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((Our scene opens with Plague walking up to a podium with the Hells Fire Nation logo on it. Wolf stands behind him and to his right. Camera flashes go off temporarily blinding him whenever one goes off. Questions come forward mixed and mashed together like a bowl of slop that you get in prison. Plague looks down at the podium and holds both of his hands up. The reporters slow down with their questions, but there are of course the few that still manage to get a few off. In furiating Plague to end. He glances up and takes a look around the room, there's a few people that he recognizes, more that he doesn't. Plague then starts to talk.))

Plague: Just shut up for a minite or two and let me talk...

((He pauses for awhile more and lets the questions slow roll to a stop))

Plague: Thank you. I know what alot of you are thinking right now...what is this clown doing up here? Talk more smack about the supposed ASW superstars? Is he here to have more fun at the expense of Jake Blood, EG and the rest of COB and EF? I will answer these questions with one word...partly. Lets start with the first thing of what i said. The supposed superstars of ASW. Jake blood, Sonny lightning...and now Zack Perry. These men are old. There one body slam away from the retirement home and they hold the major stakes in this fed. The sad thing is, after these men leave, which they will...there aint to much left to take over. Electric guitar, Styx, these guys aren't worth the morning cigarette butt that I snuff out with my heel everyday. Its time for a change and time to tell everyone what's been on their minds since i made my second retirement...there is something seriously wrong with ASW.

Its time for a new nation to take the reigns and call the shots and that is HF. Hells Fire will do what everyone expects them to do...go out and get the gold they came out for. EF will do what everyone expects and turn tail and hide giving up everything that was there to HF or other interested parties. ASw needs more charismatic wrestlers, they need more entertainment and god damn it better matches! So I will kick off the festivites by announcing my official return to ASW! Hell's Fire will run willd again with me in the ranks.

Now I do realize that everyone here is skeptic. But Plague, do you think you really have what it takes? And the answer is yes my friends I do. EG is first up to the batting cage and after I finish him once again I'll get back to what is mine and what rightfully belongs to me...the Canadian title!

I already know that some of you are scared that I won't make a match for Zack Perry, but the way I see it we got something in common. We each got a win against Duality on our record books. Unlike Zack, though, I came through it a clear descive winner. I beat Duality at his own game while Zack Perry needed help to do it!

Onto Dominator and the rest of his Excessive Force. Let me hit you with some knowledge, in my mind there is no such thing as excessive force! You may have come in and swept me off of my feet but allow me to tell you this, I'm just hitting my second wind and its now officially my time to shine. After EG and the Canadian championship are outta the way, I'll pointing my sights at you Rio! ASW.