In Nomine Attunements

Here you will find attunements for In Nomine, by Steve Jackson Games .

Wallet (Attunement)

An agent of trade has discovered a varient on the scabbard attunement.


The charecter can pull money out from a wallet, it never seems to run out of cash.

IT can only produce amounts in 500 or $750.

but for every multiple of 1000 or $1500 the user has to make a will roll -1 for every multiple or gain a point of discord: Greed.

Marc is reluctant to let too many people have it as it seems to make them fall to mammon very fast.

Availability: Marc only.

White Noise

This attunement is nasty, and simple in its effect.
It costs 4 essence to use so its not very cost effective for lower powered demons.
It also has two uses.
1: It creates a semi disturbance, a constant background whine in the celestial realm that will mess around with any angels resonance rolls.
The celestial Whine causes a negative modifier equal to half the demons Celestial forces (round down) that effects the dice roll AND the Check Digit.
2: Any Kyriotates who happen to be inhabiting any kind of electronic will take damage equivalent to the demons Celestial forces for every round they are in the item.
White noise is centred on an item, not the demon, and lasts for Will minutes.

Availability: Vapula, Nybbas.

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