In Nomine Fabula

Most Holy, is there Truth in it?

"Look, I know you aren't going to believe this, especially from an Outcast Creationer, but I swear on my honour - yes, you can resonate if you want- this is the Lord's own Truth."

" Have you ever wondered about the Grigori? No. Of course not. All of them were cast out by the Seraphim council. All of the Existing ones that is."

"But what about the ones that came after? - careful, noble virtue, you don't want to choke on that coffee - I've seen it myself."

"A Reliever fledging, nothing strange about that, friends, and loved ones around to witness the glorious moment. but when the youngster fledged, I saw his friends draw back, in horror and anguish."

"The reliever had fledged, not as one of the seven choirs, nor as an Orb, or Shiriahim, or any other Celestial Choir. It had the form of a tall, broad human, with a third eye blazing on it's forehead. Yes, noble Virtue. As a Grigori!"

"No more than five minutes had passed, as humans might reckon, when a triad of judgement arrived, and shepherding away the other angels, escorted the new grigori from the scene. And, I swear, leading the triad was none other than Bronwyn herself! Dominic's shadow!"

"And it wasn't an isolated case. I researched it, snuck into the library, and found the books that confirmed it. 317 other relievers have fledged Watcher since the second fall. All angels close to the celestial in question refuse to speak of it!"

"That's why I shattered my heart and ran. There is a shadow in heaven, and it falls heavy on us all."

"That's where the recording ends, Most Holy. The Malakite to whom Astriel was speaking as Naranth of The Sword, who is now missing, presumed Outcast. Is there truth in it?"


"Most Holy?"

-Sound of a door closing, and a pair of heavy footsteps-

"Lord Inquisitor? What is..."




Dogday Sunrise

"Arakel what in _hell_ do you think your doing?" bellowed the Soldier
"Getting reinforcements, i'll only be gone a moment, i promise. Have i ever let you down Kenny?" replied the Malakite as he plunged the dagger in to his vessels heart, sending himself back to his real _heart_ in the Groves.
Kenny stood there, in awe as the vessel disapeared in a flash of dimmed light, no matter how many times he worked with Arakel , no matter how many times they had saved each others lives, Kenny still had doubts, but those doubts never got in the way of his duty.
Kenny took stock of the situation, trying to remember how it came to pass that he killed a Daughter, and found the proverbial pot of gold that the hordes of Baal, failed so miserably to protect as he simple walked in the old submarine base, but they picked up on things when what must have been a Balseraph, found out that he was lying about his forged base pass, he recalled how he managed to call out to Arakel how he had been shown, and they managed to dispatch half the navel base and find what shelter they coud for the past three days whilst halve the states demons hunted them down, trying to get back the blue prints that Dread Techno Lord Vapula had given to Baal for the submarina secret base.

Arakel was by his heart in moments, the icey chill of Trauma fleeing his celestial body, with his wings out stretched he launched him self skywards to find a Wheel, barely a moment had passed when one all but crashed in to him, with lightening fast reaction he grabbed one of the Wheels rings, pulling him closer, calling out in heavenly tongue for the location of his lord, the Battle Master Michael, the Wheel spun in agitation at being held and tore away from Arakel calling out for him to follow, and that His lordship lay not too far from where they were in the air.
The Wheel sped in to the distance leaving a firey trail for the Malakite to follow at his own breakneck speed.

"Trexia, you thrice damned fool, you said you could locate them, you and your partner are worthless. You are nothing but feaces in a maggots brain, do you understand?" the Calabite prodded one of the twins infront of him, he was ordered by none less than his Dark Prince himself to find the documents, and not only that but The Lord of the Game had given over two of his pets as aides in the task. One of the twins turned to the hulking brute of a vessel, the one not being poked, and spoke in a sibilent hiss.
"Barcley, we are finding them, you have no appretiation for the finer points of the hunt, you wish only to rend and destroy, but you can not do that unless you wait for us to do our task, and talking to a waitress who, when paid enough, is more than willing to tell us which train they took, and even what they were wearing for clothes and what that poxed Malakite was wearing for a vessel, seeing as we're unable to locate one of his vessels we will assume that the other is in use and we are indeed correct. Now that we know this we are able to locate them much more adequately. Never hunt on false or bad infomation, it will lead you to your heart, whch will probably be in your Lords grasp to smash shoud you fail." With that said the Kata'im turned back to his 'brother' who nodded in silent agreement and the pair walked off leaving a confused Calabite and a very confused waitress in the train station coffee house.
With a growl the Calabite stormed off after them muttering to himself. "huh, they think its their show, i'll get them before the credits..."

The ginger haired kid with big glasses watched the screen, his slaves and servents attending him, feeding him popcorn and soda, his eyes never leaving the screen.
"Dang i sure am glad i had them there Necklaces of Video Capability made for these guys, har har they'se so darned funny, gimmee more popcorn NOW"
A Daughter fed him and smiled as a small black silver ring appeared through her navel, thinking it's so easy getting geases from Nybbas.

Michael stood there, a stave in hand as several attackers came at once for him, one fell over his own stave, another tripped over him, leaving only six to think about, with a few deft spins and lunges each of the celestials fell to Michaels counter attack.
Then from out of now where a Wheel rushed past him, he spun, throwing his stave, catching the Wheel a glancing blow that spun him off in to a group practicing in the far corner of the groves before he came to a slight stop then sped off again, following the Wheel was another celestial, Arakel LongWinged, one of his corporeal specialists.
Michael stood there as Arakel came to a rushed yet graceful landing, both bowed from the waist only slightly before embracing.
"My Lord, we have trouble, one of my human freinds and i managed to find the plans as requested by yourself and Lord Jean, but they are some how anchored to the corporeal realm, i was unable to bring them with me.
But Kenny is in trouble, there was many after us, many were dispatched, but some still hunt us, i have never seen their like before, they hunt in a pair, with a Calabite handler, they had all but found us a number of times and we are no where near any freindly units or Tethers."
Michael stood there, a slight smile on his face, looking at Arakel knowing that he spoke Truely, and waited until his servitor grew silent, awaiting orders.
"So, Arakel, are you formally requesting aid? If so then i am sorry, no one here is able to help you, there are those who would love to, but they would find the Trauma to condemning should they fail.
No, Arakel, my LongWinged one all that i can offer you is praise should you suceed.
If you fail then be sure to bring back some knowlede of these demons that you have ne'er seen the likes of before, there are only three of them and two of you, that is more than ample an amount for a fitting victory.
I do not expect failure in this matter my freind, you rarely fail me, and at those times it was never your fault.
And to be sure that you do not fail me i ask that you swear an Oath to me, one that you find fitting, so as to prove your love and sword to the lord our God."
The crowd of celestials that had gathered stood in silence apon hearing Michael ask for an Oath from one of his most valorous and honourable angels.
Arakel kneeled before Michael, hands clasped before him, his wings stretched as high and far as they possibly could, then he looked at Michael, in to Michaels eyes and spoke for all to hear.
"I, Arakel, the LongWinged, doth hereby swear that i will never ask for assistance even when the odds over whelm me, for if i am to die then that is my destiny, for i shall sit in the gaze of our God, and that shoud i live, then that shall be my Destiny as well for the lord doth see that his Sword shines and it shall never be dull against those that oppose him"
Arakel stood, as he did so he felt chains about him, new bright silver chains, they did not impede him, but they gave him strength, he turned and jumped high in to the air, streaking towards a way down to earth, to be with his freind once more, righteous fury alight in his body.

Kenny looked about from the window of the appartment he had found empty of life other than rats and cockroaches, he wished dearly that Arakel was with him, it had been a little over a day and he had not returned, perhaps the Host had forgotton about him he thought, perhaps he was alone, with the hordes of hell chasing him.
He took a look around the apartment, looking for anything at all usefull and was pleasently surprised when he found a number of matchboxes, and a number of cleaning fluids that if he could remember rightly from college, would make a fair explosion if mixed and agitated enough. he looked about some more and could have sworn that plastic piping wasn't in the bedroom the first time he looked in there, he set to work with the fine blade that Arakel had given to him the day he 'signed up', he started to ponder the fact that if he was going to die, then so was whoever got near him.

The twins jumped from the train before it even came to a stop, they had a scent, a trail left in the ether by thier prey.
Barcley jumped off after them, knocking a couple over as he rolled to a stand from the jump.
The twins were already running towards a taxi, as one of them pulled the driver out the other mock bowed to the Calabite and opened a door for him, slamming it shut as soon as he was in himself, the taxi roared off, knocking over other pedestrians as it steamed along the pavement, and finally on to the road.
After some twenty minutes the Calabite had all but ruined the back seats upholstry in agitation, of needing something to rip apart, then the car came to a sudden stop, almost throwing him out of the windscreen whilst the twins got out and stood still for a second, relocating their quarry, the smiled as they looked down a block, to a battered and ruined tenement, they could smell the prey there, well, they could smell one of them any way and that was enough for a start.
They started to turn back to the taxi only to find that the Calabite had found a release for his tensions, as he ripped the wheels and doors off throwing them at a cat down the alley, leaving dents in the ground but missing the cat until he threw the steering wheel and all but cut the creature in two, then he smiled, feeling the rush of destruction and shrugged as the twins looked at him.
"What? I hate them things whats the matter with that?"
The twins merely sighed as one and turned back to the tenement and started walking calmly towards it, letting the Calabite follow them.

Kenny heard the car screach to a halt, and looked out of a tiny gap in the blinds, he saw the twins as they looked directly at him, he saw them turn to the nazi-esque body builder, he saw what that body builder had done to the car, then he got out his blade and calmly made a small slit in his thumb and drew a cross apon his forehead and also on each of the pipe bombs, of which he only had three.
Then he began to prey.

Barcley looked up at the tenement, to the top floor, where the Kata'im had told him that the soldier was hiding, just as he started to look away he saw something drop from a window, he drew his hand back to stike the object as it fell to him, the twins at this point called a song and then they was in a sickly green cocoon, just as he hit the pipe, just as he unleashed his anger in to the punch, chanelling his Resonance in to that one act.

Arakel heard the explosion from three blocks away, it wasn't that it was all that loud but it did ring out at the same time as the Symphony screamed as a hellish song was used, and in the distance he thought he heard a scream, but he started to run, to where the explosion came from, to where his freind was.

The twins song ended barely a moment later, it lasted long enough for them to be protected from the explosion of the resonance primed pipe bomb, they looked at the six foot wide and one foot deep crater, they saw one of Barcleys feet, as well as a few other bits of him before the remains of his vessal slowly turned to ash and blew away in an invisible wind, they looked at each other, and smiled, both speaking at the same time.
"The animal has claws, this will be fun."
They started in to the building, and started up the stairs, keeping an eye out for traps.
As they reached the secound landing they stood still, and spotted a length of string at ankle height barely three inches from where they stood, if they had been rushing they would likely have walked in to it and triggered the secound pipe bomb, as they went to step over it they then noticed that a secound length of string was directly where they would have trodden, they lightly leaped over the secound trap after a quick look for any lengths of string, then they started up the next flight of stairs as a crashing boom howled out down on the ground floor, at first they thought that some how a trap bomb had gone off down there, but then they heard the angelic tongue called out, they recognized the voice of the Malakite, Arakel, and turned to head upstairs a little faster, but still wary for traps.

Arakel kicked the door off of its hinges, and looked around, he had seen the crater and knew that his freind had not died their, and he rushed inside calling out to his freind, using his name in angelic tongue to draw his attention, but no reply came, only silence, then he heard the scraping of footsteps above him and rushed to the stairs and started to run up them.

Kenny heard his name being called out by Arakel, he knew that he was not alone, he knew that just as the door to the appartment burst in, and two men in grey suits stood there, their mouths filled with fangs, grinning in malicious glee .
As one of the twins moved towards Kenny the building shook, throwing them all to the floor, then a secound explosion sounded out and the building began to list to one side at a dangerous angle.
Kenny sliced wildly at one of the twins, the blade biting in to his arm and lodging there, being wrenched from Kenny's grip.
One of the twins howled in agony even though he was not the one hit and threw himself at Kenny, a song cried from him, Kenny knelt there, then realised that the creature stood above him, its hand had gone through him, through his gut, and out the other side, he felt as the twin slowly pulled the barbed and sharpened claws from his gut, then he fell slowly it seemed to the ground, the building followed only a moment later, as his world crumbled around him he saw one of the twins crushed by masonry, crushed till all that remained of him was an ashen pile, then he felt his body move, not of his own accord, but like a puppet, he felt warm, then he felt nothing.

The man in the green suit sat in the hospital lobby, in the hospital that he never knew existed, but was glad that it did.
A nurse came over to him, her hands clasped a clip board which she passd to him.
"The Dr has assesed your freinds injuries, you managed to heal most of it but he doesn't respond to us, and he dwells not in the marches, Her Blessed White Ladyship as not seen him, nor have any of her get. The Dr thinks you should visit him, it may help, we can't be sure though."
Arakel stood a little shakily, the vessel was not as perfectly made as he would have liked but it sufficed, he followed the nurse in to a room filled with machines and the soft humm of power, he took a seat by his freinds bed as the nurse closed the door behind herself as she left.
"Friend, i have let you down, you have all but died for my fears, i should have stayed, we should have fought them together.. i am sorry" Arakel never knew that vessels could cry, he never knew unil his did it, and he let the tears run freely, crying out in celestial the many deeds that his freind had performed, he cried as he recanted all the tales they had shared, he stayed there for three days and nights, never leaving the beside, even as nurses and Dominations of Dreams tried to help, he never noticed any of them, he cried all that time, and wailed of his freinds bravery.

Kenny lay there for three more days, not able to do anything, some how he was and wasn't in his body, he recalled one of the demons (?) touching him and muttering something, that was when it all went black, when he felt his body being used as a puppet, he knew that it was Arakel, he knew that some of the host were able to possess others and he felt his body being healed as the Malakite hovered in his celestial form above him, singing and praying then he recalled being in hospital, and hearing his freind wail and cry for him as if he was dead.
He might well have been dead for he was not able to do anything, he could see the roiling mass of what Arakel once called a Kyriotate, he could feel it in his body, he could feel the machines.

Arakel woke with a start, the first time he had ever let his vessel sleep, and looked at his freind staring at him, sitting up in bed, an aura of white all about him, his eyes burning with joy and humility.
"Arakel, you have not failed me, you never did, i needed to prove that i am worthy of the war, and i have come from the forge anew, a sword to be weilded."
"Kenny.. are you ok.. you.. oh my lord.. your speaking.. Tongues... no human has spoken that for so long.. only those who are imbued by the blood of angels.. the silenced choir.."
"Arakel, Kenny" a voice called from behind them, they were no longer in the hospital they were on a plain, and a score of the Host knelt there, singing praise of He Who Is Most Holy.
Arakel saw before him Michael and Gabriel, he knelt as they walked towards them, Kenny stood there, in awe of the sight, unable to move for he saw beauty and purity before him and he stood there as the two archangels kissed his cheeks and he felt invigorated, he knew that he was amongst freinds and he knew his name, Keniel Servant of The Flame.
Gabriel turned to Arakel and bade him stand.
"Arakel, LongWinged, you have brought home to us one of our most treasured, for he has been gone long, wandering as a mortal, with no recollection of his true self, we thank you and grant unto thee the rank of Friend of the Fiery Eyes" She kissed his cheeks and forehead after she spoke and he felt the flame of righteous flow through him.
"Arakel, you have stayed true to your oaths, no matter that you thought otherwise, you never left your freind for you was there when he needed you most and he is reborn unto us, for this i grant unto thee the higher rank of Master of The Dominations, for that is what once you were until you were born anew to us." Michael saluted Arakel and Keniel and took his celestial for with Gabriel following suit they sped across the distant corner of the Groves, the score of honourguard stood and took off in different directions, leaving the Malakite and the only Grigori in heaven to trade tales of thier past and speak of glories of the future before they went thier separate ways, the Malakite to his duties and debriefing and the Grigori back to earth, where he was to walk once more, but with knowledge of who he was.

The ginger haired kid smiled, and put down the last of the popcorn, leaving his private cinema, turning to a Daughter one arm out for her to coil her own arm about.
"You know what.. i love a happy ending.. it sells more than any other kind of movie, a film with freinds, chase scenes, innocent bystanders being butchered and some weepy bits. OK folks send it straight to press, i want Every one who thinks they're worth something to have one of these, no, Two of these, one copy to watch and another copy with the free trip to Earth competition in..., hehehe that'll sell Millions Baby. You stick with me and you'll go far..."
The daughter just nodded, and wondered how many buckets of popcorn she'd have to feed him before he even asks her name.

You can go HOME but you don't want to do that.....