Ive decided that I want to be a witch....what do I do first?

Youve already taken the first step in deciding, but I recommend researching Wicca and learning all that you possibly can for a year. This will give you plenty of time to really make sure that this is what you want. There are many tools available for those who have decided to walk the Wiccan path. See my recommended books page. It wont be difficult to find all of the information that you seek.

Who is your god?

My god is Marduk. My goddess is Isis. There are many gods and goddesses out there to choose from. I personally believe that there is one God and one Goddess, however they both have many names. Some people dont believe these while others do...you just have to make your own decision as to what you believe.

Arent you afraid of going to Hell?

First, I dont believe in hell. There is only a handful of Wiccans that do, and I have never met any of them. Second of all, I can not see a loving god as threatening his followers with such a place. I think that the threats of hell meant to keep Christians faithful are the very thing that is pushing them to Wicca and other pagan religions. I think that more and more people are seeing that the possibility of hell is just absurd, and that a god who would send one to such a place is just cruel and hateful. So NO I am not afraid of hell.

But the Bible says......

The Bible. Hmmm, well, I see the Bible as a wonderful peice of work. I think that whoever wrote it did a wonderful job. They covered all the bases. I mean they warn you of Satans deciet to man, and tell you stories of what Satan will say to get you into devil worshipping. But it was written by man. Yeah yeah god told man to write it. Or so is claimed. Think of it though...some psychopaths say well god told me to kill my wife. Does that make it true? And lets say that God DID feed someone word by word of the Bible and when it was written every word was from god. What about the translations. Yeah it says whoever adds to the book of life, will add the tortures of hell to himself, and whoever takes away from the book of life will take away the glories of Heaven from himself. SO WHAT??? I mean really, people add to "Gods word" all the time NOW...whats to make you think that they didnt do it then? Greek and Roman mythology is a great thing in Literature. Its about Gods and Goddesses. Yet everyone sees them as fake because the evidence of worship of these gods and goddess has disappeared. The worship of these gods and goddess were way before christianity. And yet no one even considers the fact that christianity could be false. The worship of the Greek and Roman gods has not disappeared however, it has only been hidden for centuries because of the threats and persecution of the church. Some pagans still follow these gods and goddesses today! The church claims that these gods and goddesses must be myth because most of them roamed the earth...did Christ not roam the earth? For crying out loud, any accusations you can make towards pagan gods, you can make about christianity. Whos to say whos god is real and whos isnt?