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She was drunk. What was I doing. I looked at her, eye's focussed on the road, her head slowly tilting towards her shoulder. Does she know she's doing that. I looked back out the window. Everything was wet and slick, I couldn't wait into get to my bed. A bump in the road hit my stomach and moved to my mouth, god I felt seedy.
I had to start looking for work tomorrow, I couldn't be fucked with this. I wish we did crash, then I'd have an excuse not to. I laid back in my seat, my head spinning, my eyes following my brain around in my skull, my stomach getting motion sickness from it all. I opened my eyes, I had to keep my eyes open or I'd throw up. I focussed on the dash, the only part not moving around me.
I felt every bump in the road, every bump pushed through Nat's shitty suspension, it wasn't helping any. I felt the car drift under me, that wasn't right. Everything was slipping away from us, like I was looking out the back. This was my window, not right at all I'm afraid. I laughed, my head was talking in a British accent. I looked over at Natalie.
"Woops here we go", with that she let go of the steering wheel and the car jolted from her side. I fell towards her, the belt cutting into me and stopping me, my hands found her, but just as quickly lost her. I felt inertia roll over me, my belt held me up, my head swimming. The car went over and my stomach rose. The windows just seemed to explode, glass hit me in the face, in the chest, in the ear. I twisted my head instinctively trying to get it out and swallowed hard as the bile tried to push it's way up my throat as we hit the wheels.
We were off the ground, everything went so quiet for a second. Everything spun so fast, I coughed and bile flew into my mouth, I swallowed it painfully as the world blurred in circles.
Before I knew it we were back on the roof. Something cracked me in the head from behind and sent me forward. The belt dug into me, holding me up, I could hear the soft top ripping, I could smell the road, above us, I wasn't safe in my seat, I was pulling forward as hard as I could. Something hit my back hard and pulled me back.
I pulled in tighter, not wishing to be anywhere near the road. I could turn my head to the left and see the road, the road that moved forward far too fast under us. I saw an empty coke can fall from the safety of the car and flick out behind us, caught and thrown by the black stones. I didn't want to be that can.
Then the road became grass and we slammed to a stop, my head hit the ground. It smelt like freshly cut lawn, I closed my eyes feeling safe for a second. I felt like a kid again, running around getting hurt doing stupid things, I heard myself laughing. I laugh at the oddest things, then I smelt fuel. We were upside down, fuel was pissing out everywhere, we were gonna explode. Was Natalie okay, I had to get Natalie out of the car. I felt hands on me and turned groggily to see Nat pulling me out from the back of the car, where was the back of my seat.
I unclipped my seat belt for her and she fell back as I collapsed out of the seat, upside down and now on my back. She dragged me out by the shirt,, almost crawling under the back of the now crushed soft top. Her spare tyre lay next to me, blocking me in, how the fuck had that stayed in here. I pushed it out of the way, noticing a clump of my hair on the rim. I touched the back of my head, I could feel it all wet and hard and smooth, like a shell.
"I'm bleeding Nat", I pulled my hand back feeling dumb, what if I wasn't, probably just water from the ground or fuel from the tank. No, there was blood, and sand, an awful lot of sand.
"I know Joe", She yanked me out and a stick poked me in the back, I felt it stab into me. Fucking typical, stabbed by a stick after getting out of a car accident. I bet that would splinter. I sat up and pulled myself out.
I could see the sky, god it was blue. Deep dark blue, there was that fuel again, hitting my nose. I stood up groaning, my back felt sore, like I'd pulled a muscle, no real surprise there.
"Come on Nat, we gotta get away from here", I felt dumb, I was talking dumb. We staggered away, her hand reached around my back, her hand felt sticky.
"Joe your back"
"What about it?", I turned around to look before I realised I couldn't and clumsily stumbled a few steps back towards the car. I saw the ground before I heard Natalie say something again. There was a nice wide stripe of blood on the grass, all shiny and black looking on the dying grass.
"Wow", I heard a door slam and turned around to see a fat woman, fat being the only way I could describe her as I could only see her fat silhouette, framed by the blinding spotlights on her door.
"Move your car, you fucking hooligans", oh shit, we were on her lawn.
"Natalie we have to move your car, come on", I started staggering towards it my back feeling suddenly hot. She grabbed me stopping me from going any further.
"No Joe, it's alright come on, we have to get you to a hospital", I felt fine. She pulled me away from the car and I clumsily followed.
"Cause you're bleeding"
"I'll be fine", I smiled dreamily at her, she had the nicest face.
"Call an ambulance", I looked at the fat woman, she didn't move.
"Bitch", I heard myself mutter the word, but I suddenly wasn't sure if I'd said it. I sat down less eloquently than I would have liked, my feet getting tangled in each other, my balance getting the better of me. I looked at Natalie, she was bleeding too, from her head somewhere, a red wet line running down her forehead.
I wiped it away with my hand, but I just spread it across her smooth white skin, more blood quickly running to take its place, I wiped again and it spread more. How frustrating. She took my hand and squeezed it.
"You're so cute Nat", she smiled and laughed at me, brushing my hair out of my face. I blinked as a strand dragged painfully across my eye. I looked up the street, there was shit everywhere, I didn't know there had been so much crap in Natalie's car.
The back seat sat upright in the middle of the road, empty drink bottles and can's where everywhere. I patted my butt to see if I still had my wallet, yep there it was, oh god I was sweating. My jeans were soaked with it. My fingers stung for no reason, I looked at them, they were fine, Natalie's blood on my fingers. Where was my ring.
Liz had given me a ring, a nice silver one to stop the allergies to silver. I checked my other hand, I had some cuts on that but no ring. How the fuck had I lost that, I couldn't get it off whenever I wanted to. Liz was gonna be so angry at me. Natalie was gone, I looked around. There she was next to that commodore. I know that guy.
Oh fuck, someone had called the cops. We were drunk, she'd been driving we were in trouble. I better get out of here. I stood up, my shoulder hurt. The cop was yelling at me, I felt dizzy. I fell again, my head spinning me sick, I landed on my face, the grass padded into me, like a soft bed, all comfortably and cold.
It felt so good, the cold under me, it made me want to roll over so my back would stop burning. I kept forgetting to breathe. I'd stop and then start scared that I'd forgotten then forget to take another.
Someone was pushing on my back and my head. People were talking. Then I was off the ground, lurched painfully. My stomach finally gave out on me and I threw up. Someone held me upright, I felt the spit cling to my mouth as it fell off in long sticky strands. But I was too tired to move my mouth, so it drooled. I closed my eyes to the sight, to the smell, to the sound and surprisingly it all stopped.

I wrote this after a similair thing happened to two of my friends. Same scenario, except they rolled three times I think and somehow got out with only minor injuries. Thank you to the local police for gauzing up my mates head and not doing certain things with the fining and the crazy and thanks. It's the little things. So we continue with our luck. - Wayfaerer