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An Ordinary Story

I started doing this to force me to write more. I hope it works but who can say. I started writing because I basically read too much and the more I read, the more I looked at it and thought "I know I can write better than that" so I gave it a go. The first few years out turned little, hundreds of hand written pages, too many useless text files. Good ideas in bad writing and bad ideas with good rhythm.
So when I stopped and looked over it all, after catching some flak from one of my more drunken insights into me and I realised this is what I wanted to do, and I had fuck all to show for it.
So I set this up. Get some practice doing budget HTML and show something. See how I deal under a little stresss and criticism. Not that there's a lot of stress in putting stuff up on the net, but fuck, there's no stress leaving it on my computer slowly degrading with my hard drive.

All constructive critisicm be sent here.