In Nomine Choirs & Bands

Here you will find Choirs and Bands for In Nomine, by Steve Jackson Games .

Eramels (mini band of Andrelaphus)
Nickname: Fluffers

When shedites of Andres go nice and are caught, andre still has a use for them.
Well the forces of them anyways.
He gets all the bits of forces that remember the urge of lust and cajoles them back together.
Then he swallows them and mates with one of his demon-broodmares, who in turn gives birth to the Eramels.

The Eramels spend virtually eturnaty in hell, in the brothers and the like, but every once in a while one or two of them get a vessal and get to visit the great earthly gangbangs that go on.

The task for them when they are earthside is simple, cause folks to lust.
Its terribly easy for them as well and whole towns have been driven to distraction by a visiting eramel or two.

What they look like.
Well when you get a shedite and strip it down and reform it its till bassically a shedite, but instead of a roiling mass or mouths and eyes and so forth, the eramel has an actual almost human appearance.
With a femanine body, large breasts and a very attractive but plain looking face, however, they have eyes where there nipple s should me and a mouth where the -sex- is, and they also have 6 arms placed around the body, 2 arms in the normal place, one arm on each hip and one pair in the small of the back..
The arms are at just the right height for various endevours in the brothels of hell.

Simply to find out what a person finds attractive/lustfull and force them to get it.

1-2: knows generally what the target finds attractive or a real turn on
3-4: knows what the target would do to get the -relief- they need
5: is able to force the target to think about nothing else but the lusty thoughts they want, thus giving a -3 target number to any checks they make, this lasts for cd minutes multiplied by the ethereal forces of the eramel
6: is able to make the target go and immeadiatly find a way to releif the tension they are feeling with sexual intercoarse. this feeling lasts for cd minutes plus the ethereal forces of the eramel.

Eramel of dark humor: May, with a further contested will roll, force the victim to act upon their horniness with the most innapropriate object/person present.

Eramel of Nybbas: gather blackmail material on famous personalities. they use their resonance, and then capture it on the celestial video recorder which Nybbas gives to all his Fluffers

The Persuers

The Katai live for the chase, they are made from the forces of captured calabim and churubim. The kata'im however always work in pairs, each one is different from the other because they have a chioce of TWO resonances. However the resonances are weaker than the average demon/angel. One of the pair is made from the forces of a cherubim, they as such they know the way to the target they are 'set on'.
_Check Digit Result_
1-2: The Persuer knows in which direction the target lies.
3-4: The Persuer knows the distance to the target.
5-6: The Persuer knows the fastest means at hand to reach the target and the above results aswell.
The secound of the pair is made from the forces stripped from a calabim, as such they know what would most destroy the world around the target they are set on.
_Check Digit Result_
1-2: The Persuer knows what role the target posseses and at what level the targets vessal is.
3-4: The Persuer knows how many hits the vessal has left and how to totally undermine the targets role in the symphony.
5-6: The Persuer may double the next rounds dammage providing they only attack the target of the hunt.

The Kata'im receive a note of dissonance for each 6 hours that they are unable to track down the target. The dissonance may only be turned in to physical discord that hampers tracking and hunting.

Manner and Appearance
The Katai are often swiftly spoken and abrupt in doing things that help in the hunt. They often assume a very good partnership rule, they are _both_ the boss, they listen to what each other has to say and form a plan from the best bits of what both have to say in the matter. One of the Kata'im often assume a dog as a vessal and have a secoundary vessal as a 'bruiser'. The secound of the pair often assumes a vessal that has a role of P.I or legitimate Bounty Hunter. In celestial form them appear as long limbed dog faced humans, thier legs are the same style as dogs also. They strangely have tails made of fire.

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