In Nomine NPCís

The Angel of Door to Door Salesmen (NPC)

"you know, i never thought i'd cut it as a sales man, i mean, i never thought i was a people person, but i guess at heart i am. Wassat? what do i sell, oh you wouldnt be interested.. oh, you do what to know, well, i sell all kinds of things, just general stuff, what ever the warehouse gives me, yesterday it was cloths for household serfaces, today, its polish and cleaners.
"another drink for my freind here joey.
"yeah joey knows me, i come here alot, joey buys some of my stuff, bars always need cleaning stuff dont they.
"so, you come here after work eh? have a beer, relax and then head home, me married? heh, in a way, to the job, not to any woman.
"yeah, i do get a lot of attention from some of the customers, i have my regulars, oh no, nothing like that, i mean they wanted it like that at first, but nah thats not the way to build up a good buisness is it? i mean, im on first name terms with just about all of my customers.
"Elliot? thats a good name, i dont think i know any elliots, glad to meet ya, my names harry, you want a business card? yeah sure, i get different stuff every day or so, im always in the area
"yeah, nice to meet you to elliot, heh yeah sure, you buy the beer tomorrow then ok, kay, bye."

Malakite of Marc
Angel of door to door sales

Some times evil doesnít come in the face of demons, it come with the face of boredom, and idle hands are a tool for the devil as the saying goes.
Haraniels task is to bring some sort of release form the drudgery of life for bored housewives and single parent families.
He is responsible for personally taking several Lusties out of action in the area and removing their human prey by giving them something else to do.
Now admittedly not every body likes cleaning, but cleanliness is next to godliness after all.
Harry goes round the area and brings some small release for people of all sorts, and in the end, some of the worst slums have been cleared up with him in the area.

Haraniel's vessels all have Charisma +2, he knows all variants of the song of tongues and has a can of mace spray that causes celestial damage to any Demons.

Joey is a reliever, sent to earth to see how to fit in to human terms and relations, he is interested in working for David, and he is also thinking of fledging as a Cherub.

Tregard (Dreamshade/NPC)

Tregard stood there, his spear still half buried in the things body.
"hmmph, last time i killed one of those was a few months ago, i think the cruds gonna hit the fan, im gonna have to hunt more often, but this body is no good, i need a new body, i need to find a suitable host and go hunting"

"stuart, stuuuuuuuaaaaarrrtttt, wake up, c'mon sleepy bones time to go to work"
He lay there for a moment, he felt fuzzy in the head, nothing new there the thought, then the dream came back to him.
The dream of the man with the spear and the sword, he dreamed he was that man, he dreamed he was the hunter.
"Yes, time to go to work" he rumbled as he got up.

"My lady... I have news.... we have found the dreamer you were curious of, he has managed to kill one of our malakim, soul killed milady, he resists all atempts of our cherubim to attune to him, he knows that we are looking for him"

Blandine merely stood there, gazing across the dreamscapes of all the happy dreamers, her eyes focused for a moment on one dreamscape, it was drifting across to the other side, she focused once more, and she saw the hunter, she saw his hosts dreams, she saw that he was forcing himself on others dreamscapes and she saw that he was killing the dreamers as he killed the bad things in their dreams.
"he... must be stopped" she mused, her servant vanished and an alarm was sounded from below.
The dreamscape vanished suddenly as its creator died and the symphony screamed out in agony.

known skills: possesion, song of sheilds, song of thunder, multiple possesions (like kyriotates), hunt attunment (or a good copy of it), grants the host of it immunity to cherub/djinn resonance.

Tregard was an anglo-saxon lord, he was a pagan working for the christianized lords, and on his death bed he avowed that he would hunt down all that was to him unholy and seek his revenge on those he was forced to serve.
He haunts the marches and sleep realms, killing things that are not right, he hunts angels and demons alike, he hunts ethereals as well, but only those who are not of the celt and teutonic basis.
He has his work cut out for him, but he can kill malakim, and is very very well skilled in the use of spears, bows and swords.
He fights dirty, killing the dreamers to kill the things he is hunting.
After a hunt he rests for a while and heals up, he changes hosts quite often, and leaves his hosts to sort out any corporeal troubles that he has caused.
His hosts think that it was all their idea, they dont realise that they have been possesed, they think that they are tregard, going about his sworn quest, killing people who are the decendants of those whom he served in the days of old.

Golder (NPC)
Shedite of 'Things that go Bump in the Night'

Long ago, beleth was bored, her distant lover was busy inspiring the humans.
She sought a way to ease her boredom, she stirred her essence in to the form of a kyriotate, but she mused that something was wrong with it, it seemed, well, twisted and malformed, so she cast in to her most darkest place where fear dwelt, and all but forgot about it untill the early 16th century.

The creature had no name to call is self, nor was there any others like it, in the darkness it stayed for a time, of time it knew not the concept so it stayed there, not quite thinking, but just dwelling until its creator summoned it forth from the dark place and gave it a task, which it still perfoms to this day and age.

Nowadays the nameless one is known as Golder, and is of the band known as Shedim, but it is a little different from the rest, its celestial form is akin to the rest of its band but it is a little smaller, its limbs, when they form are twisted or half formed.
He has also some time ago been given the word that roughly translates in to 'Things that Go Bump in the Night'.

Corporeal Forces 5
--Strength 8 --Agility 12
Ethereal Forces 3
--Intelligence 4 --Precision 8
Celestial Forces 4
--Will 7 --Perception 9

Artistry 2 Dodge 2 Driving 1 Electronics 1 Engeneering 3 Fighting 1
Languages -Hispanic 1 -French 1 Lockpicking 3 Move Silently 2 Throwing 2

Corporeal Songs
Attraction 3 Dreams 2 Light 2 Motion 2
Ethereal Songs
Tongues 4 Motion 2 Light 3 Form 2 Dreams 1 Entropy 2
Celestial Songs
Dreams 2 Entropy 2 Motion 2 Sheilds 1

Servitor Attunements
Waking Terror* Things that Go Bump in the Night**
Band Attunements
Shedim of Beleth Djinn of Beleth Shedim of Asmodeus

*Waking Terror
This acts similarly to the Terror attunement, however, With the expendature of 1 Essence the demon can force all the sleeping mortals in a range equals to his Celestial Forces X the check digit to wake up screaming in terror and unable to get any more sleep that night.

**Things that go Bump in the Night
The demon knows on sight, which part of the marches a sleeper is in.
If they are in Blandines then the demon may spend 2 points of Essence and cause the sleeper to shift over to Beleths realm.
If the sleeper has any angels in their dreamscape then they are forced out and the dreamer wakes up instantly thinking they heard a noise.

If the demon spends a further 1 point of Essence the human gets a very poor nights sleep and is automatically put in to Beleths side of the Marches the next time they go sleep.

Achmel (npc)

And so it came to pass, achmel, son of hamed, son of mikael the hidden, child of god, came apon the great cave.
From this cave came a great noise, and this great noise was like a music he had never heard the like of before.
The music was the sound of man and beast, wind and water, the crackle of fire and the crack of flints, it was of drums and pipes.
Achmel, son of hamed, son of mikael the hidden, child of god, went in to the cave and learned how the music was made and after a great time he left the cave no older than the age he went in, his sons sons had died and still he was ageless.

Achmel Michaelson
Soldier of ?

Corporeal 3
Ethereal 5
Celestial 3

Skills: ANy good mixture, all at least level 3, modern skills at level 2 or one (modern being in the last 150 years)

Attunements: Sorcery, Ethereal connection, Celestial connection

Songs: Any, all at level 3 or 4.

Supperior thoughts.
Gabriel: i was there, the cavern a place for him to know the truth and to truly see the world as it is and the glory that is attributed to it.
Khalid: Once he had faith in god, but now he wanders, his faith dwindles, once he was a good soldier of mine. Sorcery is the devils tool or so they say, but i know of many who use it for gods means and good causes.

Hatiphas: So close now, so very close....
Lillith: he is only flesh and blood, he has Needs, mmm, how he has needs.

Heh, here is something to give your characters a pause in time for a moment.
He resonates as honourable, as dissonant as any good honest person, but he has Needs, and he is quite temperamental and does have mood swings.

A normal guy, perhaps a little out of time, miserable having to see his descendants in such a state, but psychologically balanced.

Parachel (npc)

"So, let me get this straight, your an angel of the lord yeah?, sorry I still donít buy it, no wings, no halo, and your asking me to lend you a fiver to get a cab? Get real and get a life you loser"

Parachel is a sad and lonely angel, only he isnít an angel, his real name is Paul Stromstenn, and he is sadly deluded.
He is convinced he is an angel, but he canít remember much about heaven and he cant take his great and mighty -other body- because a nasty demon laid a curse on him.

There was once a Kyriotate called Parachel, but he died a soul death some eight hundred years ago.
Paul does however remember one or two things about the angels life time.

Is paul merely some poor guy who has got a lump of force in him from a dead kyriotate?
Is he really a kyriotate who is slowly remembering who he is and where he is from?
Is he just a sad delusional guy?

notes Heh, no one is really sure if the forces that go back to the symphony are totally raw and clean, so if an ethereal force deos get put in to a human and then he starts to remember things, is it him or the force?
well its the force, but why does he remember?
Heh, imagine if this sort of thing started happening a lot, would it mean the end of creation?
The re-using of the old in to an almost new thing.
Does that mean that the symphony is -finite- or is it merely an aspect of -this- symphony?
Are all the different symphonies like it? or do they continue to use new forces?

What does happen to all those old forces?

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