmth and heat to be dissolved in it's vacancy.
I see terror, madness, chaos, anarchy and a desire for the Light that can only express itself in obliterating it.....yes I understand the Prince of Corruption. Now do you?

"Proof the Great Enemy had some trace of his own is what strengthens us... pain and madness.
Go with it Gabrielle and become one withdiscord. What a beutiful Calabim you will make."

Jean: I've run the analyze of all the information I've gathered on the Demon Prince of Corruption called the Beast that I could and the numbers asexpected are not encouraging.
When Uriel fought Beezelbub and destroyed him, it was not long afterwards that he went mad... perhaps because of the same word conflict between Gabrielle and Belial.
When we fought Legion as one Heaven and Hell, it took one of our ancients to cast him down. I fear statiscally... one of the other ancients might need to fall again for him to be defeated... and that is a sacrafice I am not sure I am comfortable with.

"The soulessness of logic and your machines is a pretty reward Jean for losing whatever innovation and independance you might have had on your own.
The reason Habbalah fall is the fact they have their own emotions long denied released and they seek what a TRUE God would want... and not what the debased Yawhew does... you want your own knowledge I can FEEL it."

Janus: The monolith of Hell is rumbling in a way that Asmodeus or Baal couldn't get done but I'll be in and out and we'll see how easy it is to throw a wrench in that soulless cog.

"Janus is a fool who thinks he can serve God through our ways. Each momment he falls further to our ideals and drifts to becomming Calabim.
Pity I will likely have to crush his skull before he can fully realize the truth.... that I understand him better than he understands me."

Jordi: If he were content to just corrupt and debase humans I would let the other Archangels handle him but he is taking control of mortal business and playing with Makatiels powers.... these things endanger my word and I vote for his destruction and soon... he will find this Kyriotate still has his bite.

"Revelations speaks of one of the Four Horsemen killing with the Beasts of the Earth. If he stops protecting the weaker animals and preventing them from defending.... they will evolve to something that can perhaps survive in to the New order as other than debased slaves."

Khalid: Lucifer has released the great dragon onto the world that we the Holy forces of Lord Allah must put down as Lord Mikail did so long ago. I will not falter from delivering Allah's divine justice upon him or quiver where my sword is needed to deal with this threat.

"Khalid you could have placed your faith above all others in the world ifyou had only bowed down and worshipped my father.
You like the Nazarene will pay for that with your death. I will not even bother showing you howt wisted your word is... only to show that Faith is not a pure thing and the Love of my Master will see us through."

Laurence: The Book of Revaltions spoke the Great Beast could be identified by the number 666... well then hell was never particularly subtle.
He is destined to fall on Armageddon after his reign and I am eagerly awaiting the return of my savior.

"No doubt Kobal told this joke long ago to my Master but I cannot help but look at Laurence and laugh repeatably.
Does Laurence not see the extreme irony that causes even the Great Enemy to mock him?
His word is his 'Lord's'crucifix inverted, the Prince of Peace's advocate is a man whose sole purpose is war, and his superior was Uriel instead of the Lady Novalis or blandine....truly the humor is golden.
The book that speaks of my defeatsays the swords shall be beaten into plowsheers, I will take this momment tointerpret it as meaning Laurence will soon be pushing up daises."

Litheroy: This word returning is a further sign of the Hydra-like aspects ofHell...I calculate that the appearence of Princes of Corruption is directly proportional to the strength of Hell at the time.
If we postulate this and use mathmatical variables to interpret word and hell strength...yes! We maysolve this mystery yet.


Marc: Already his servitors are immersing themselves in Big Business and High Finnance. Food products, Biological Research, Weapons, Media divisions and their manufacturers, even companies whose only main point is they are deeply immeshed into politics... this is a coordinated subtle attempt at a hostile takeover of my word and others and it needs to be stopped by methods simpler than kill, kill, kill.

"I will summon up my opinion of Marc, it is easier for a camel to getthrough the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into Heaven... God seems to have forgotton that in his desperate need for cash."

Michael: The last Prince of Corruption killed one of my oldest and dearest friends in Heaven.. the Prince before that required the full time devotion of one of the few whom approached me in strength to eliminate.
This means Armageddon is imminate and I don't like wasting my energy before Baal and Lucifer...but I will make it a point to finish him if I can.

"God pardoned Michael for wonders if the Madman would do the same if it were today or if it is simply the fact God is so terrified to be without his crutch he did it anyway.
Michael honestly believes he could beat the Master, the new God again, this is a grave error and all the strength from War before is now divided with Baal who has grown much stronger than he because The War between Heaven and Hell has become his focus....thus I believe Baal will kill him for Michael feeds his rival with every stroke of his armies.
If by some miracle he does not, I intend to ripoff his wings immediately afterwards and suffocate the first Seraph byshoving the feathers down his throat."

Novalis: Corruption is one of the worst words a demon can bear because itliterally MAKES you Corruption. I'm not going to stand by and let anotherArchangel die just because the War faction are in a tither about theirprecacious Apcolypse.
THAT'S A WORSE CASE SCENARIO. Someone has to standup for this figue and see the slim chance corruption can be made pureagain...and if that falls on me so be it.

"Novalis, pretty Novalis, come close to me... I have a secret to whisper to you. Shhhhh... don't tell anyone but... Good is not innate to the human or angelic spirit.
Flowers are not things that are innately bright and lovelybut drain nutrients from the soil and suck up greedily light just like all other lifeforms... and beauty is all in the eye of the beholder.
When you realize these truths that Evil is as much part of the order of things... if more so to people's benefit...
I know you will cease caring and become the careless leach on other's affection like all flowers truly are. I look forward to that day."

Yves: It begins.

"I somewhat fancy Yves to be the first human spirit on my odder days; a creation of the Great Enemy to guide, nuture, parent and otherwise baby his little rugrats to whatever drearily little cartoon existence where candy grows on trees and they depend on your for everything.
Eden was enoughproof of that. However they grew up and even the angels like Michael andothers are beggining to see just how little you do for everyone, how poor and permissive a parent you are. How weak.
Let Kronos take your forces and the torch pass from the old generation to the new my friend."

Zadkiel: Any war against this Beast will consume lives like kindling even as his minions devour souls with extreme regularity. I intend to protect themfrom both.

"What a pretty little teddy bear to give to the babies at night. One that can protect them too.
I think after she realizes we all can fend forourselves I'll take her for my own... for at least a little while."

You can go HOME but you don't want to do that.....