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This is the game that got me started into a new founded hobby of hacking after buying Chessmaster at my local Walmart, only to find out when I got back home that it pretty much sucked wet dog butt fuzzy cornball poopin' cheese turds.
Two months of wishing that the game looked differently, I finally decided to make a gainful attempt at undergoing some of the changes I hoped for myself. Considering that at the time I did this, I only knew how to use Hex Workshop, I must say this turned out quite nicely especially for drawing the new pieces by hand.

*Here are Two Screenshots Comparing the Differences*

New Features Include:

Better Graphical Enhancements
Improved Coloring Schemes
Computer Defaults at Level 3 Playing Skill
Column and Row Coordinates are Automatically Set to Off

*Please note that this patch is the final version which hasn't been available until now*