The Mystical Tarot

Tarot cards have been used for centuries as a form of divination, to see the future, and to answer the questions about the past, present, or future. Many Christians see tarot cards as a tool of the devil, but this is simply not so. Tarot cards work with energies that every human posesses. Anyone can pick up a deck of tarot cards, do the correct meditations, and they will work. My understanding of tarot cards isn't extensive, but Ive had quite a bit of experiance using them. I dont think that anyone knows how or why they work, but I do think that theories are abundant. My own of course, is that they work with the subconscience mind. One day I am sure that the science of the mystical tarot will be discovered. And then Christians will have no reason to say that the devil gives witches a certain power so that he or she will continue on the evil path of Satanism. Some people use tarot cards with spells, although I dont know of many who do this. Or maybe its just that it never came up. I have used tarot cards for this purpose. It is much easier to visualize when you have pictures staring you in the face. The truth is, however, that the cards hold no special power, the power lies within the heart and soul of the witch using the cards. They only help the witch to extract it from herself. Tarot cards are also a great starting place for witches. They boost a persons confidence greatly and help them to empower themselves into becomeing all that they can be.