If you are coming to this site looking for a way to control people, invoke demons, or bring death to another, then you have chosen the wrong site. I've created this site in order to collect my views on the Wiccan religion. There is still a lot I do not know, but in my search for inner peace I hope that Wicca satisfies me relgious need. Being only 16 you might say I'm too young to be able to teach my practices, but I've been praticing Wicca for the past three years and read every book I can. When I first started I thought there was a right and wrong way to carry out the spells I found, but recently I've come to find doing what I feel is the best way to do something is the only way it'll work. You have to beleive in the Rituals you perform and to do this you need to be comfortable with them, so if you come across something in one of my spells you aren't comfortable doing, such as eating a pomgrate seed, then don't substitute it with something you like. So on that note I ask you to wander my site. I'm still working on it so it might be a little disorganized, but please don't let that stop you from coming back. Blessed Be!

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