In Nomine Seeds

Here you will find plot seeds for In Nomine, by Steve Jackson Games .

Voices in the Grove (seed)

*in the grove, tents lay clustered about, from inside on of the tents 2 voices can be heard*
1: Are you sure?
2: yup, i got the orders about an hour ago
1: so they REALLY want to do a soldier Exchange
2: yup, i have to go to thor, and one of his gets to come here, i think theres about 50 of us all in all thats gonna do the cross training
1: Wow, so have you been told why you have to train with them?
2: nope, i reckon its cos they want us to learn new stuff to surprise the war tether we're gonna smash in a few weeks
1: well good luck.
2: yeah thanks cya in a few weeks
1: yup

Woka Woka Woka(seed)

Angelic Briefing.
Tanmiel, an outcast ofanite of creation has finally been located, and you lucky folks have the joy of getting him back for trial by Dominic.
Tan went AWOL about 8 months ago, after talking to some dark humour servitors, he since started to help them in small ways, and has slowly began the path to falling.
About a month ago he was seen going in to a local comedy bar, and has every Thursday been going there, last Thursday he turned up as per normal, with one exception, he hasnít left yet, and its now Saturday afternoon.
None of those who have entered have left yet, thatís about 40 folks in there all in all, its not a great comedy bar but it has it moments.
So folks go get him, bring him back, and you get some kudos.
Oh, by the way, the place is a tether to dark humour too, have fun.

Demonic Briefing.
Mendes, a habbalite of media lost one of his artefacts, a microphone to be exact.
Unfortunately it was lost in a tether of dark humour, and things between the two princes are not good at the moment.
but it should be easy enough to grab the microphone and get out of there.
So go get it.
Oh by the way, some creationer is in there, ripe for a fall bag him and you got yourself a major leading role kiddos.

The club, known to the locals as woka woka woka, booked an unheard of guy a few weeks ago, the seneschal of the tether noted that the guy had a pretty grim Fate and decided to hurry it up a bit.
A couple of days before the poor human, Winstan Etherby, was to go onstage a habbalite turned up at the club to heckle the performers, two of which went home and commited suicide from the shame of it all.
The seneschal, Wargtaga, promptly threw him out and managed to find the microphone, which was not like any he'd seen before.

It was sentient, not possessed by an imp but had its own -soul-.
It was able to get essence from the crowd around it like a impudute could, so he guessed it would be some what ammusing to put it in with the other microphones to see who used it and what it done.
Tan and Warg were on ok terms, they wouldnt kill each other because warg could see some potential in tan, they had a kind of freindship.

Then winstan comes on stage, takes the microphone, and =whoomph= suddenly he has the whole audience at his beck and call, even the club manager and one of his freinds was paying avid attention.

He started out with some bad material, which the crowd loved and built up, sadly that was a couple of days ago, and he isnt able to put the microphone down or leave the stage, and hes repeated just about everything he knows a few times and has even used other folks jokes, he turned the heckling against the hecklers, and wants to stop.

He wants to quit comedy, it was going to make him famous but now he wants out, but he cant, and he's tired, and wants to eat and drink and other things too.

Some of the crowd he's noticed have started to fall unconcsious, a bad sign.

(the poor guy managed an infernal intervention when he started to liven up the crowd)

The microphone. (item)
(i have no idea how to cost this out..)
Destroyed when corporeal form is destroyed
Essence resevior of 10
Able to steal essence

-Stop me if youve heard this one- attunement.
Stops the user from leaving the stage if mortal.
Adds to the Willpower by one for every 2 essence spent for d6 hours

Kill the comedian.
Knock him out.
Listen to some bad jokes til the guy falls unconscious from lack of essence.
Ear plugs... grab the angel and get out of there.
Notes to know.

Winstan has a very bright destiny, and a very dark fate.
His destiny is to stop a war.
To meet the two leaders some how and tell jokes that makes them think of peace and gets them to realise that blowing up half the world is a bad bad thing to do.
His fate is to cause a war.
This would be acheived by him giving up comedy, or being dead...

_Stop me if you've heard this one..._ (attunement)

Well thatís what folks are calling it these days.
It seems to be some kind of very very changed song of yelping.
You see, what it does is gets -the audience's- attention for a short while by sending out a note of disturbance which lodges in their brains whether they are -aware- or not.

Willpower roll to activate, -1 tn for each 5 people in the area.
Causes a note of disturbance for each 20 people in the area.
Range is equal to anybody who can see the demon in a 100 meter radius.
Any body in that area has to make a willpower roll or be transfixed by the demon for minutes equal to the CD of his will roll.
They can take no offensive actions against him, so long as he keeps -engaging- them.

Engaging them however is the tricky part, the reason that the attunement got its recent names was because as dark humour the demons tend to fall back on to a brief bad joke telling session.
But they can be singing, playing a musical instrument or similar.

It was rumoured that a Media operative/spy was given this attunement and subsequently went back to nybbas to show it off.
Nybbas smiled and gave him a script, and said to use his -look at me im a star- attunement (which is what he then called it after he learned how to recreate it).
When Kobal heard about this, he went out for a while muttering -im gonna show that little snot bucket a thing or to about stardom-

It was rumoured that for a few weeks after that, nybbas wore some big shades, to cover a black eye, but its only speculation.

Kobal does how ever have a new -stretch-o-matic boxing glove filled with lead- hanging on his wall however these days.

Babel (seed)

*a video tape is given to who ever and you get to see it..*

scene: a cafe, town center, two men at a table, one of them older, perhaps in his fifties, severe looking, salt and pepper beard, well dressed, the other, skin the colour of chocolate, hair in dreads, trimmed goatee, casually dressed. Both men drinking mocha's, the cups hiding thier lips.

Once they finish thier drinks both men get up, shake hands, you can then see them but not hear them talk.

Olderman: very well, i shall see if i can build such a thing
Dark skinned man: good, well i shall you back in the council hall, let us see what they think of the idea, i wanted to run it past you first, i have thought about for some time, but i think the tower of babel should be rebuilt, well until later jean
Olderman: yes, i think the idea has merit, i will get some of my finest to contact some of your finest and they will draw the plans up for it. Good day to you dave.

*the video tape ends with both men going in different directions*

Fancy DressÖ(Seed)

Once in a while a truce is called, and a party is held, many of the princes or archangels do not attend, but others do, and what they wear to them reveals a great deal.

Blandine: Cleopatra
Christopher: a cactus (or rather, he painted himself green and had some foam spikes glued on to his clothes)
David: Did not attend
Dominic: the devil (well a suit and some plastic red horns)
Eli: Holy Ghost (wore a sheet with eye holes cut out and a small hole for his straw and ciggerettes)
Gabriel: Christopher Walken (a specially crafted vessel to look similar to he who played her a few times in films)
Janus: Harvey -two face-
Jean: Did Not attend
Jordi: a lampshade (stood in the corner with a shade covering his head)
Khalid: Did not attend
Laurence: Marc Anthony
Marc: Dracula
Michael: Batman (him and janus had a set peice as a party highlite)
Novalis: A mafia Don
Yves: did not attend
Zadkeil: a norse sheild maiden

The princes who attended however..

Aballam: a pengiun with a type writer
Andre: did not attend
Asmodeus: a cat
Beleth: did not attend
Baal: Sir lancelot
Belial: did not attend
Haggenti: the sweedish chef
Kobal: a cowboy
Kronos: Lex Luthor
Lillith: did not attend
Malphas: had a dozen different sets of costume, so he could talk to every one and compliment what they was wearing..
Nybbas: came as himself, with a vidcam.
Saminga: Did not attend
Valefor: did not attend
Vapula: Da vinchi

Fat Charlie (seed)

Apparently andre is pissed off at an elohite.
The elohites name translates as -fat charlie-.
Every attept that any of andres lot has tried has failed, some times fat charlie simply says no thanks, other times he has contacted some malakite chums and they have removed the lusties from this plane of existance.
Why is this odd?
Well Fat Charlie's role is as an owner of a strip club.
His corporeal duty is to see that certain professions are built up and made safe and so forth.
Its rumoured that charlie is in line for a word.
oh, and charlies supperior is none other than david.
Go figure.
(here you all go, a plot seed for demonic players to go stomp charlie and his malakim or a plot seed for angelic players to stomp on some demonic butt for fat charlie)
(fat charlie is based on a paul simon song, from the graceland album)

Lost Disks (seed)

A soldier of litheroy has lost a cd.
Nothing special there.
Except that he is doing all he can to get that cd back and is getting a little frantic.
He is even failing to report in to a local tether.
Whats on that disk thats so special?

Maats Justice (seed)

A certain seraph's shadow has been seen in the marches.
Actually, focusing in area where maat and anubis dwell.

She was seen going with a gift, a pair of rings crafted by several of Eli's angels in judgements employ.

She was seen returning to dominics office with a breifcase.

It's been rumoured that the case contained somehtign akin to anubis's scales.
(these that measure the worth of the deads heart which determines whehter they go to hell or heaven..)

Virtual World (Seed)

Games design company, Celestial Powerhouse, has started to recruit test players for its new VR system game.
The testers get gloves, body suit, helmet, and are then put in a room of other test players.

Rumours have leaked out via various online game sites that the game is about a silent war between heaven and hell, and that only in cyberspace can mankind stand a chance as it is the true third realm.

The testers have to make a series of -charecters- and run them in the world for a few hours, solving minor problems.
For every problem they solve they receive special powers.

Each power also has a theme tune which has two additional remixes, and the testers get to keep the soundtrack of the power songs their game charecters recieve.

Word is that a real angel and a real demon are working on the game at the same time.

so whats really going on?

GM Crops.(seed)

For years they were the main stay of sci-fi stories, with characters eating the perfect veg or beef or what ever.

Now however is different.

England generally loathes GM stuff, as does a good chunk of europe.
They had the scientists researching it for years, now they have it, they dont want it, incase of bad unforseen drawbacks, such as cancer causing agents and so forth.

the 3rd world however, needs food.

Now get all of this, add David, Jean and Novalis on the matter, and ask just why is the 3rd world still not getting any food?

Clothing Designs (Seed)

Kamiel, an elohite of Michael was recently awarded the word of clothing by the symphony.
It happened when she was in argument with her boss about the usefulness of camouflage in the field.
The symphony rang out and she was worded.

Since then she has been targeted by a Media demon, a lilim, who's word is fashion.
The demons name is Hathraga'chot'gtha, or hatty for short (and a 1 pont geas hook for the favour of calling her that).

Both have soldiers due to appear in a fashion show in paris later this month, and the studios of both have been -hit- by eachother.
Things can only escalate in paris...

Sorrow (seed)

A mercurian in service to dreams has gone awol, a rare thing at the best of times.
He was worded however, Sorrow.
He was last seen soul killing a habbalite of lust in the dream realm of a young child who's parents died when she was young.
It is known that the childs foster parents abused her.
The child has also gone missing.

Dirt (seed)

A servitor of lillith has recently been given the word of Dirt.

She doesnt know how she was awarded it, she was corporeal at the time, at a garden center, just talking to some old guy, and when she went back to her princesses tether she had what felt like a heart attack, and bamph, was worded.

She has realized however that Dirt can be a good thing to have the word of, yeah sure it means that she is a little targeted by novalis and her happy crew of redeemers, but hey, some of litheroys chaps are good to her as she interperates her word as also -digging the dirt- and finding stuff out, now admittadly, she does use it for bad bad reasons, but hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Madness and the Prophet (seed)

Aballam, Demon prince of madness, has recently managed to collect some servitors of fire, he has made two of them fall, but has released the third one back to its AA.
Before he let it -escape- he made it so dissonant and discordant that gabriel would either spend a very long time cleansing it or have to kill it outright.
Aballam has taken a special interest in ALL of gabriels servants recently, and he is doing his utmost to bring gabby a little closer to his side of the of the line in the mind.

Details of Aballam can be found at:

Courtesy of Fallen Seraph.

Rumble In the Jungle (Seed)

Whilst its quite well known that varios AA's and DP's hold sway over certain cities , it is less well known that jordi doesnít control all of the forests, nor does novalis.

But it is well known that a number of War and Sword instructors are giving lessons to a number of Animal and Flower servitors.

Also, a number of Wind servitors are being lent to Stone to train up, who will then be lent to Animal and Flowers.

Meanwhile, Vapula has finally finished experimenting with grafting wordforces from angels on to demons, the word forces come from a number of captured Animal, Flower and Oceans (oannes).

Various Forrests all over the world have started to see more of a wild take back, growing in size, and a number of geologists and scientists have gone missing.

So, is it the angels or the demons thats causing the growth? and who is taking the scientists?

Patient Zero

Somewhere in mexico, a small village is destroyed by the W.H.O. to prevent the spread of Ebola Zaire.

A lone figure stumbles into an albanian village, muttering incoherently. a week later, the village is wiped out by Cholera. The stranger's body is not amongst the casualties.

In china, unknown pathogens in the water supply kill 160,000. Locals claim a "foreign devil" drowned in the river feeding the reservoir. No body is found.

somewhere in the mid-west, a shambolic figure climbs down from a goods wagon. His companion hobos are found dead from typhoid fever. He wanders, not knowing where he is or how he got there, but feels something tugging at the back of his mind. an emptiness, or rather a loss, but one that grows less every day. He can sense something. a glimpse of former glory. Slowly, memories return, drawing him back from oblivion. A betrayal? His home stormed? Fire and wings and swords and hideous, bright, burning light? He recalls he had a purpose once.

AIDs is developing resistance to treatment.
Russian scientists advise global vaccination against Smallpox
The western world is gripped with fear over anthrax and other biological agents.
Foot and Mouth devastates Britains farming community.
Cancer is rampant, and on the increase.

Across the world, the Word of Disease is waxing strong.

Can a resurgent Word resurrect a remnant? Pray it can't...

Courtesy of Fallen Seraph

ELI (seed)

Who or what is Eli really?
Oh yes we all know that he's the most lovable AA in the entirety of existance.
Which makes him by default a Mercurian.

But, we all know that high powered celestials can change their appearance, thatís why Michael looks like a weathered veteran, Novalis looks like a hippy chick and Dominic looks like someone in big robes, to name but a few.

So what if Eli was doing the same thing?

Can you see where this is going yet?

Eli Loves humanity.

Who else does?
Mercurians, Cherubs and...


Gives new meaning as to why Dominic wants to get him back in heaven.
"yes we chucked them out, with an exception or two, and now we have lost contact with one of the few who had regular dealings with them"

Now, the grigori didnít come around until after the fall, where upon they were chucked out of heaven for loving humanity too much.

Eli still might be one.
Who created the first Grigori?
What was the -mould- to base it on?

camera obscura (seed)

Nevek, a demon of Vapula, formerly of Eli, has finally been given the corporeal duty he always wanted.
He has created a role of a top imaging corporation boss, had a purpose built lab in the Nevada desert, and has -leaked- to the Media that he has finally cracked the secret of exposing Celestial bodies to the Corporeal world.

He has invented a camera that will take normal pictures, with one exception, it will show an aura around anybody who is a celestial.
He has even engineered a test version and has found much to his surprise that it will only take photos of Angelic Auras.

The Media have -leaked- to the media, and now there is a great deal of excitement, and a lot of controversial new laws in the process of being passed should that the camera prove with out any doubt that there ARE angels, and that there IS a GOD.

Nevek has however gone in to hiding, taking with him the one working copy of the machine and the only set of blue prints.

Remember the soldier of litheroy who lost a diskÖ

Is he involved in this?
Did he have a copy of the blue prints on disk some how?
Did he leave them at a web cafe?

Kids n Kritters (seed)

Jordi and Christopher have always gotten on well enough, nothing special between them, jordi looks down a little on the young AA.

Recently though there have been a large increase in the hostile actions of their servitors.

Some of jordi's older angels resent the fact that -animals- are either food or pets with nothing in between, a few have managed to get some laws changed regarding monkeys in certain countries, but all in all, the jordites just plain donít like the servitors of Christopherís who refer to them as -pet angels-

Ther has also been a steady rise in abuse against animals by children on the corporeal realm, and it has been rumoured that a malphasian balseraph has been seen in the locales just prior to the rise in animal attacks against children.

Shop til you drop (seed)
(a snippet of conversation heard at a local night club)

"Ezrech, you do realize that if your boss gets a hold of this he's gonna flay yours and mine, forces from us as we grovel for death, dont you?"
"Tzadatch, you worry far to much. I mean, why would the grimest of reapers worry himself over us two?"
"Um well there is the matter of the mall, and the canisters of purified pennyroyal dust in the air conditioning system. Oh and then there is the industrial bleach in the sprinkler system, which will go off when when that small amount of hash gets set on fire from that candle when it burns down."
"ah he'll love it, trust me, i didnt join his service from the the laughing ones for no reason at all, i saw that he had a dark sense of humour, and besides, our boss will love it, as will my old boss, and that means kudos for us"
"oh, ok"
"And besides, it will all be done in a few short hours, i mean, its not as if a bunch of angels are gonna find out is it?"

What ever town this is played in must have a good large amount of malls/shopping centres that for some reason or other are open late for a day or so, Xmas shopping perhaps or a special VAT free shopping day to boost the local economy.

You can go HOME but you don't want to do that.....