Molestus Doctrina

Stages of Damnation
(or how the shedim have fun)

As a GM (or is that Conductor of the Orchestra?), i wondored just how easy it is for the Shedim to do what they do.
I thought of all the classic sins, and realized that is easier to goad and tempt some one to damnation in small steps.
After all, if J.Doe goes out and murders his wife and kids, then what more is there left for the shedim to lure him in to?
Not much to be honest, i realized that the road to hell is a long and slow winding way.
In this exercise i will try to explain why i think this is so.

Everyone does it. maybe not in the old style of the bible, but we all sin.
Some times its a little sin, other times it would put our names in headlines for a week or two in the national press.
One extreme or the other.
Most starting players go for the most extreme things they can think of, with out giving the story that much thought.
However, a player may realize that a sly word here, a dirty look there can be entirely world destroying for the poor little humans.

Just what is a little sin i hear you ask?
Things like white lies, forgeting to feed the cat, searching the net for porn, cheating in school, grafitti on the school bus, spending the change from the few dollers your mom gave you to get the groceries, smoking in the school loos, taking the stationary from where you work, cheating on the computer in games, rolling dice and saying you got the target number when you was a point or two away, throwing the burger wrapper out of the window after you've eaten lunch, borrowing a cd and never returning it.
These are just a few of the small, easily over looked and forgivable sins.

But after that most players think they are in the major league, they start doing the rape/burn/murder big sins.
No one really looks at the vast scope in between.
What is it that leads from one small sin to the next and the next and the next...?

Thats what leads to the next batch of sins.
You get lazy and complaicent, you stop caring just enough to not notice it.

J.Doe, after scribbling on the back of the bus seat with his marker pen, gets bored, theres no thrill in that after a few times. J.Doe needs more to give him the buzz. So out he goes to the local paint store and buys some spray cans, everyday items, the store clerk doesn't ask why he wants them, he just assumes that J.Doe is helping his dad respray his car. J.Doe a few nights later, goes to the local sports center and sprays up the :) face. A day later he is bored of happy faces, so he starts leaving other pictures C====8, but say a someone sees him, a latino or afro-american, and goes after him, say that J.Doe gets away, he is gonna start to have them racist thoughts running around his head. A day or so later J.Doe goes out to the sport center again, by now others have left their mark on the wall aswell, so J.Doe gets out those trusty spray cans and scrawls up a racist picture and a comment or two, "hell, others have done, so i might as well do it". A day or two later its in the local press that racist slurs were daubed all over the local sports hall. J.Doe is happy, he has reached out and touched the world, he has started to make his mark on the world and no one was able to stop him. "Except that friggin nigger" thats his next thought, how to get back at the 'home boyz' down the block who take the mickey out of him because he don't walk the walk and can't talk the talk like they do. Over the next day or so he will get just that little more bitter and resentful and go out on night, say the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong guy. J.Doe gets in to a fight, gets a little bruised and sore but is other wise ok, he spends the next day at colllege bragging about getting into a fight with a gang and he took them all on and beat them up real good. Maybe J.Doe gets a skin head hair cut, buys some doc martin boots, and joins a white power group, just to show that he is not scared of any "niggers, kooks, chinks and wops" and that he, the white guy has more right to the block/town/city/country than they do. Say that after a while he is approached by some guys who thinks like he thinks, does what he does, say that they get him to join the kkk. A week or so later after all the hate propaganda, he starts going to rallies and metings. Say that a few days after that he goes out to another town, to a bar and gets in to a fight and leaves a few guys broken and battered and goes home. Say that a day or two later the guys at the lodge give him a knife. Say that he and the guys go to another nearby town and get into another bar fight, this time he has his knife and aint scared to use it on anyone that gets in his way, say that he knives a guy, doesn't kill him, just cuts him up badly enough. A day later it's in the papers for the city. Say that J.Doe finds that he liked the feeling of hurting some one with a knife. Say that he goes out and buys a gun, which in america is a common thing. Say that he phones the guys up and they all arrange to go a little further afield, a few hours drive later and there they are, in the big city, looking for trouble and loaded with attitude and a gun. They get in to a fight, J.Doe kills a guy, shoots him til the gun just clicks empty, say that J.Does friends have gone some where else whilst he kills the guy. But say that some one saw what happened, the cops get called, J.Doe is caught running around looking for his freinds. Now immagine if J.Does friends were a Balseraph, a Habbalite and a they had a shedim friend who J.Doe never met. He never met the Shedite because the shedite was in him.

The college kid goes from graffiti guy to murderer in very slow gradual steps.
Each step he thought he took willingly, not realizing that the balseraph was feeding him white supremacy lies, the habbalite was enhancing his emotions of hate and anger, the shedim was slowly suggesting things to him.

And a few months later, Lucifer is waiing in the new arrivals lounge of hell, waiting for J.Doe to get the chair, lucifer smiles on another job well done.

Slow and steady.
Thats the way to do it.

You can go HOME but you don't want to do that.....

You can go HOME but you don't want to do that.....