8/17/01--New stuff: A "Sometimes I Wonder" about David. I am planning out the biggest article of all, which will be the next issue...it's going to be well, interesting *smiles*. No, it's not perverted believe it or not! Lol. For those of you who aren't on my mailing list, there's a new section of "Wicked Games", and also a new, WAY overdue section of "Cheshire Cat". For those of you on my mailing list, another section of "Wicked Games" is well on its way. Thanks!

8/15/02-- I'M BACK IN THANK GOD! I AM GOING TO UPDATE VERY SOON WITH NEW SOMETIMES I WONDERS!! *wipes brow* Angelfire let me back in. They remodeled and in the process managed to screw everything up. But they fixed up my account *before i tried to log on, and they said my password was invalid.* Well, I'm relieved everything is finally back up. Phat Ass Korn Stuff

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